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  1. The answer is no. We cannot cater to every mod and every player out there. It's a feature of our mod, and frankly, we like it. We've justified our reasons for not adding female characters to Exile, I'm not going into detail about that. It's not a good reason at all... Bringing back the lobby will not make it so you can spawn in as female character. You will join the server as a female character, but then you will spawn in as a normal male character. You can do this whole thing without the lobby.
  2. Yes, thank you for clarifying. I've added it to our list.
  3. Kill stats have been fixed and pushed to the server. I'm not sure what you mean by this. Can you explain? Added to our list!
  4. Inmates! As some of you may know, the only way we keep the forums and XM8 app service running is via donations. We were thinking about adding an incentive for people to donate so the forums and XM8 don't go offline. If we raise 1000€ by October 31st, we will make Exile Escape an available game-mode within Exile itself. This means you could host Exile or Exile Escape with one download. If you would like to donate, just click on the banner on the homepage or visit this link here: http://www.exilemod.com/donate/make-donation FAQ What is the 1000€ going to be used for? The 1000€ is roughly the cost to run Exile for a year. What if the goal isn't met? Does that mean I'm out my money? You are donating to keep the mod alive, we just wanted to give something back to the community to say Thank you. We aren't about to screw the community over, if there is enough interest in Exile Escape, it may be released. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For those who don't know what Exile Escape is, it can be summed up in one sentence: Exile Battle Royale, get to the choppa!! Oh, you want a longer explanation? Fine. Exile Escape is a game-mode originally made by @Vishpala that brings the play style of Battle Royale to Exile. Before the match starts, inmates are spawned in on a starter island. Here they can access traders to buy customized gear to use during the match. Once the match starts, the inmates are teleported to the play zone. The goal is to loot, and either kill all of the other inmates or survive until the EVAC chopper arrives so you can escape. However, during the match, the play zone gets smaller and smaller, forcing the inmates to get closer to each other. Pictures: Videos:
  5. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  6. OP Updated: GPS UI not showing in game is a known bug and will be fixed in a patch. In the meantime, this can be fixed on a server basis by editing the mission description.ext and changing the last option of the showHUD attribute to a true. For example: showHUD[] = { true, // Scripted HUD (same as showHUD command) true, // Vehicle + soldier info true, // Vehicle radar true, // Vehicle compass true, // Tank direction indicator false, // Commanding menu false, // Group Bar true, // HUD Weapon Cursors false // Squad Radar }; Should be changed to: showHUD[] = { true, // Scripted HUD (same as showHUD command) true, // Vehicle + soldier info true, // Vehicle radar true, // Vehicle compass true, // Tank direction indicator false, // Commanding menu false, // Group Bar true, // HUD Weapon Cursors true // <-- This option is now Vehicle Panel (Required for GPS) };
  7. You are using the broken loot table from this update. Please review this post for the fix.
  8. 1.0.3 Update: Lemon!

    Hello Inmates! Finally, we are there, the first update in 7 months. The following dev blog is to highlight the entire update as a whole, if you would like a more detailed list of what's changed, please check the changelog here: 1.0.3 "Lemon". Let's get started, shall we? First of all, we’ve added a bunch of new items to Exile. Consequently the CfgExileArsenal, CfgTraderCategories, and loot tables have changed. For those who are interested in the classnames, the following spoiler contains all of the new items. Second, we’ve added a new type of notification called Baguettes. These are not meant to replace toasts, but more to provide a stronger notification. These can be invoked from the server or the client using the following respective code: /////////////////////////////// // Server side usage /////////////////////////////// // Broadcasting a messsage ["baguetteRequest", [format["Server is going to restart in %1 min!",_time]]] call ExileServer_system_network_send_broadcast; // Sending to a certain client [_sessionID, "baguetteRequest", ["Welcome to Exile, Inmate!"]] call ExileServer_system_network_send_to; /////////////////////////////// // Client side usage /////////////////////////////// // You MUST spawn the function, calls DO NOT WORK ["Welcome! God mode enabled."] spawn ExileClient_gui_baguette_show; Third, animals now spawn and can be hunted for meat. Once an animal is killed, a player will get a scroll option to “gut” the animal. You must have a knife in order to gut the animal and they will drop raw meat once it’s complete. Raw meat is edible but will cause harm to the player so the only way around this is to cook it. Cooking raw meat requires a lit camp fire and a cooking pot. Since knives are very rare and can be used to hotwire vehicles, we've made raw and cooked meat worth a lot of poptabs. Server owners: Animal spawning can be configured in the mission config.cpp >> class CfgExileAnimals. Lastly, the way loot tables are compiled has changed. Server owners will need to download the new loot table compiler from the downloads: Exile Downloads Make sure to read the following dev blog for more information on how it works: 1.0.3 Loot Table Compiler
