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  1. Would I be able to use this in a github repo and give you credit?
  2. I don't think it would hit performance honestly unless you have the builings spawning 100% of their spawn points with 5 items over in one spot, then maybe that might be a little too much.
  3. Just added Chernarus map files, although the only things that are added are the map markers with safezones etc I still have to test them on a server and make sure that they work as intended. The spawns do not have the proper names they should but they should be fixed maybe in the next few days. Next Friday there will be another map mission.sqm released as soon as I get it finished, but for now these are going to be basically the base files for helping me setup what I want to do with them later.
  4. Could also try setting up pre-set co-ords for your boats maybe and see if that works too?
  5. Backpacks and parachutes do not spawn via the lootcrates and or helicrash crates.
  6. The more you know. This will surely speed up things for me thanks.
  7. The old format works?
  8. I have used it and will be using it but the only problem is that it uses the old loot position format.
  9. Ignore me~
  10. Basically all you need to do paste your RPT log in there and post it. Also the mission.pbo I've provided might not work due to many things. I'll look into it somepoint tomorrow.
  11. https://pastebin.com/
  12. Use pastebin please.
  13. I'm not sure if it will work due to the name of the unpacked pbo. I'll look into it soon though and see if it works and get other things with that sorted like the spawn names etc.
  14. The link has been added to the unpacked Isla Duala mission,pbo there aren't any traders yet but there are spawnpoints and safezones, the traders take time.