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  2. does anyone have a3xai and good dms for this map, as my ones spawning city invasions next to spawn and traders area only..
  3. You could just copy that code and paste it over the existing code in your config.cpp if you want to do it the quick and dirty way. My OCD now forces me to put as much non-default stuff in other files so I have less to modify when a new version comes out, but that's up to you. Yes, Eden is the way to go with the Exile Eden plugin.
  4. That's pretty far from the truth for some of us. I almost shut down my servers recently because we arrived on the due date for the invoice and were still $50 short. Luckily lots of my players rallied together and they donated enough to pay the bill. I suspect I'll be going through that in another 3 weeks.
  5. Any issues with the Loot Position Creator and the latest A3 update? I thought I saw that it wasn't working right.
  6. Just confirmed with players again that bases are all ok, they did have to place them back correctly after the fix was applied but since then they have stayed in the same position
  7. I have done what I think is instructed in the main thread, Im not 100% its correct what I have done but so far the players have said items are ok on restart. Override ExileClient_util_string_scalarToString = "Overrides\ExileClient_util_string_scalarToString.sqf"; And place this in your overrides folder I hope somebody will confirm or correct my post if its not the correct way
  8. Today
  9. cheers, 9 months off and no test server helping me debug and information leaked out of my brain, just looking at a nice way to accumulate items into a mission by adding more per difficulty so this is a nice easy way. cheers
  10. Dear @Cloud22 , @Torndeco and @Brett Nordin THANX for your great work whit new database extDB <3 I would like to submit a question: objects and vehicles left on base after restarting the server are slightly displaced ... esample camo tent after restart disappears... I've done something wrong ? i update last extDB Thanks in advance <3
  11. What have I just read...
  12. Ok danke dann mal suchen
  13. nein liegt nicht an der datenbank! bei exile vanilla bekommste diese fehler auch nicht. wird wohl an änderungen in irgendwelche sqf datein liegen. oder an scripts die du eingebaut hast. so als tipp würde ich dir empfehlen alle scripts sowie alle cfg custom codes neu einzufügen bis diese fehler in der log auftauchen somit weisst du an welcher sqf datei / script es liegt. viel spass dabei was lange braucht wird gut
  14. push?
  15. Also how would i do this? Because i was actually having perms issues yesterday. This could be the issue!
  16. Ok, so i should leave the upgrades alone? So if i set it to this ( it will always work? Yeah mine looks the exact same! except the username is root. Should i try creating a new user in WB?
  17. Just use WB and select the DB and then select a field and 'edit it'. Play with it, it is easy to figure out. I got it within 60 seconds...
  18. Just use the exilesql. You can use both, it will not hurt! I think I used both myself. Main one then the update one. And yes, it is the exile config file you thought. As an example, mine: [exile] Type = MySQL Name = exile Username = Exile Password = xxxxx IP = Port = 3306 minSessions = 2 idleTime = 60 ; Really should only use this if MySQL server is external. Also only for MySQL compress = false ; Recommend you turn this on http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/mysql-command-options.html#option_mysql_secure-auth Secure Auth = true Make SURE the CASE is CORRECT on ALL ITEMS for the name/passwords! Also, use the ipconfig to ENSURE you have YOUR IP ADDRESS! Or you can just use which ALWAYS points to YOUR machine.
  19. Also, jumping back to when you said this^ How would i put in dummy data, i know what you mean as i am slightly familiar with the sql language itself, but do you want me to insert the data in WB or elsewhere and Check in WB, thanks. Got kinda confused
  20. Eh, no? Exile was made for fun, not for the moneyz. Server are making coin, modders do not. At least not the ones that decide to make their server files public, like we did.
  21. Hello Zed, Typically, missing stuff such as that can be related one of three items: #1 - Bad/Corrupt data files. #2 - You are trying to use an item that is not even present on the server (config file says it there, but the actual file is not on HDD). #3 - Typo in a config/pointer file somewhere. Stop and think about it. If it works on your test server, but does not on the real one, what can it be except what is listed above? Remember this - NO data transfer of ANY TYPE is 100% accurate/correct! It may be there, but one bit is wrong, thus the file is no good and will not work. Ever downloaded something and it be 'bad' and you had to re-download it? How about 'parity bits' on memory? See: www.pcguide.com/ref/ram/errParity-c.html Even on HDD to HDD transfers, you can have an error in the transfer, but the chance is very small, last time I knew, it was 1 * 10 to the 12th power chance of a bit failure. They DO happen though!
  22. Yep, I thought so! But i am using 192! Okay, so when you say DB Settings, which file would this be? Is it the extDB-conf? (I cant quite remember the name of it) Or is it the exile.ini? Which files do i need to check?! Again, i will triple check everything soon, but another thing to note: When i download the @ExileServer folder, in the MySQL directory there are multiple files, there is the exile.sql but there is also these "upgrade" files - Was i meant to use them in any way? I didnt touch them so it could be the problem if i was supposed to use them somehow! @Z80CPU Thankyou ever so much
  23. Thank you for your kind words, but I am not an expert. I am a Desktop tech with 30+ years repairing stuff, so I do pick up a thing here or there... Yeah, as TinBoye states, that ip of 198 could also be an issue. This is why I suggested to ENSURE your Exile settings were correct and to toggle the ip address in the config file. 'Internal' ip addresses are 10x or 192x. 198x is an external ip address (routable vs non-routable ip addresses). See: https://www.google.com/#q=routable+vs+non-routable+ip+addresses You're better off setting the Exile DB settings to an internal ip as it will be 'quicker' that using an external ip. You could use or whatever the 10x/192x ip is. Find what it is from a DOS window, using the command 'ipconfig'. This will show you that ip address. See: https://www.google.com/#q=ipconfig+show+ip The 'spawning in the ground' is 100% from not connecting to the DB (foregoing bad/missing/corrupt files). In short, Exile tries to read your data/location from the DB, it can not, so its 'default' position is to spawn you 'in to the ground'. ALL players start off here till data is loaded from the DB and then they are teleported to the correct location. No DB? No teleport. You get 'stuck' in the ground. The 'old term' for this location was/is called 'the debug island'. No DB connection and this is EXACTLY what happens 100% of the time. Bottom line - Exile is NOT 'talking' to your DB. 99.9% of the time, it is a incorrect settings in the Exile DB file (wrong password/wrong port/wrong ip). Do check your settings!
  24. also auf Altis aifield über 300 bei der FMP Perrari 458 - ca. 330 (ferrari) Borsche Caressa GT - ca 320 (Porsche) Bissan GTR Spec V - ca. 315 (Nissan GTR) Beamer 5S (BMW 5er) Mercy (Mercedes S klasse) Shelly (Ford Mustang) Crowner (Ford Crown Victoria) Ben Dover (Range Rover) Monster
  25. FIXED !!!!
  26. Hallo, danke für deine Antwort werde mich mal auf die suche begeben was da los ist. Schaut ja nach Datenbank aus und von der verstehe ich leider nicht soviel. Mfg
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