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    Hello, Inmates!

    This is probably the most exciting Devblog entry I have ever written and thus I will make it short:

    Exile development will continue!

    We have been thinking and discussing for quite a while now and we do not want to let Exile go down the drain. As a consequence, we have spoken to talented people from this community and came up with reinforcements, one could say. Please welcome to our team:

    These guys will work on maintaining Exile to ensure compatibility with upcoming Arma updates. Also, they will invest some energy in finishing the hunting and (land?) fishing mentioned in our outdated preview changelog. More is yet to be defined and completely up to them, but they will stick with the direction Exile went into. 

    Right now I am sitting here like a little kid on Christmas, clapping my hands :D I cannot wait for all the dank laser sharks to be added in the future! (Kappa)

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    This is legitimately exciting. I know we are all grateful for all of your past, present, and future efforts on Exile. It's brought tens of thousands of players thousands of hours of fun, entertainment, comradery, and even new friends. Happy to see new blood on the team and to see your project live on. 


    Cheers and sincerest thanks!


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    On 13/02/2017 at 3:37 PM, StokesMagee said:

    Some things you just can't replace with him. ;(

    @Grim can never be replaced, nor replicated, he is the one and only!

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    Hi, German guy over here with some, i think simple but for me unsolvable problems.

    Do you have some spare time for a quick troubleshooting? :)

    Don't know how to contact you in other ways, therefore here ^^

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    On 2/13/2017 at 1:51 AM, Tobias Solem said:

    The next patch, codenamed "cat$hing", inspired by CCG games is a DLC that you need to pay a monthly subscription of only $5 to use. It includes a basic platform upon which all the new DLC and microtransaction options of the future, such as: 

    * Convict shades, that when you wear them apply different Instagram filters (5$/filter)
    * Feather boa and pimp cane (requires the PiMP DADDY DLC) 10$
    * Variable suspension for all your vehicles (Drive up to your homies in your strider, adjusting the suspension to the beat of your favourite Tupac song (sent over VON)) - 20 dolla

    The "Maca's favourites" season pass includes all of the above plus all future DLC, and requires a monthly fee of 50$ + VAT (exceptions apply). 


    Monthly subscription?  Fuck that. 

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