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  1. I know that @Grim made a 64Bit DLL for that, but not sure if he published it. Grim?
  2. Sehe ich auch so
  3. Nur ein T-Shirt: 3.49€ T-Shirt und Hoodie: 3.49€ + 4,79€ in diesem fall?
  4. Will check this out. It turns out that this is a bug in TeeSpring, which is unacceptable. We cannot stop this campaign, but we will definitely consider moving to another provider in the future.
  5. Habe leider noch niemals etwas von diesem Vorhaben gehört
  6. Unfortunately, we cannot influence what TeeSpring charges you for shipping. I have written them an email, asking why the promotion is not working. I guess there is something wrong in their system, as it used to work the last time. Sorry
  7. I am afraid this will not be possible. I was using Google Firebase Messages for this and I will not publish my private keys for it
  8. Yes, this! Checking if a player is nearby to prevent despawning adds addtional server overhead and Arma servers cry when there are too many constructions on the server. We have had this in the first version and it turned out to be horrible. Weapon placeholders? If you mean the GroundWeaponHolder class, they are cleaned up in a different way.
  9. I have proof that one community made $37,000 in three months. Making up to $1,000 on a single weekend is not unusual. It is just sad and completely destroyed our motivation.
  10. Updated
  11. I have changed my mind. Making my own game now: Kappa
  12. Yepp
  13. Eh, no? Exile was made for fun, not for the moneyz. Server are making coin, modders do not. At least not the ones that decide to make their server files public, like we did.
  14. Grim, Vishpala und ich machen nichts mehr, nein. Wie hier beschrieben: Aber die neuen fünf schon.