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  1. Loading zombies on both server and client?
  2. i have CUP weapons/vehicles.units running on my server with the following in the command line @exile;Kart;Mark;Heli;@Ryanzombies;@Extended_Base_Mod;@CBA_A3;@CUP_Weapons;@CUP_Vehicles;@CUP_Units the mods show in the browser list, green if loaded red if not. however, if i dont have CUP loaded i can still join the server. is there something i can add to the addons [] = {} or some other trick? thanks
  3. Did you bread the install directions fully? You need to open the mission.sqm and alter addons = [] to include Ryan zombies
  4. Seems to happen regardless of how many players are on
  5. anyone else have their server kicking all its players with battleye query timeout? some days it wont kick at all, other days it does it multiple times. it is also not just exile, as it kicks the players from the wasteland server on the same box at the same time. unfortunately google has not been very helpful on the subject either thanks
  6. Have you added any extra objects to the map? Open the mission.sqm with notepad /notepad++ and paste the section here regarding addons. Should be toward the top of the file. addons = []
  7. You could have changed the user action that enhanced movement is bound to.
  8. havent had an issue with infiSTAR
  9. this set to 0? _ryanzombiesinfectedchance = 10; // Precent chances to be infected on hit
  10. this is working, but flashes every second. so i would change the first sleep 0.5; to 0.1 and the last sleep 0.5; to 30. this way it will update the marker every 30 seconds
  11. maybe something like, but i have not tested. //-------------------- show a debug marker for the vehicle if _specVehicleMarker = 1 if (_specVehicleMarker == 1) then { _marker = createmarker ["Vehicle Position",_vehicle]; while {true} do { deleteMarker _marker; sleep 0.5; createmarker [_marker,getPosWorld _vehicle]; _marker setMarkerColor "ColorOrange"; _marker setMarkerType "hd_destroy"; _marker setMarkerText " Special Vehicle Position"; sleep 0.5; }; }; no idea if this will work, just random off the top of my head.
  12. Lol, not sure how I missed that. Anyway, it may be a bandwidth issue.
  13. How many players are on when you have 45 fps? Also, how far into the server cycle is that? I noticed on your website you are restarting every 6 hours. This may be a bit long for exile as well.
  14. my guess is that your server is overloaded. even with low players, these other game instances are using resources. monitor you exile server fps and cps and see where they are sitting when the banding happens
  15. as quasi normal posted, _specVehicle = selectRandom ["O_T_VTOL_02_infantry_F","B_T_VTOL_01_infantry_F"]; //sets vehicle type