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  1. That's interesting I'll have to look at it soon but hopefully the winter says it has 100 slots. .-.
  2. That's interesting. :')
  3. Yeah I'm not sure when it's back up as well, I'm sure it's been down for a few days now. So don't worry about it. But would you be able to check the Chernarus one out for me or would you need Armaholic still?
  4. You might have downloaded it before I actually made the changes, since you thought it was the winter version. And thank you for testing.
  5. Chernarus should have 100 slots too. It says that I edited the folder 13 minutes ago.
  6. Are you sure? Can you send me screenshots or anything?
  7. I have added a Chernarus Winter version to the downloads, although I cannot test it out myself so hopefully someone can do that for me as I work on other maps and other versions of these? That would be a huge help. Tell me if anything is wrong with the other versions as well when I post them I will try my best to fix as many problems as I can. If anyone needs a custom one of these making then by all means ask away and tell me what you're after. Another thing is that I'm probably just going to be putting out base files for now or try my best to push a few of these out as I can considering I'm basically avoiding the traders and other place-ables right now since they're a pain but I'll get around to them, but if anyone else can help then by all means message me. ~Bloodshot_pico
  8. Sorry for the late response but they should work.
  9. Seems interesting. Although I'm assuming you're going to want something from this?
  10. You just place the mission.pbo into your MPmissions folder on the server yes.
  11. You can make them yourself.
  12. Depends honestly in what you're wanting first.
  13. Would I be able to use this in a github repo and give you credit?
  14. I don't think it would hit performance honestly unless you have the builings spawning 100% of their spawn points with 5 items over in one spot, then maybe that might be a little too much.
  15. Just added Chernarus map files, although the only things that are added are the map markers with safezones etc I still have to test them on a server and make sure that they work as intended. The spawns do not have the proper names they should but they should be fixed maybe in the next few days. Next Friday there will be another map mission.sqm released as soon as I get it finished, but for now these are going to be basically the base files for helping me setup what I want to do with them later.