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  2. Really nice work this It's been added to our server
  3. so is there a solution for this ? to import private _simpleObjects = [ ["a3\structures_f_heli\furniture\officechair_01_f.p3d", [7409.96, 8075.54, 169.927], [-0.849555, -0.527426, 0.00880506], [0.00639417, 0.00639427, 0.999959]]
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  5. how to import: private _simpleObjects = [ ["a3\structures_f_heli\furniture\officechair_01_f.p3d", [7409.96, 8075.54, 169.927], [-0.849555, -0.527426, 0.00880506], [0.00639417, 0.00639427, 0.999959]], ?
  6. в твоем логе нету отпечака что ты конектишся , пришли где есть строчка что ты пытаешся законектиться там будет видно причину почему не пускае ( возможно ) на счет много ошибок , эт норма .
  7. Hi, Here is my mission.pbo config files for Altis : Thanks
  8. I have put the @Tryk folder into the root directory of my server, and have out it into my command line manager. its in but my server doesn't recognize it in game or in the rpt? will post extra details if needed?
  9. Hi, I'm looking for an Arma 3 modder that can either assist in or completely mod a server for my community. We are a well known Australian/New Zealand Community and would love some assistance from someone experienced and mature. My idea for the server involved: - Exile Mod (obviously) - CUP Weapons units and vehicles (integrated into loot tables and trades) - Ryan Zombies and Demons (because zombies) - Defent's Mission System (DMS) Then whatever the server is capable of after that should it be needed to make the server even more re-playable while remaining stable for your average user. We already have a player base from our DayZ servers that would love something else to switch between and Arma Exile seems the obvious choice. Please feel free to message me if you are interested. We have both a teamspeak and a Discord server so we can chat through there if you like. Thank you for your time!
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    Hallo, ich versuche seit gestern diesen Server zu joinen ( [UK-pve-militarized]100k|15k|MAS|CUP|FMP|ZCP|DMS|EXAD|VG|Vector) Jedoch wenn ich über den A3 Launcher joinen möchte öffnet sichd das Spiel aber es lädt nichts. An dieser Stelle kommt bei mir eigentlich immer eine Fehlermeldung wo irgendwas steht mit Scope. Diese drücke ich dann immer weg und ich kann joinen. Bei oben gesagten Server jedoch, kommt diese Meldung nicht. Nach einiger Zeit in der sich nichts getan hat, hab ich auf ESC gedrückt. Dann schmeißt es mich ins Arma Hauptmenü und diese Fehlermeldung erscheint. Jemand evtl eine Idee was ich machen kann um den Server dennoch zu joinen? Hab bereits über den Arma Launcher probiert da ging auch nix. Danke schon mal für eure Hilfe. Fehlercode ist No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/Iteminfo.scope'
  11. Installed, works a charm. Nice work on the script mate, 10/10
  12. The config.sqf does not exist, I put the code in config.cpp and it works And some of the code has some lowercase x's that I had to change to make it work Bad installation instructions
  13. With all the respect I owe you, it's not that you're stupid but only that you're blind ... sorry to tell you!
  14. Thanks heaps for that mate just trying to figure it all out now having this issues: ErrorMessage: Include file mpmissions\__cur_mp.Chernarus\ExAdClient\Core\ExAd.cpp not found. tried copying all the files over again and still getting it not sure what it is Managed to find this with google: I just learned that i get this if i have the zeus module in the mission in.. Open it in editor and remove zeus and it should work. Anyone know how I go about removing the zeus module been trying to google it but can't find it. thanks
  15. pls show me your config of the mission.pbo
  16. Sounds like the lagswitch check, in your infistar config file (infistar_ahat_config or like that) search for "lagswitch" and set it to "false"
  17. Glad it worked for you, Second Coming is boss. It would be cool to have wandering trader with MarXet. https://github.com/secondcoming/ExileTravellingTrader Have a good one.
  18. any way to update this for the current version of Exile ????
  19. someone can help me please
  20. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  21. that's fixed
  22. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  23. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  24. lagswitch false = no lag/problem
  25. well the last 12 digits of each Steam ID, yes
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