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  2. Did you resolve the issue? if so what did you do
  3. I doesnt work my dude, sadly. Thanks for trying to help me atleast
  4. Found the resolve, atleast for me try this: turn off anti virus, exit a3laucher. verify integrity of arma 3 and once that's done turn your anti-virus back on of course, and try to load up a server. I also made a new arma profile prior to doing all this. I don't know if that did anything though. best of luck dude. its a pain in the ass.
  5. Same here. In looking at the EXAD version and looking at Kuplion's version, I see what he removed and don't see anything obviously missing - but then I'm far from an expert in SQF programming for Arma.
  6. Today
  7. What has happened to the animation on the Exile "Armed" Huey since the last update ? The rotors no longer have any animation and look kinda stupid when flying around. The unarmed version is unaffected and has full animation of the rotors. Any ideas anyone ?
  8. pm me if your still looking
  9. Thanks, I had high hopes, but no luck. I'd like to know if this works for @chiconanni
  10. There are trains (Engines) Located at the docks on Chernarus.
  11. i know your problem you remove the prices like: class Exile_Item_MackerelFilet_Raw { quality = 1; price = 108; }; //5, 30 class Exile_Item_MulletFilet_Raw { quality = 1; price = 108; }; //5, 30 class Exile_Item_OrnateFilet_Raw { quality = 1; price = 108; }; //5, 30 class Exile_Item_RabbitSteak_Raw { quality = 1; price = 108; }; //5, 30 //class Exile_Item_SalemaFilet_Raw { quality = 1; price = 108; }; //5, 30 //class Exile_Item_SnakeFilet_Raw { quality = 1; price = 108; }; //5, 30 you deleted this part... or u used // like line above. but the problem is you forgot about the shop items //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // LifeSupport - Fast Food //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class Food { name = "Fast Food"; icon = "a3\ui_f\data\gui\Rsc\RscDisplayArsenal\itemacc_ca.paa"; items[] = { "Exile_Item_MackerelFilet_Raw", "Exile_Item_MulletFilet_Raw", "Exile_Item_OrnateFilet_Raw", "Exile_Item_RabbitSteak_Raw", // "Exile_Item_SalemaFilet_Raw",// you forgot to remove them out of this.... // "Exile_Item_SnakeFilet_Raw" }; this will help if u see blank spots between.. if you dont see all than its prob a , u missed some where if you open your rpt you can see more easy wich line is missing a ,
  12. Check InfiSTAR, see above post.
  13. Remove appID = "App09"; If you use InfiSTAR open EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp, search for allowedIDDs[] = and add this line in 66000,66001,66002,66003,66004,66005, // APOC Airdrop. Should look something like this: Let me know if it worked.
  14. We closed this thread
  15. why on earth do you think the right place to appeal your global ban on infiSTAR would be the Exile Forums? The only place is in my discord but there is a really small chance anybody would get unbanned. You however purchased a product, paid it, downloaded it, used it for a long while (more than 100 server starts with it). Then you charged your money back - so I don't see how that could have been the "wrong product". It was infiSTAR for Exilemod which you used on [UK]Deadeye's Exile[A3Launcher]|HVP Cars|Roaming AI|Missions|Active Admins|TeamSpeak| Stop making up stories. Pay your charge-back back, say sorry and leave me alone. But you made a legal contract and received / used what you purchased. I will send you another payment request for what you owe me..
  16. lool
  17. Did you even read my post? There were no cheats he banned me for out of game reasons.
  18. I don't want to claim anything I don't know for sure. But in my opinion the many small locomotives and wagons on the map (TANOA) are nothing else than a tree or a house. Nevertheless, after you have installed the mod, all of them are suddenly mobile. And BTW ...... I did not ask, I told Anthonym1989 how it works. And I say that I did not know if there are locomotives or wagons on the chernarus map ....... but when, the mod make them moveable.
  19. The problem: Some people think the Internet (or the cyber world) is a legal vacuum and they can cheat without consequences. On my server even people who have a VAC Ban are banned immediately ......... no matter how long ago or in what game. Learn to take responsibility and accept consequences ..... and don't tell us the fairy tale of "mistake".
  20. So I got a Global Infistar ban about 2 years ago now because I bought the wrong version of Infistar and support wouldn't help me swap to the other Arma 3 version(Exile) and I charged back. As I've got back into the game it's extremely annoying that I can't play on half the servers. Surely the Global ban system is for hackers and not people who made a mistake and couldn't get any support from the company.
  21. I had forgotten about your program @Choppra, I downloaded a version some time back and it is nice! You have done a good job on it!
  22. NOT if the object is STATIC. It will NOT move. A static object is like a tree or a house - IT IS PART OF THE MAP! You see the EXACT SAME THING in Exile with the traders. Stuff sitting around that you can NOT USE! Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE STATIC! I will put it this way: You came in here and asked why, I answered. And it is a VALID ANSWER THAT WORKS. Put a train down and it will move. If you know so much, then why are you in here? You were given an answer and a solution. You do not like it or agree with it? That is YOUR CHOICE. I shall not offer any more suggestions nor comments on this subject. Good luck with your solution.
  23. Same as i... same error... tried every hint and tip found on this post and nothing.. still empty.. i quit! lol
  24. Right now the AI will only listen to the Team Leader. Is anyone aware of a way to alter that? Example. If I am in a party with other players and I am not the group leader then the units I spawn do can not be commanded by me. They will however interact with the leader of the party. thanks!
  25. check the final line of each section doesn't have a comma, its the most common issue
  26. Thanks for this, I managed to get it working. Just needed to read, read and then read again the instructions. My head hurts
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