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  2. Right now the AI will only listen to the Team Leader. Is anyone aware of a way to alter that? Example. If I am in a party with other players and I am not the group leader then the units I spawn do can not be commanded by me. They will however interact with the leader of the party. thanks!
  3. Today
  4. check the final line of each section doesn't have a comma, its the most common issue
  5. Thanks for this, I managed to get it working. Just needed to read, read and then read again the instructions. My head hurts
  6. Yeah I may have been getting a bit confused. I managed to get it working. I installed the new Exad compiled by Super jerome which included your recruit ai script. http://www.exilemod.com/topic/25899-update-exad-v104/#comment-187928 Works great now thanks.
  7. I have made a static mission for the map I am using. I want to use it as a DMS_SpecialMissions, so it does not spawn more then once a restart. When i add the .sqf file into the special folder I created in the mission folder, the mission does nothing. How do I get this mission to run? DMS_SpecialMissions = [["ABPrato",1,20,1,900]]; The missions spawns if i just add with my other statics.
  8. I had this problem myself when I upgraded my server to 1.0.4, in my case I had 2 entries for cfgXM8 in the mission config, the old ExAd config and the new one from Exile 1.0.4. Once I'd removed the old config, it worked fine. Check your rpt file for any references to the old config or any typo's in your config - my server rpt file had my mistake noted as an error.
  9. You're hitting the wrong 6 key.
  10. Also found another strange one. The AI seem to freeze when a certain distance from you.. I have DMS and the freeze AI is set to false but it doesnt seem to make any difference, Its happening with UAVs now as well, so maybe something has changed since the last update.
  11. In the Exile client side mod. @Exile >> addons >> exile_client unpack the PBO and you will find it in there.
  12. Nope
  13. Got it, happened to me also when i forgot to put , in trader categories but i noticed similar errors when comparing my RPT with @xKONIGSTIGERx 's for example: Client: Nonnetwork object 31885c00. Anyone knows what this error means, and how it can be fixed? And the skeleton error, thought it's gonna be fixed in 1.0.4, or I understood something wrong? Thanks.
  14. Last night i meet the King of Pook choppers
  15. Hi, I have read through the thread and i dont think i could see what i was looking for. I know its possible to have say a jet ski and a quad spawning, but i cant find where to do it, anyone got any suggestions or ideas. Thanks Rob
  16. Hi, Sorry about the possibly daft question, but where do i find ExileClient_gui_virtualGarageDialog_show so i can modify it? Thanks
  17. I have added exactly as you show and nothing has changed for my XM8. It still keeps opening on the last used window.
  18. @MGTDB i tried to copy your last code in this thread which does give poptabs properly but it does not update the database. I modified a few things but here is my code if anyone has a chance to look at it and help me adjust it. https://hastebin.com/avutokiqog.rb
  19. for some reason none of the options listed on this thread save to database for me. The rest works perfectly
  20. my rpt: https://pastebin.com/FyzA02u7
  21. It kinda is.. The ability for me to use it on the server is being held up because of lack of updates.. It's been close to 2 months from the last mod addition..
  22. Hey guys. Just started playing exile and can't get xm8 to load the tablet screen. When I push kp6 all I get is a screen that shows who is on server and a place to communicate directly to someone on server. Any ideas? Thanks
  23. I hope my mod is not the reason for that it seems like a good idea, hopefully there will be no problems with A3L-owners.
  24. WTH? right? ok so for the past few days I have been working on this project.. I'm going to show you some screen shots of what I have and see if you as the community would be interested in it. That is until/unless the a3launcher has this feature added.. (Maca, Hint hint..) anyway.. So what does this do you wonder.. This is a helper application for the A3Launcher which gives it a function that it currently doesn't have. That function being able to add workshop mods without having to wait for them to be officially added.!!!! Here lately there as been a delay in getting new content into the launcher, and I am not placing fault on anyone.. Shit happens.. But as part of the community, we need to be able to add new things, and not be held up because of one person. So.. This is what I was able to come up with. What you do is drop this program into your a3launcher folder and run it instead of the a3launcher. Once open (does take a minute each time due to parsing over 2000 servers) you then add the workshop mod to the app, then add the mod to which ever server is running it. This is a one time step, it will remember what you have selected for each server.. So from this point on, just load this app, then launch the a3launcher with the button.. The mod will be injected into the data file and work just like any other mod, you can subscribe/install and use it with any server you have assigned it to. (so long as the server has it installed as well.) I tried to make this as user friendly as i could given what i had to work with.. I know you can also use the default arma launcher to do the same however it's much harder to profile each server. So anyone think this is usable?
  25. Yesterday
  26. Hi all! few days ago all works fine, and now installing ETG FastTravelSystem: and the server turns all respawn in random and the xsSpawn selecctor Not work... I uses ExAd1.4 , ExileZ, DMS , KiTs , and ofcourse ETG It posible confict with ETG - ExileZ - Exile markers??? Im try tuch and recheck all files and still respawning random... Please! @kuplion or @Kellojo can HELP me???
  27. Same problem, some servers give me ''you were kicked from the game'' and some give me ''session lost''
  28. @chrispools You are click on the wrong link. Make sure you drop the Deploy Vehicle server file in your @ExileServer/addons folder found here https://github.com/aussie-battler/Salty-Dog-Exile-Recruit-Ai/tree/master/ExileServer/addons @Slider thanks for the pickup. I have never seen occupation ai steal a locked vehicle so I look at that code.
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