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      We've posted a dev blog about the new loot table compiler used in 1.0.3. Check it out here: Loot Table Compiler Dev Blog


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  1. First. Good job on your release!
  2. Updated
  3. Loot Table Compiler

    Hello Inmates, The start of this dev blog will be a little bit different as most of you have seen the change in the development team this year. On behalf of the new development team, I’d like to say that we are all honored to have this opportunity given to us by @Eichi, @Vishpala and @Grim. We know we have had a rocky start getting this update out, learning new workflows, and dealing with ArmA, but let me tell you that we are excited to make sure Exile lives on. Now, let’s talk about the update. One of the major changes in 1.0.3 is the loot table compiler and how loot is handled in game. This change is a two part process, involving changing how the tables are compiled and how ArmA chooses which loot to spawn. Before, the loot tables would be compiled and the server would be given an item and its percentage chance to spawn for each category. This put more work on the server, causing loot spawning to take more cycles. Now, the loot table compiler does all of the heavy lifting and compiles a list of items to spawn for each category group, then this process is repeated for the items in each category. Instead of using percentages, it uses ratios and weights to handle the likelihood of a category and an item spawning. All the server has to do is select a random category group and then select a random item from that group, the less math the server has to do, the less cycles it takes, the faster the code completes. Server Owners: Please note, CfgLootTables has been renamed to CfgExileLoot. The old config is obsolete and can be removed. Also, since the loot tables have changed, you will be required to recompile your loot tables to work with the new system. Also, if you would like to test out the new loot system before 1.0.3 is released, you can download it from here: Loot Table Compiler 1.0.3 Preview. Please make sure to give us feedback on the new system. For more information on how the compiler works, please visit the Loot Compiler Wiki page: Here
  4. I was. But that picture was a joke, hence the Klingon, Morse and R2D2.
  5. Ask and you shall receive....
  6. Done.
  7. The red means you cannot place the object. Try a different location, a different object, and if they are all still red, talk to the server owners and see what their base building restrictions are.
  8. @Clearstrider remove it from your keybinds and try again.
  9. Are you binding "Space" to something in your keybinds?
  10. You may want to either comment out or remove the custom textures in settings.sqf on the github as that people downloading will not have this standarol_client and it will cause issues.
  11. It's all good, just having a laugh.
  12. Soon™ Seriously though, when we are done with the update, it will be out. We cannot put a timeframe on that.
  13. He is talking about the communities that see mods as a money making opportunity. They are the ones who sell in game items for donations, and end up making more money on these "Donations" then the mod will ever receive in it's lifetime.
  14. That will copy all of Exile's weapon + their respective magazines to your clipboard. If you want it copied to a clipboard, you must run this in editor as it's disabled in a MP environment.