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  1. Wait what when did this die?
  2. I tried replacing the exad logo within the Img folder from the Core file and when I get in game there's just the shadow of the image? I've tried saving it with the DTX5 since I've read that, that might be the problem but it didn't do anything for me? I'm trying to change it because I want to have my own watermark there.
  3. What kind of server are you thinking?
  4. Hello, I've been looking around for a fix about the temperature disabling, basically I've been wanting to disable the temperature system within Exile. I just keep getting my client side RPT spammed with errors and can't read anything else so I'm wondering if there is any way to stop this from spamming my RPT at all? Here is a quick look at the monstrous thing spamming my RPT file: Thank you for reading and trying to help. -Blood
  5. Hello so I'm not really sure on where I should be putting this post although I'm sure that here is good? My problem is when I join the server I get kicked. I have no idea why right now other than the eventhandlers from CBA? I'm not certain but that's the only part that I can see as a potential "error" other than that I am completely stumped. Thanks for reading and trying to help. ~Blood
  6. From what I can see, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong, although there might be something else causing this, though I'm not sure what it could be, I just can't say considering the information you provided.
  7. It's saying it can't find the mission file Exile.Altis, what is the mpmission name of the file you're trying to play?
  8. I found out some of my code was wrong and messy so I've changed somethings around and going to see what happens. I have since moved the loot.hpp code into the config.cpp and removed the ": Medical" that was causing an error, along with a bunch of ";" missing. I've been reading the RPT's and I'm not seeing anything about loot other than loot ESP being turned on by myself.
  9. Hello, so for the past few days I've been hit with the problem of no loot spawning on the server, I thought I found the problem in which I thought was here: After 3 hours of making the changes I thought I needed, I booted up the server and to my surprise after I thought I fixed it, there was still no loot. I have one idea left and that is to make the loot.hpp file look like this: class Land_i_Stone_Shed_V2_dam_F { table = "Tourist"; positions[] = {{3.65891, 2.19003, -0.102753}, {0.442713, -1.67892, 0.0203171}}; }; Instead of this: class Land_GH_Platform_F { table = "Tourist" positions[] = { {0.317871,-3.29419,0.126602}, {-0.258545,0.026123,0.126602}, {0.334717,2.20825,0.126602} }; }; I don't know if or why this would make a difference but with code you never know. After I talked with some other people and looking into more threads I then found this thing: I thought this was it, I thought maybe this was the problem? But yet again no, nothing changed, there was no loot. So that's where I am up to and how I've got to where I am, I kind of understand it to a point but I just don't know what is going wrong for nothing to spawn. I haven't really asked others to help directly other than one person in which I asked a few question on how this stuff works, so on so forth. (@Crazy Mike) So I'm going to spend the next 2-3 hours making the change I listed about but if people are wondering here are my files: Thank you for reading and if I fix this I will surely be writing the fix, but if someone else finds the fix then, thank you.
  10. I would suggest them maybe adding a Machete or something, so then you have a few ways going about things.
  11. Umh okay so now I am completely confused to why this wouldn't be working but I have done what I think should have done to get loot to spawn to yet again it's not? Umh so in the config.cpp file I have this: class CfgBuildings{ class CivillianLowerClass { table = "CivillianLowerClass"; }; class CivillianUpperClass { table = "CivillianUpperClass"; }; class Factories { table = "Factories"; }; class Industrial { table = "Industrial"; }; class Medical { table = "Medical"; }; class Military { table = "Military"; }; class Shop { table = "Shop"; }; class Tourist { table = "Tourist"; }; class VehicleService { table = "VehicleService"; }; #include "loot.hpp" }; in which it is including the loot.hpp file that I have with all the buildings, with their positions yet I go into server and there's nothing. It doesn't matter I found my problem, and I will share how I fixed it basically the new layout looks like this: class Land_i_Stone_Shed_V2_dam_F { table = "Tourist"; positions[] = {{3.65891, 2.19003, -0.102753}, {0.442713, -1.67892, 0.0203171}}; }; I was using this: class Land_Mil_Barracks_i: Military { positions[] = { {8.74268,2.00195,-1.06253}, {5.35303,2.65723,-0.688858}, {5.36182,-2.30371,-0.728409}, {1.98682,2.31934,-0.688873}, {1.26221,-2.45508,-0.728424}, {-0.637207,-2.36035,-0.728409}, {-3.83008,-2.31738,-0.728409}, {-7.72803,2.51758,-0.688873}, {-8.2915,-2.33789,-0.728424} }; }; So there you go problem solved. ^^'
  12. Ah I see, thanks again. I have no say for the other person needing help with this but I'm sure I'm good now thanks.
  13. Ah okay so do you even need to use the compiler or no? I watched and read a few things and didn't see anything about using the compiler, also if I was to say change the loot spawns later within the server would that break anything?
  14. So you're still having problems? I found this post earlier saying they found a problem for the loot spawns, I used it but to no avail they don't work since the loot compiler and other things changed. I'm having the same problem as you although, the thing is I haven't got any buildings working at all. I've looked into the loot compiler but it doesn't really say how to use it, if anyone can link me a thread on how to use the new loot table then that'd be pretty handy, also I was wondering about the bug that was found within the loot table? Is that bug still there and has to be fixed? Another thing @Crazy Mike is the link that you provided to the steam workshop content about the positioning of loot inside buildings still relevant and work for the new update? If so then that's one part of my problem solved, the rest is down to actually opening Esseker doing the spawns and then compiling them.
  15. Do they have a section where you can ask questions? I was on there earlier and read the descriptions of the different sections but the one I thought what I was thinking of just didn't seem like the one I actually thought it was, basically I read them and wasn't sure. Thanks for the help.