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  1. No worries even tho it says it's enabled; I've got it disabled until I see that enough people realized "it's a thing"
  2. They were using private chat and used a bad phrase; they weren't hacking I just have to exclude the private chat from that check :-) oops. 18.08.2017 23:46:51: XXXXXXXX (00000000000000) | Not Allowed Display with idd: 57, parent idd: -1, controls: [Control #101,Control #102,Control #2,Control #0,Control #1], controls parent: [], control texts: ["Control #101: ","Control #102: ","Control #2: WEITER","Control #0: Primaryweapon","Control #1: Hands"] | 3h 45min 47s [11-06-2017 12-12-53 - v0079] that seems to be some kind of menu on him, but doesn't look like a hack menu to me But don't worry even if it was; it's logged after it was automatically closed
  3. You're asking so many questions and keep responding to yourself on the topics lol. closed
  4. //new 7 "" !"NVG_TargetG" !"Shot" !"Exile_Unit_Player" !"Logic" 1 "Exile_Unit_Player" working perfectly fine
  5. Hey Can you please post your servers .rpt file here? 16.08.2017 21:30:58: Burns ( 0e1a00fcda93fcf75393b8d91c65a5ca - #0 5:139 Logic 2:1882 Exile_Unit_Player -1 [0,0,0] Client spawned Logic (5:) attaching to a server (2:) spawned player object. However the Player object should be Local to your client too and if both things are local it is not checked by the attachto.log - if the player object isn't local to your client, then this kick is wanted. So the problem here is not really the attachto log, it is your setup somehow. Either the server being so slow, that the client would not get the locality of it's own playerobject in time and therefore being kicked when the logic is being attached from client side or you're using custom addons/scripts. Often people accidentally load Zeus with their server 7 "" !"NVG_TargetG" !"Shot" !"Exile_Unit_Player" !"Logic" should be enough for that You've added Exile_Unit_Player a second time which makes absolutely no sense, why? Well and you added the "2" to the Logic object, even though the others don't have any spaces / numbers added behind. #NewFact - Arma is harder than rocket science I am not having the men, time, money to do your Houston checks for every single person neither am I willing to do so. If somebody hosts a server he should be committed enough to read / work on it and use common sense. You've written this huge dialog and posted your example which was completely strange (the double exception, the " 2" added at the end) I mean it's simply testing. Like no offense, good you're doing this and working on it but common that seemed like you didn't focus at all -- But as mentioned earlier; this should not cause a kick at all. Player has to be local to your client at that point in time, If it isn't there is different issues -> post your server .rpt file
  6. Put Terrain Grid Value to 12.5 (that's default)
  7. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  8. Hey I have added CHECK_RECOIL = "true"; /* checks weapon recoil */ I did not release it yet. I will have to wait what MGT Dave says (he tests most of the updates for me) just in case I made a mistake (because I did other changes too) and then I am going to release it to the "DEV BRANCH" It will be posted as news here: https://webinterface.infistar.de/eng/news
  9. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  10. Removed the ban, the ban appeared because he had an invisible player object. Nothing to do with the lightning
  11. yeah, not sure if he deserves to be banned?
  12. never messed with Zeus, sorry why do you want to disable recoil check? o_O
  13. It's not Exile and it's not DMS either; I can tell that. I don't know about all the others
  14. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.