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  1. Find someone who is willing to create a female version of every uniform out there and you are good to go - until then play FP only and pretend you have boobs. @Devs - good to see Exile stil wip. Much appreciated! <3 <3 <3 Hope you have as much fun as I did while testing!
  2. Love the title! "Why!? They are..!? Nooo!" describes perfectly how I witnessed our devs dealing with Arma
  3. Exile started with this - Just sayin... (Kiory's hat madness btw.)
  4. 1. ~5 months from being frustrated , having the idea to create a mod and the first stupid attempts until the official release in summer. In the very beginning it was just Eichi
  5. I am so confused.
  6. Just look into the sky and set a marker - it'll disappear...
  7. One reason why I love this community - Threads of ignorant asshats turn into beautiful posts! Magic/10
  8. You cant be serious! I truly hope you're not serious! You asked the Devs/Mods etc. to announce the update - they did. Via the forum/facebook etc.. They cant do it i.e 4 weeks in advance. They cant. Due to a couple of reasons. That's the only thing I told you! Criticism read and appreciated - Thank you! You told me what you do for a living and that I have to go away. Who's the troll?
  9. Im not mad. You missed the whole point. I just said, that it's not possible to have a fixed date if you want to have the update as soon as possible. Period.
  10. Okay Im impressed - also by the effort you put into your answer... but still, with all due respect, you dont know how it works. In your company you're a lot of guys dealing with professionals, while these 3 people are dealing with players/admins/server hosts/community managers etc... in their spare time. Im pretty sure you dont have schedule for your spare time. Give them a break. I do appreciate all kinds of constructive criticism and your contribution to the mod and community. I just told you that it's not possible
  11. Why do you have to plan the downtime? Just inform your community - set up the server as soon as everything is available and carry on - Im pretty sure you never experiwnced the struggles of setting up a final rc, teting and then releasing but you're always invited to witness it...
  12. No they cant announce it like this. Why? Because Arma updates are postponed/no release date at all and real life. If you're just one of three people and you have to deal with rl (It's still a hobby) and you became a dad or your football team is succeeding... you might be not able to work on the mod as planned. So I dont think it's too complicated if you have the work load ~4 times a year the guys have on a daily base. Just deal with it! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Fair enough - seems like the "You're not allowed to repair while in combat" is obsolete! I'll forward it! Thanks for the thoughts!