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  1. ? Where would I do that?
  2. Apparently players on my server can pick up things that are supposed to not be picked up. For instance, I can pick up and walk around with the Food Trader. No, not the items he sells you, the actual desk with the trader attached to it. I can also pick up the H-Barriers outside the terminal and basically anything that was placed as part of an addon that isn't part of the original Arma. I don't have any related errors in the server.rpt and I wouldn't have the slightest clue where to even begin to look for this. Any ideas?
  3. I'm having a problem. I installed EBM and the mod itself works fine, but now the Hardware and Armory guys' animations are glitched. The animations play every Nth frame. it's like they're doing the robot. That would be cool if I had some 70's music playing and a disco ball, but instead it makes the server look broken. I'm running this in conjunction with Easy Traders mod, if that means anything. Server.rpt
  4. Like I said, you're awesome for sharing.
  5. And you are awesome for sharing.
  6. Moving this conversation to here.
  7. [REMOVED] I solved my own issue.
  8. That's what I figured so I went back and redid it as well. It's the exil.ini from Brett Nordin's compatibility build for Exile. The thing is, this all worked prior to me moving the server to a new machine and reinstalling the DB. In the server.rpt everything looks good right up to the end. Arma.log only reports: 16.11.2017 16:25:56: Checking infiSTAR license.. 16.11.2017 16:25:57: infiSTAR license result: ok
  9. Yeah, I reinstalled the DB at least five times now and 'exile' is the only schema I have in it. I was also confused about the MariaDB, but I used the original MySQL installer I've had for a while now and it asks to be updated when I run it so I figured it had something to do with the update. MariaDB is different from MySQL, isn't it? Here's a screenshot of my Control Panel Uninstall list. It clearly says MySQL for everything.
  10. Nobody knows? I'd prefer not to have to reinstall the entire server... again. =\
  11. Getting these errors in database logs and server will not unlock: This comes after getting a new PC. I moved the server files from the old PC over to the new one and reinstalled MySQL. I executed all of the exile.sql files from @Exile_Server install folder and updated them with the Exile_Database_Update_64x.sql from the extDB3 install files. I also ran any sql files from installed mods. I've verified that the territory id column is in the DB (see attached). At least I think that's what it is referring to. Server.rpt stops at 'Game Started' with no other info. I'm sure I'm missing something, I'm just not realizing what it is. Any ideas? [SOLVED] Like I said. I knew I was missing something. Turns out there was some extra SQL information in ExAD for the Virtual Garage that I neglected to run through the database. That's why there was the territory_id error. Because it was looking for that section and it didn't exist in the DB.
  12. This would be a great XM8 app.
  13. SOLVED!!! F**kin' hell! I trouble shot this error for the past two days and it all came down to this simple little oversight: If you're running a 64bit server >>> Rename your BEServer.cfg to beserver_x64.cfg
  14. ok, so I purchased the premium version of BERcon (support'n the effort) and it still won't connect. Everything's correct. severcommand password, server ip, port number, so I don't think it has anything to do with BERcon. As I stated before, my BEServer.cfg file no longer activates when I start the server. I'll assume you know what I'm talking about with that. So did something also happen to change the BE dll's? I even removed Battleye and had Steam reinstall it. Still no joy. =\
  15. Will do, thanks!