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  1. Yeah, there is! Now we have the same ex to bitch about! <3
  2. Yes. You have some wishes?
  3. That is not how it works. Our backend servers need to communicate with the bot and this only works if they are on the same server. Also, just because we offer a service for free, does not mean that we have to release the code of it for free, too
  4. "I" do not have a 64 Bit DLL, I am sorry. @Grim has made it, but somehow he chose to not share it it seems
  5. Ehm... I just want to mention that this is on purpose. People that have a negative respect with the Mafia will end up with the Mafia not wanting to deal with you.
  6. No. But if you ask me nicely, I can increase your monthly limit
  7. From Eichi with love <3
  8. We take care of the network transmission from your Arma server straight to Discord through our backend servers. It is the same way our app works, but some users get the messages routed to their Discord and not (only) to the app. Unfortunately there is no 64 Bit .dll so far. But @Grim teased me a few days ago with a 64 Bit version. So maybe he can post it?
  9. Not true. He had minions doing that for him. He is not a programmer. Just playing around with Unreal to get myself used to it. I think my first post in this thread here made it clear that doing an Exile Standalone is not possible at the moment.
  10. Alles klar, danke!
  11. Kann ich dich dazu überreden deine Google Play Bewertung zu ändern?
  12. I have been thinking about this for a little bit and I have to say a couple of things. First of all, thank you. Thank you for liking our little creation that much that you take it as your inspiration. That honors our developers and me. However, you will face a lot of issues on your way to sort out. I have an endless list of that in my head, since we have very well been considering doing a standalone before, but here are the most important for now: The term "standalone" is only to be used by the creators of the non-standalone as it implies moving away from the boundaries of the originally modded game. You are not moving away from Arma, you are creating something new, so the term "standalone" is not appropiate. Gathering inspiration from others is normal. Everyone does that. You do this when cooking and you do this when mowing your lawn when your neighbor just did the same. But you will face people telling you "oh, this feature is like in XYZ?" or "oh, so your game is a mix of this game and that game?" and similar. Having an idea is one thing. But chances are good someone else had it before. Prepare yourself for people not honoring your ideas. You will be called the greatest thief of all time, until people start taking you as inspiration. If you can deal with that, go ahead. I personally have trouble seeing other mods using the things we have worked on so hard. You will need a strong mental defense or you will lose your mind. People will expect a standalone to be much "better" than the original content. We gave our best to bring quality content to Arma, meaning you will face high expectations. And then there is the work of a multi-million dollar company with a MoCap studio, military background and more than a decade of experience that will raise the bar. The things we have done in Arma were limited to what is possible in Arma, so it is not the best we could do in general. But are you sure you can beat Bohemia Interactive? Do not, I repeat, do not underestimate the effort needed to realize a project like this. You will need many different resources to get this to work. And money, time, talent and contacts are just four of them. Doing an Exile-alike PvP game with small survival aspects in a prisoner setting will make you face your competition. I had the idea with the prisoner setting as I somehow wanted to explain why the hell people are being dumped on an island, left alone. And I remembered the history of Australia where exactly this happend. Early settlers were criminals. Right now SCUM seems to be inspired by our "prisoner on an island" setting, which would make it a direct competitor to you. Are you sure you can compete against them? I am not. Imagine someone writing a post on Google+ stating something like "Hey, I like your search engine and I will make my own version of it. I will name it Goggles, but I might change the name soon. Oh, and I would like to know how many of your customers support my idea?". Now sit down, eat that and think twice. You are doing that right now, right here. And that might be your biggest issue right now.
  13. Am I right with the assumption that this is the UE4 Marketplace asset "Landscape Auto Material"? Besides that, are you sure it is a wise idea to go to the forum of a mod and state you want to do a standalone game of it? https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/landscape-auto-material
  14. Sollte nun gehen.