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  1. buy the looks of it, its a server side script, so initserver
  2. i have posted the details of our server in this forum, and it used to work fine. since the 1.78/80 update, our server now shows ?/40 players and has dropped from page 1 to page 4. anything i can do to fix this? This is the server in question thanks
  3. Perhaps set no damage on the vehicle? I honestly don't know. I'm not even 100% sure what hit point it is. I just recall reading it either on here or another forum
  4. This file replaces those settings for vehicle spawning. As for vehicles exploding when approached, I believe that was introduced a few arma patches ago when Bohemia added a new hit point to vehicles. If this particular hit point has enough damage on spawn, the vehicle explodes when simulation kicks in
  5. What is XP Tax? Well, when a player purchases anything from a trader be it gear, weapons or vehicles, some of their XP or respect is removed as a tax. The amount of XP Tax is calculated using the quality level and purchase price of the item. Level 1 item/gear is 1% of the purchase price, level 6 is 6% of purchase price. Why have XP Tax? Many times players reach the respect cap of items and then can sit back and buy as many high tier items as they like. With XP Tax, they will need to maintain their respect in order to continue buying these items. As their respect level drops from purchases, they will need to grind out more XP via missions or sale of vehicles etc. Also, players will no longer buy respect locked items for other players, as they themselves will lose the respect by doing so. XP Tax is a way to prolong the end game of exile, by adding another element to the game that players need to continually accomplish. How to install: MAKE SURE TO BACK UP ALL FILES BEFORE COMMENCING WITH THESE CHANGES!! If you dont already have one, create an 'overrides' folder in your mission folder Create the following 4 overwrite files with notepad++ and put them into the 'overrides' folder ExileClient_system_trading_network_purchaseItemResponse.sqf ExileClient_system_trading_network_purchaseVehicleResponse.sqf ExileServer_system_trading_network_purchaseItemRequest.sqf ExileServer_system_trading_network_purchaseVehicleRequest.sqf If you already have overwrites for these files, you will need to merge the changes open your config.cpp and edit CfgExileCustomCode to include: class CfgExileCustomCode { ExileClient_system_trading_network_purchaseItemResponse = "overrides\ExileClient_system_trading_network_purchaseItemResponse.sqf"; ExileClient_system_trading_network_purchaseVehicleResponse = "overrides\ExileClient_system_trading_network_purchaseVehicleResponse.sqf"; ExileServer_system_trading_network_purchaseItemRequest = "overrides\ExileServer_system_trading_network_purchaseItemRequest.sqf"; ExileServer_system_trading_network_purchaseVehicleRequest = "overrides\ExileServer_system_trading_network_purchaseVehicleRequest.sqf"; }; repbo the mission folder and upload to your server. Hope you enjoy
  6. @exile folder should not be in the workshop folder. It should be in the root arma folder. Then enable it through the launcher and it should work
  7. With that attitude little fella, it will be. Leave the server running to the grown ups
  8. If that is the case, then do us all a favour and close the server down. There are already over 1000 exile servers online, 95% of them sitting empty. Last thing any of us need is another one
  9. thanks Beowulfv, i have tried dosent work unfortunately. I have most likely got it in the wrong format though
  10. Can you use this method to show the trader menu?
  11. I have seen when sometimes a player loots their corpse, the gear remains on the corpse. Then if another player loots it, all items are removed as duped from both players. Also, if in a moving vehicle, if you transfer items between your person and vehicle, they will be removed as duped when you exit the vehicle. I have the anti dupe checks turned off, but this still happens
  12. Why on earth would you think the occupation blacklist work for DMS?
  13. Yes but do you have the @Enigma folder in the server root folder as well?
  14. are you running it in the mission.pbo as well as its own @Enigma folder on the server? calling in start params with -mod = @Enigma?