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  1. Would you be willing to allow somebody to continue in your stead?
  2. Found - EDIT: Apparently it might not take effect on the update.
  3. It should be fixed on the next Exile update. What's wrong with exponential form anyways?
  4. So what you're basically saying is that if the system can't find a "safe" spot to load the vehicle it'll spit out a good ole "Code 13" error?
  5. You kinda just said the same thing twice there, bud. Also, where would the "right place" be? This IS the General Discussion board for the mod and community, no? As for you, @mikkiwaws - thermal scanners don't give you a random order. They give you the last 3 numbers in order, where the brightest is the last number pushed and the dimmest is the first number pushed. EG if the dimmest was "1" and the brightest was "0", with 3 in the middle then the code would essentially be "X130" where you need to guess the "X". If you can't remember the correct number order from the scan, then you're probably SOL. Protip - take a screenshot of every codelock you scan, this way you can always reference the numbers again.
  6. No.
  7. https://infistar.de/eng/product/infistar-tm Will allow you to move flags.
  8. In the AHAT config - /* What ESCAPE Menu shows */ ESCMNUTOP = "AntiHack & AdminTools"; ESCMNUBOT = "by infiSTAR.de"; BRIEFING_MSG = "false"; /* use mission briefing message: if "BRIEFING_MSG = "false";" then the message will be replaced by infiSTAR */ HTML_LOAD_URL = ""; /* HTML_LOAD_URL = ""; == disabled and if you set a url it will be shown in ESCAPE menu. HTML in Arma/this is limited. Try it :) example: "http://goo.gl/gb0o7b" */ ENABLE_PRIVATE_CHAT_MENU = "true"; /* players can open it by typing !chat in chat or by custom controls -> "Use Action 3" */ PRIVATE_CHAT_MENU_8GNETWORK = "false"; /* if this is "true" - players will only be able to use private chat if they enable 8GNetwork in their xm8 */
  9. If this wasn't on the RC server, then it's a server-specific issue. Until 1.0.4 comes out, VG isn't officially part of Exile, and is just a serverside addon.
  10. Not all vehicles have radar.
  11. Have you ever heard of pastebin? Also, don't hijack other people's threads. Start your own.
  12. translate.google.com
  13. Pretty sure it's gonna take a lot of code overrides.
  14. *eats popcorn*
  15. Coming from somebody who claims Exile is too "inactive" this is golden. How about you just wait like everyone else.