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  1. That cannot be done with RCON, but clever use of MARMA can do the job.
  2. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  3. Klar, der Laden gehört mir ja Okay, dann schließe ich das hier.
  4. Was für einen Account meinst Du?
  5. This, my friend, will probably not be possible. Just look at the donation goal for December. We have 77€ a month for this website and set the goal to 80€. We have raised 35€ in December.
  6. There is no business approach. It is a hobby. If we would have wanted to turn Exile into a moneymaking machine, we would never have published the server files and hosted it 100% privately, like BR, BP, KOTH etc. - But we are not after money. I see this like a hobby, e.g. like a sports club. I would have to pay a monthly membership there, too. It is okay. It is not like we are going bankrupt or something.
  7. Please be aware that this is NOT a fix, but a workaround. If you implement this on your server, you will have to revert your changes when (if?) Arma updates. I personally think it is unacceptable that this company destroys almost all mods, is made aware of this within hours and then just quits into the weekend without publishing an emergency update. They have had eight hours per employee available yesterday. That should have been enough. But what do I still care? ...
  8. We will define the "long run" when the three of us had a chance to talk about it. We will make an official statement on how the future will look like. Do not worry.
  9. Guys... before you implement some weird workarounds and dirty things, just wait a day or two. Bohemia Interactive is aware of this and almost all other mods have raised their hands to point out this issue. Just wait a little bit. It will be better (I hope). Do not implement some crappy things that you will have to throw away in two days again.
  10. Please upvote: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T121717
  11. Found the issue, but it seems to be in the engine. Either they have changed something in the way their respawn system works (and forgot to mention that) or there is a bug in there. I remember the perv2 build had the exact same issue. They have patched it immediately the day after or so. Let us hope they will do the same here. Tweeted them, as it is already out-of-office time.
  12. It just crashes. Argh.
  13. And this is the first thing I see after joining my own local server. GG
  14. I just ordered that for myself a year ago or so
  15. DERPREP #00032 People wish me luck on my future endeavours. It has already begun! Updating Arma in a nutshell: Steam: You need to download 6.2GB! Me: Yay, I am done! *A second later* Steam: Nah, just trolling. You need need to download 6.3GB! Me: Eh, okay? *Another second later* Steam: I am really just trolling you. You do not want to update Arma. Now you are at 0 Bytes again and have no disc space available anymore! Me: Head -> Wall I hate this game already