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  1. Ah, I did not know that. Thank you.
  2. So I was working on my server and I forgot to re-pbo the mission file. When I started it it worked and I was able to log in. How does that work?
  3. Maybe they should set the sheep on fire?
  4. A3 is allowed through firewall and its ports are forwarded. Enabling DMZ would open [all] of its ports. Isn't that a bad thing? Going to try it anyway. What I've tried since was adding the public ip to my config.cfg (-ip=##.##.##.##) but then the server wouldn't start. Then I tried adding the local ip to it (-ip= The server started but it wasn't visible at all, even to me. I also couldn't direct connect to it using either ip address. =\ This is strange to me because it's the exact same server configuration I had at my other apartment with a working, public server, but since I moved (new ip obviously) I've had this issue.
  5. If you have them added as mods but cannot see them (spawn or purchase) it's because you do not have them installed in your client. All the CUP stuff is available through the Steam workshop. I would suggest downloading them all from there. Once you have those installed in your client you can copy all the folders over to your server. Then to add them I would suggest you get Easy Traders. It's an easy install and works perfectly. Just make sure to copy all the keys from each folder into your keys folder in your server's root directory. Good luck!
  6. YES I've Googled this and haven't found an answer for it so if you can't or don't want to help then please move along, thanks. So I've got my Altis server up and running fine. I can join it, play on it, and there are no problems on my side. However, it's not showing up publicly and no one can join me directly. It sounds like a common issue but I think mine is a bit unique, and here's why. I recently moved in with a friend and I'm on his router in another room. The router's address is, my pc is Ports have been forwarded. When I created the DB for the server it defaults to All my cfg files point to that address and, like I said, everything works for me locally with those numbers. So I'm thinking it's going to be a conflict with the DB address and my local IP address. Am I close? Anyway, so I tried to change the local IP on the DB to but when I restart the DB it's empty and when I rescan for local servers it finds the one as [ localhost:3306 ], so the original one becomes unuseable. What do you guys need to see to help me iron this out? config.cfg? server.rpt? startup parameters? I'd appreciate the help so I can finally get back online and get some people in here so I can stop playing with myself... uh, I mean, by myself. Thanks!
  7. So great... Just as I get my server up and running, Arma goes and throws us a new update, and now I can't get in. So I have two questions; 1. Is there a way to prevent Arma from updating itself on Steam and why isn't there an option to not update it? I only have three options: Keep this server up to date, Only update when I start Arma, and Update before any other program. 2. How to roll it back to a previous update? I've seen a few things on this about putting ArmaUpdate### in the Beta line and it gives you the option to load that version, but when I tried it the code says it verifies but I don't get an option to roll back.
  8. Okay, so with some help from Heavy this is what we figured out. MGTDB's fix works but only from a bought Pawnee at the aircraft trader and only if you start it up. It does [not] work if you spawn in a Pawnee using infiSTAR. So something in infiSTAR's code is preventing it from working. I was only able to fire missiles using an infiSTAR spawned Pawnee, not the guns. Seems odd considering it's the same vehicle. I've commented out any forbidden weapons or vehicles in infiSTAR's config and it still doesn't work so I doubt it's that. If anyone else has any ideas please chime in.
  9. Yeah man, no sweat. Don't get me wrong, I'm appreciative of your help, thank you. I'm sure it's something as simple as changing a 0 to a 1 but I'm just not realizing it. Anyway, it can wait, I have to go into work now myself so I won't be on until after 9 tonight. I'll hit you up then. Thanks!
  10. Okay, please explain this to me like I don't know what you're talking about because you know what? I don't know what you're talking about. LOL! Sorry man, but many of you on here who already know how to do this stuff have to realize that there are still others who don't. I'm still very new to this stuff. So when you say something as vague as "The redirect of both .sqfs under the cfgExileCustomCode area in the config.cpp which is located in your mission files (mission pbo).", there's just not enough information there for me to understand what you mean. Redirect means to take something and make it go in another direction, so what code am I changing from both sqf files and where am I telling it to go? What/where am I redirecting it to?
  11. And what do I need to redirect?
  12. Then I must not understand what he "suggested" (?). Here's what I have. ExileServer_object_vehicle_createNonPersistentVehicle.sqf ExileServer_object_vehicle_createPersistentVehicle.sqf Like I said, I copy/pasted the code he posted, but it's not working. Am I supposed to change those values? A few questions about those _vehicleObject lines, if I may. Why are they duplicated with one being [0] and the other being [-1]? Also, in ExileServer_object_vehicle_createPersistentVehicle shouldn't this line: _vehicleObject disableTIEquipment true; be _vehicleObject disableTIEquipment = true; ?
  13. Bump... because I want to know too.
  14. Tried this, it's not working for me. I literally copy/pasted your code into my sqf files. No change. Did I miss something?
  15. Okay, so I converted to extDB3 and still get the same errors and it spams the line 16 and 20 errors. Looks like I'll just have to redo it all. FML Call extension 'extDB2' could not be found 23:30:28 Error in expression <"extDB2" callExtension _query); switch (_result select 0) do { case 0: { (format> 23:30:28 Error position: <_result select 0) do { case 0: { (format> 23:30:28 Error Undefined variable in expression: _result 23:30:28 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_database_query_selectFull.sqf, line 16 23:30:28 Error in expression <uery_selectFull; _numberOfClans = count _clanIDs; if (_numberOfClans > 0) then > 23:30:28 Error position: <_clanIDs; if (_numberOfClans > 0) then > 23:30:28 Error Undefined variable in expression: _clanids 23:30:28 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_world_loadAllClans.sqf, line 20 23:30:28 Call extension 'extDB2' could not be found 23:30:28 Error in expression <"extDB2" callExtension _query); switch (_result select 0) do { case 0: { (format>