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  1. Hey this is really cool. Tested it out and it works well. It can be annoying when a box spawns in front of a door, so just make sure to add the crate to R3F so players can move or load them. Thanks a bunch man! :]
  2. this is another big issue ive experienced with trying to implement AVS. ive noticed some funky things with specific vehicles. Hellcat not rearming MG ammo, and CUPs Escort Pawnee for example doesnt seem to have a magazine cap. it can be rearmed almost unlimited amounts of times to hold a ridiculous amount of ammo. strider and hunter always lose a magazine of ammo when retrieving from the VG. Awesome, looking forward to seeing what you've got! Keeping track of damage and ammo in the database would be beneficial to many, with or without AVS. Actually give my players a reason to save up for the rearm and repair trucks :]
  3. I would like to know if it is possible to find a way to be able to write vehicle ammo count to the database without using AVS. Im having a lot of issues trying to make AVS work with my current rearm/repair scripts, and I really only want the feature that logs a vehicles ammo count to the db when put in the virtual garage. Im noticing a lot of players are flying back to their bases to instantly rearm for free by putting the vehicle in their VG. any help would be greatly appreciated :]