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  1. publicVariable
  2. You could unpbo the file, drag the spawn icons where you want them, save then repbo the file
  3. there is no need for this step. unpbo the file open in the arma editor place markers save repbo the file done only if you are using the custom exile markers do you need the plug in, and import to sqm
  4. Are you serious? Like really, are you? How many times does the guy have to answers the same stupid question? Seriously, are you really, really serious? That's a PUBG mod for exile, not an exile mod for PUBG.
  5. Change the setting previously mentioned in the description.ext
  6. If you are just placing a standard marker and text you do not need to use the plug in. Simply open the mission sqm in the arma editor, place the maker and text, save as mpmission, done. Or you can just save and then pbo the folder with pbomanager. You only need the plugin when placing exile specific markers that have special attributes.
  7. Exile weapons also work fine on Tanoa, while hatch back vehicle is also broken
  8. I believe those instructions are for the shix xm8 apps version. This app has now been converted for exad, so you should use that instead.
  9. i have a database table called "price". columns are "econItem", "econMin", "econPrice", "econMax" i want to retrieve all the values from the "econItem" column based off price, and save them as an array. Am I on the right track? exile.ini [getEconItem] SQL1_1 = SELECT econItem FROM price WHERE econPrice = ? Number of Inputs = 1 SQL1_INPUTS = 1 OUTPUT = 1 Call from sqf _data = format [ "getEconItem:%1", 550] call exile_server_system_database_query_selectSingle; Will the data from this call already be in an array or some other format? Thanks
  10. thanks again, but i think i'm over my head with this, lol anyway, i have a database table called "price". columns are "econItem", "econMin", "econPrice", "econMax" i want to retrieve the value from the "econPrice" column. would the following query be correct? [getEconPrice] SQL1_1 = SELECT econPrice FROM price WHERE econItem = ? Number of Inputs = 1 SQL1_INPUTS = 1 OUTPUT = 1 this db stuff is all new to me, so thanks for the help
  11. Thanks for the reply, although I don't understand most of it. I may not have been clear on what I was asking, so I'll try again. Inside @exile folder is an sqf called exileclient_somethingToDoWithListbox.sqf. one of the things this does is populates the trader menu with buy/sell prices of items. It gets these values from the config.cpp. I have overwritten this to get the values from variables stored in missionNameSpace instead. My question is can I add some kind of db call to this sqf to pull values from a table in the database instead of missionNameSpace. Or, is there a way to pull values from the database table, then publicVariable them. Thanks again
  12. I'm working on a dynamic trader price setup where basically when an item is bought it's price goes up, when sold price goes down. I currently have it reading/writing to missionNameSpace, but want to move it to the database so it becomes persistent. So the question is can the client side files I have overwritten, read/write values to the database in order to show/change the sell/buy prices in the trader. If so, could someone pleases post an example piece of code. Thanks Edit: given the prices are already read/written to missionNameSpace, maybe it would be easier to have a server side script that loads the values from the database to missionNameSpace at server start up, then saves them back to the database from missionNameSpace periodically.
  13. Loading zombies on both server and client?
  14. i have CUP weapons/vehicles.units running on my server with the following in the command line @exile;Kart;Mark;Heli;@Ryanzombies;@Extended_Base_Mod;@CBA_A3;@CUP_Weapons;@CUP_Vehicles;@CUP_Units the mods show in the browser list, green if loaded red if not. however, if i dont have CUP loaded i can still join the server. is there something i can add to the addons [] = {} or some other trick? thanks
  15. Did you bread the install directions fully? You need to open the mission.sqm and alter addons = [] to include Ryan zombies