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  1. Have you added the relevant parts for VG to exile.ini in your sql folder?
  2. Yes this is being caused by infistar. Unknown why it was introduced.
  3. This is a really annoying problem. Only way we get around it is for the player to log off/on, which leads to all kinds of combat log accusations
  4. in the editor, place an invisible helipad, its classname is Land_HelipadEmpty_F
  5. i already mentioned this
  6. Your config.cpp inside your Exile.Altis.pbo on your server won't have the animal class unless you merge it with the new 1.0.3 config.cpp from the 1.0.3 Exile.Altis.pbo If you compare them you will see there are new cfgAnimals entries that need to be added
  7. same issue here, no animals spawning. map is Tanoa, default CfgExileAnimals settings. even dropped time to 1 minute, distance to 1m, saw nothing
  8. Sig dot is red for me on my server as well
  9. If you replaced the Exile.ini in your ExtDB folder with the one from the download, then this will happen. Re-edit your Exile. ini to include the VG changes
  10. never mind, please delete
  11. Right click on map to place family map markers, no option shows. can not place family map markers. disable infistar markers work. was working on previous builds. is there a config setting needs changing? thanks
  12. mag repack has more functionality. can repack partial mags into full mags from any other mag with same ammo type. EG: repack 30rnd mags for MXC from other 30rnd mags, 100rnd SW mags and 200rnd mk200 belts. combine mags only does just that, combine the mags in your inventory so you still have the same amount of ammo.
  13. Mag repack by outlaw http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19692 Thanks
  14. latest infiSTAR version 0077 when using mag repack, players get banned with following log (this was on my test server, with myself logged out of admin) 08.05.2017 22:36:06: dekela(7656xxxxxxxxxxxxx - 4) MenuBasedHack :: -1 :: 1601 (PLAYER IS ADMIN) i have removed -1 from badIDDsToKick and added it to allowedIDDs as shown do i need to add 1601 to the allowedIDDs as well? thanks
  15. You need to remember that everyone who plays arma is the best player in the world. The only way they can possibly be killed is by someone who is hacking/cheating. My response is always the same, provide video proof on our forums or drop the accusations. If they continue they are kicked, and temp banned if they still don't get the message. These players are toxic, and if left unchecked, will destroy your player base.