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  1. No changes to damage eventhandlers for vehicles from me :-D
  2. Hey it's not going to work like that because the text is created before it gets send to the client. So it would try to do "name player" on server-side and there is no "Player" on server side
  3. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  4. <3 ^^
  5. cool :-)! You can press the "LIKE" button on my post :-P
  6. Call extension 'ARMA_LOG' could not be found is not even connected to the AntiHack / to infiSTAR Either you run a year old version of my tool or you run a different Addon that uses "ARMA_LOG" -- however, ARMA_LOG is deprecated, that file has not been updated in years and it is not used anymore. it pretty much got replaced by armalog / armalog_x64 (without t he _ and all small letters, a different dll) if you have addons calling ARMA_LOG call them differently this is how you can update your extension calls // OLD ARMA_LOG.dll format example (DEPRECATED) "ARMA_LOG" callExtension "FILENAME:LOGTEXT"; // NEW armalog.dll / armalog_x64.dll format example (NEW AND USED NOW) "armalog" callExtension "2FILENAME|LOGTEXT"; // the 2 here stands for LOG-REQUEST
  7. Thanks Stokes
  8. I accidentally added the file, wasn't supposed to be in the update - even the folder name is wrong :-D but you know, if it helps
  9. Hey vermutlich an dem Battleye CreateVehicle Filter -- Diese Gegenstände sind dort sicherlich einfach nicht auf der white-list weil sie normalerweise nicht im Exilemod vorhanden sind
  10. It should be working by just overwriting them with mine, however to merge / change them fitting to your addons and server changes is always the best. Have them as "tide" as possible
  11. Hey oh yeah it's just a client side overwrite. it's pretty much due to the default using deleteAt there not really working as intended (the Arma function deleteAt doesn't in that usage/case) that results in: If you have a building with ~10 possible loot positions, your arma server randomly selects for example 4 of those. Well with array shuffle being broken it would always be the same 4 - as it's broken. now with that "ugly" fix it would be working again. However it's nothing important to be honest thus is why I just left the file there without any comment
  12. We closed this thread
  13. Why do you even post about this on the exile forum isntead of just contacting me? Obviously bans carry over - just changing the steam account or IP should not give a hacker a seconds chance. I am happy to unban you but if you or your imaginary brother ends up hacking again, you will be on the list again and I am really annoyed by all the hackers posting on the forums about "how they weren't hacking" It's not like the bans just happen for no reason-- there's a system behind it and as you said: "76561198278807132" was banned for a confirmed ESP hack
  14. Hey take a look at this: https://forum.infistar.de/index.php/Thread/22-Log-path-writing-infiSTAR-log-files-into-a-subfolder/ --- I had to move those Keybinds due to the new update and Exile adding new ones too (was using same keybinds as Exilemod) But Keybinds are written down in the readme file cheers
  15. We closed this thread