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  1. I have a HC server with no traders, so no way of changing a PIN on vehicles. What i am trying to do is have the option to set a new PIN on successful hot wire. This is what i have tried, get the option to set pin on hot wire success, but new pin does not save to database. any ideas thanks
  2. in customize.sqf change ExAd_VG_ALLOWED_VEH_TYPE = ["Car","Air","Ship"]; to ExAd_VG_ALLOWED_VEH_TYPE = ["Car","Air","Tank","Ship"];
  3. By default the new VG deletes vehicle not accessed after _x days. Have you applied the updated database query?
  4. From what I've seen it's only the occupy military that causes an issue. All other roaming/occupation AI seem to wok OK. Just don't over do the amount
  5. @TheChimpa put your cfg in a spoiler for these guys to look at may help narrow it down
  6. do you have occupy military set to true? if so try it on false and see if it helps. this setting seems to cause restart lag for me as it searches for military buildings on the map
  7. i dont use dms freezing on any AI, i run 3 dms missions and 2 zcp's at a time and find the difference in using freeze/not using freeze to be negligible on server fps. i also have seen the jet do many things, crash, fly all over the map and just not show up, which i think is mainly due to low server fps at the time or some other script hogging resources/ 99% of the time it works as intended, i just learned to live with the other 1%
  8. @NFGCaboose-1 i had a similar thing with one of my apps, but it was when hitting the back button. turned out it was deleting the controls when returning to the previous slide. possible yours is doing similar, but displays and controls are definitely not my expertise
  9. @Cloud22 I may not be the scripting God you are, but I certainly didn't have any problem fixing VG and my apps. I was simply pointing out that the 1.0.4 update had issues, and that it was not all the blame of the server owners as was implied. It was claimed there was no issue with construction originally, but then happened 1.0.4A hotfix. Instead of making presumptions about a persons intelligence or ability, perhaps better read and understand what is written first
  10. Vehicles being deleted from VG, that was broken by the devs. players with different VG's not being able to use the same nickname, that was broken by the devs. Changing the way XM8 apps work, the most pointless change made, broke 99% of the available apps, that was the exile devs. But then maybe these are 'features' not bugs/breaks. While a lot of the issues experienced are from custom code or user input error, not all of them are.
  11. Quality is the respect level needed to purchase the item
  12. i have altered both as both were altered with ExAd VG installation. i would rather not take the chance
  13. you will also need to alter the query that deletes the vehicles
  14. @Alexiswhat is the point of changing this sqf? What's it Meany to fix?
  15. ExAd and all it's associated apps no longer work with 1.0.4 You need to modify them