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  2. lol , anyone had this issue with paul_c130.sqf ? players, ai soldiers and zombies randomly start jumping / floating around the mission https://imgur.com/a/i3xVh
  3. I'm tired so I may be missing something obvious, but players on my server complaining. Is there any way to stop static missions in DMS from respawning upon completion? For some reason my custom static missions are ignoring the config.sqf settings and respawning only a few minutes upon completion. /*General settings for static missions*/ DMS_StaticMission = true; // Enable/disable static mission system. DMS_MaxStaticMissions = 6; // Maximum number of Static Missions running at the same time. It's recommended you set this to the same amount of static missions that you have in total. This config will be ignored by "DMS_StaticMissionsOnServerStart". DMS_TimeToFirstStaticMission = [30,30]; // [Minimum,Maximum] time between first static mission spawn. | DEFAULT: 3-7 minutes. DMS_TimeBetweenStaticMissions = [900,1800]; // [Minimum,Maximum] time between static missions (if static mission limit is not reached) | DEFAULT: 15-30 mins DMS_StaticMissionTimeOut = [1800,3600]; // [Minimum,Maximum] time it will take for a static mission to timeout | DEFAULT: 30-60 mins DMS_StaticMissionTimeoutResetRange = 1500; // If a player is this close to a mission then it won't time-out. Set to 0 to disable this check. DMS_SMissionTimeoutResetFrequency = 180; // How often (in seconds) to check for nearby players and reset the mission timeout for static missions. DMS_ResetStaticMissionTimeoutOnKill = true; // Whether or not to reset the mission timeout when an AI is killed (for Static Missions). DMS_StaticMinPlayerDistance = 1500; // If a player is this close to a mission location, then it won't spawn the mission and will wait 60 seconds before attempting to spawn it. DMS_AllowStaticReinforcements = true; // Whether or not static missions will receive reinforcements. This will simply disable the calling of GroupReinforcementsMonitor; DMS_SpawnFlareOnReinforcements = true; // Whether or not to spawn a flare and noise when AI reinforcements have spawned. /*General settings for static missions*/ Using the default static settings.
  4. No problem man. Happy to help.
  5. Today
  6. cool to easy
  7. thx, I will try after restart and write here the result
  8. Oh yes, it sure does need to be added to the startup command so wherever you have @ExileServer; and whatever mods running. so as an example ive added my server mods to give you an idea @ExileServer;@infiSTAR_Exile;@Advance_Rappelling;@Advance_Urban_Rappelling;@Enigma;@Thermal;@Zab GL
  9. After thay I need to edit my server start BAT file, yes?
  10. no it only gets placed into 1 area the one i posted to you, older versions are inside @ExileServer\addons\a3_infistar_exile.pbo
  11. I have it in Exile server. I must have 2 folders?
  12. make a folder called @infiSTAR_Exile inside that folder have another folder called addons and inside that folder you will have a3_infiSTAR_Exile.pbo this gets added to your root arma server
  13. I have them. Thnx for answering, my friend.
  14. you need to install/add the .dlls to your server
  15. Besser kann man es nicht ausdrücken @WURSTKETTE :-) Sollte das AD auf deiner Kiste produktiv laufen, darf da auch kein Arma Server darauf laufen.
  16. Hi, After january update i have random errors on working server and starting server. Today the server just hangs, without error. Seen 8 players. But when you log on to the server, we see only the logo. After the restart, gives the error: 10:16:53 C:\ARMA3PVP\@ExileServer\addons\a3_infistar_exile.pbo - unknown 10:17:06 "<infiSTAR.de> Can not load infiSTAR" 10:17:06 "<infiSTAR.de> DLLs not found!" 10:17:06 "RU39/BIS_fnc_log: [preInit] a3_infiSTAR_Exile_fnc_preInit (0 ms)" 10:17:14 "RU39/BIS_fnc_log: [postInit] a3_infiSTAR_Exile_fnc_postInit (0 ms)" Helped only a complete reboot of the computer. Can you help me?
  17. It worked, I appreciate that; thank you very much for your time! Have a great week bud
  18. I have a weird bug on my server where toast messages work for some people and other people don't see it but they can hear the sound. I've looked at my Client and Server RPT logs and i don't see anything that could be related. Nothing overwrites or modifies the toast messages either. Any suggestions? I'm really lost with this one and need help. Thank you in advance.
  19. I'll give it a go, thank ya
  20. hello im back. 1 more question pls. its possible pay ransom at the flag?
  21. Found a base with an open door, and some stairs going through. Can see through the gap theres a safe, the safe's code is 0000 by default so i decided to try it and it worked, got the stuff inside and drove away. Admin tp's to us gets me out of the vehicle and makes me spin for a couple of minutes then kills us with an SPMG. 10/10 would admin again
  22. BUMP!
  23. Thought as much.. Your missing the code below from your CfgRemoteExec.hpp. It should be self explanatory as to it's location in the file.
  24. As opposed to you repeatedly ramming the players until they are forced out of the trade zone, so you can kill and loot them?
  25. I misread the "However, I just cant seem get them to spawn onto the ground" part, sorry
  26. https://pastebin.com/DJxqGVCu
  27. Negative. If the mod is installed before you add it to loot tables / traders. As a rule of thumb, I spawn it on the ground infront of me and make sure it works fine before adding it to the loot or the traders. I've never had to put the loot or trader tables just to get it to spawn on the ground through infistar.
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