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  1. Hi! So I think I'm close. Here's what I put on: sqf file executed by trigger in game: _ProfileName = profileName; _UidPlayer = getPlayerUID player; _IdInfos = [_ProfileName, _UidPlayer]; _IdInfos call ExileServer_system_test_Init; In the "ExileServer_system_test_Init.sqf": private["_ProfileName", "_UidPlayer"]; _string = _this select 0; _id = _this select 1; format ["createAccountTests:%1:%2",_id, _string] call ExileServer_system_database_query_fireAndForget; And at the bottom of "exile.ini" file: [createAccountTests] SQL1_1 = INSERT INTO tests SET account_uid = ?, name = ? Number Of Inputs = 2 SQL1_INPUTS = 1,2 It's almost working. it's just that it doesn't get the variables "uid and playername" correctly because in the "test" table in the "account_uid" column it's an empty box and in the "name" column it's "Exile" which is inserted there. I don't know why when i transfert "_ProfileName" and "_UidPlayer" it's replaced by: "Exile" and "" Any leads ?
  2. x) Wow I must have been very tired ! No no, my "exile.ini" looks more like this: [createAccountTests] SQL1_1 = INSERT INTO tests SET account_uid = ?, name = ? Number Of Inputs = 2 SQL1_INPUTS = 1,2
  3. I've made a little progress. I created a new table in the database with this: CREATE TABLE `tests` ( `account_uid` varchar(32) NOT NULL, `name` varchar(64) NOT NULL, `test` varchar(8) NOT NULL, `alpha` varchar(8) NOT NULL, `bravo` varchar(8) NOT NULL, `charlie` varchar(8) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`account_uid`), KEY `player_uid` (`account_uid`), ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8; Now I would like to make sure that when the player enters the zone, the "account_uid" and "name" columns fill up as well as the "Alpha" column increments by 1. So i tried this: _playeruid = getPlayerUID player; _playerID = format["createAccountTests:%1", _playeruid ] call ExileServer_system_database_query_insertSingle; Oh and I also added this to "exile.ini": [createAccountTests] SQL1_1 = INSERT INTO account SET uid = ?, name = ? Number Of Inputs = 2 SQL1_INPUTS = 1,2 Any leads ? pls
  4. I'm having a little trouble. That's what I tried: Put: ['ExileServer_system_test', 'exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_test.sqf', false] into "fn_preInit.sqf" Then into "ExileServer_system_test.sqf": testlevel = "testlevel1" call ExileServer_system_database_query_selectFull; publicVariable "testlevel"; And finally: this into my sqf file triggered by a player in game: hint format["%1", testlevel]; But without succes... Any leads?
  5. Thanks, I'll get right on it
  6. Could you give me an example? I get the idea, but I'm not sure how to apply it.
  7. I found ! If i put this: _hunger = round (ExileClientPlayerAttributes select 2); hint format["%1", _hunger]; it shows me the level of hunger. But my column is in "account" and I do not know how to go there. I tried this: _hunger = round (ExileClientAccountAttributes select 2); hint format["%1", _hunger]; but without succes... In game it shows me "Scalar NaN". Any ideas ? <3
  8. Ho...hard
  9. Thx a lot When I enter the area here is what appears: "Zone has been entered 'any' so far".
  10. Thx but how can I recover the value in the "testlevel" column and display it in game?
  11. Thx <3 It works ! And how could I do the opposite? For example when the player enters the area the script will get the value in the table and display it on the screen via "hint" for example? I tried to replace: call ExileServer_system_database_query_fireAndForget; with something else like: call ExileServer_system_database_query_selectSingle; But without succes... Thx for help
  12. No idea ?
  13. Oh, it's not for a specific reason I just want to interact with a column of the database from the mission. Now that you say it I think of a system of "easter egg" for example. The player discovers an area or picks up something and boom this is added to the database.
  14. Hi, I would like to make sure that when a player enters a zone it changes a value in a column ("testlevel") in the "player" table. So I started by adding the column in question in the database with this: ALTER TABLE account ADD testlevel int(11) DEFAULT '0' I think it worked. But I am stuck at this step. Some help ? Thx
  15. Hello ! I want to be able to put a Safe without create a territory. How ? Thanks for your help