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  2. Hmm Ill redo it and see Thanks!
  3. danke für die info also ich habs ab und zu das problem
  4. Then how?
  5. So, has removing the XM8.dll and key still worked for everyone?
  6. Is there a reason your recommending to delete them? Just want to know if it's going to cause problems to keep them or not.
  7. nope. on our server u can. but u should talk to your server admins
  8. Iam playing on a server and want to craft that item ingame. I thought its a general recipe, but doenst seems like.
  9. u want to creat a crafting recepie for your server or u want to craft on a server u are playing on it?
  10. Sorry iam new to this game. I dont know what u mean.
  11. just do it like the exile crafting code do it
  12. Today
  13. Hello, i need help crafting a scope. its about the tws optic-scope. There is a recipe which just says "-", so i guess it wants an unknown object. I cant figure out which recipe is needed. I hope you can help me. Thanks a lot. Greetz Käsehobel
  14. New episode Please support! Head over to my channel view, like and subscribe. Enjoy !
  15. Hey, @red_ned Quick question, if i want the hotel map objects to start up with the start of the mission rather than when the server starts up, how would i go about that?
  16. Looks to me you've been here longer than myself so you'd know how to actually find that. Thanks at least someone helped even though it took being an ass.
  17. Took me 1 minute of google:
  18. I did google it, how do you think I got there? There has been literally no one on that server since 5-6 am so obviously something is wrong with it and information about this to know something is being done about it would be nice. It says 3 but it has had though 3 people on there since and that's only because you log onto the game, it gives you that error and then it keeps you on there.
  19. The guys who have at least some ideas? The situation is the following: If you add "exilez.pbo" I'm going through some shit BEC c! Once started, it loads the server and run itself (i.e., performs its function) But for a server visit is not possible, and after two minutes of idle says 3 times "No Valid response. Trying to reconnect" and overloads the server and so on indefinitely, but if you remove "exilez.pbo" everything works perfectly! I already all head broke that it could be the problem???
  20. Since you didn't mention what server you were playing on, you'll need to go to and find it.
  21. thank you for redirecting me to where ever it is i need to be.
  22. Ich stimme dem allem auch zu. Durch die bekannt machung von Eichi, habe ich direkt von mehreren Leuten gehört, wie sie sagten somit Stirbt Exile nun aus. Ob das nun so ist oder nicht oder ob es so wird, da können wir nur abwarten. Ich für meinen Teil bleibe Trotzdem am Ball. Und wenn jemand inzwischen seine Server gekündigt hat aus Geld Gründen aber gerne noch weiter arbeiten möchte, der kann sich gerne bei mir melden. Lg Dennis
  23. Nein das auf keinen Fall, du benötigst ja die Ghost Player. Sie sind die Ghost Spawns. Sollte das oben genante Problem immer nur kurz bestehen, würde ich auf eine Langsame Verbindung zur DB tippen. Sollte es ein Dauerproblem sein, dann allerdings ist irgendwo ein Fehler in der Mission File denke ich.
  24. Please help me i get the same "You are already lockpicking" problem. I did what you said and overwrited the things , but it doesn't work. Also i only did this in the EBM/menus.hpp for all the containers. And not for the safe in the config.cpp Please help me fix this.!swkkECwS!wPC8_QN5qT0wHLXvz3plxkaaTe_ubgSjyZfhu-gOrRQ
  25. hey @TyphoonAZ, ping me on discord:, I'm happy to try to point you in the right direction. I'm not willing to do it for you or hold your hand through it all. But i'm sure I can give you some help, though i'm no super dev.
  26. Resolved issue by reinstalling.
  27. Just don't understand what isn't being pulled been through the step by step at least 5 or so times triple checking everything ;/
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