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  1. Yes, limited to /* "_OPEN_ADMIN_MENU_KEY": Key to open the menu (google DIK_KeyCodes (0x3B is F1)) */ OPEN_ADMIN_MENU_KEY = 0x3B; now
  2. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  3. haha that's fucking so much better! will save you server fps if there is lots base parts and way more realistic
  4. not done by me/infiSTAR and walls on my test-server or on MGT don't get damage by explosives
  5. I made it, just not released it yet ;D
  6. nice name, looks familar *solved & closed*
  7. You need to remove "FlyUp" from the "adminUIDandAccess" array (I know you said it is removed but it is not, it can't work if it is removed for that admin level) Shift + Tab is hardcoded in, no option to disable it at the moment I've added an option "Trader Menu" to admin powers (will be released with the next update)
  8. Hey! do what they've said/the rpt log shows you and it will start
  9. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  10. just fixed this issue, thanks for sharing the info about it! fixed as well As admin you can name yourself even with blacklisted names
  11. You need to remove the additional scripts
  12. Hey guys, what "This R3F wastedump cargo sell script" are we talking about? I can implement it. I would not recommend to change the value from 120 to lower as that might allow duping again