  9. TLDR Hunting and gathering Baguettes New weapons New constructions New items Reworked loot table compiler Custom user key 3 will remove all active waypoints Arma 1.70 support XM8 Discord bot Much bug fix, such wow. Probably still not 100% bug free And so much more! Admin Info No database wipe is required Update the BE filters / scripts.txt Update the exile.bikey Run upgrade-1.0.2-1.0.3.sql in the server install package if you have an existing server. This just changes one attribute of one column Re-work of loot tables is required, see here Changes Added: XM8 3D model (had a dummy so far) Changed: Re-worked loot table compiler Changed: The way loot drops are calculated has been simplified for greater server performance - thx to @maca134 and @MGTDB for pointing out issues Changed: CfgLootTables has been renamed to CfgExileLoot. The old config is obsolete and can be removed. Added: Several animal AI finite state machines for different behaviour per animal species Added: Goat Added: Sheep Added: Hen Added: Rooster Fixed: Vehicles and containers could spawn flipped onto the side in rare situations - thx to @Bones51 and @DaveM for helping Fixed: Ammo hud not showing correct ammunition count with certain mods - thx to @exilerist Fixed: A utility function would not remove items from corpses - thx to @WolfkillArcadia for pointing out Fixed: "Plant Breaching Charge" scroll wheel option would not show up sometimes - thx to @MGTDB for pointing out Fixed: Removed black skin of the Arma 2 SUV. This car only has one skin and thus needs no vehicle customs entry Fixed: Some constructions outside of territories would never despawn - thx to @John for reporting Added: A more dominant alternative to toasts: Baguettes. Yes, you have read that correct. Baguettes. Fixed: Mission File config could not be obfuscated/built using mikero due to extra semicolons - thx to @StokesMagee for pointing out Fixed: Camera kits do not float when dropped onto the ground anymore. Fixed: An armillion of vehicle config warnings. Added: Blood effects on screen when taking damage. Added: APDS 8G Bullet Cam ammo. Fixed: The sales price of your equipped weapon would not include the value of the currently loaded magazine. Added: SA61 Added: M107 Added: KSVK Added: M4 Added: M16A4 Added: M16A2 Added: All Arma 2 AK's now support bipods Fixed: Muzzle Flashes would blink really weird on Arma 2 weapons Fixed: Doors would not open since Arma 1.68 patcherino Fixed: Adjusted MySQL table scheme to offer enough space for new Arma 1.68 hitpoints info Fixed: Contructions, vehicles and containers would rotate wrong since Arma 1.68 Fixed: Ingame sessions had a tiny chance of colliding, causing players not being able to spawn Changed: It is not possible anymore to attach locks to doors outside of your territory Fixed: Certain clan names would screw up the database Fixed: Rotating a vehicle would not work sometimes Added: Wood Ladder Added: Wood Draw Bridge Added: Reinforced Draw Bridge Added: Wood Floor Port (Small) Added: Reinforced Floor Port (Small) Fixed: Vehicles could be purchased without the required respect Added: Specifying a non-existent file in CfgExileCustomCode will now result in an error message in the .rpt file Added: 8G Bullet Cam magazines for M107 and KSVK Fixed: Shipping containers no longer being able to be destroyed and harvested Fixed: Config errors for breaching charges Fixed: Wrong map name and picture being displayed on the loading screen Fixed: Wrong variable for catch in updateMyPartyMarkerRequest. Thx to @Golias for pointing this out. Fixed: Wrong format used for while loop in a string util function. Thx to @Golias for pointing this out. Fixed: Loading screen no longer displays a map until the mission file has been received Added: A modified variant of the auto-run feature. It will take the terrain's gradient into effect to make the player jog or walk on steeper terrain. This can be enabled via a config option. Added: A prototype hunting / gathering system Added: Spray Can (Black) Added: Spray Can (Blue) Added: Spray Can (Green) Added: Spray Can (Red) Added: Spray Can (White) Added: Burlap Sack Added: 5.56mm Bullets Added: 7.62mm Bullets Added: Weapon Parts Added: Dog Steak "Alsatian" (Raw) Added: Dog Steak "Alsatian" (Cooked) Added: Cat Shark Filet (Raw) Added: Cat Shark Filet (Cooked) Added: Chicken Filet (Raw) Added: Chicken Filet (Cooked) Added: Dog Steak "Fin" (Raw) Added: Dog Steak "Fin" (Cooked) Added: Goat Steak (Raw) Added: Goat Steak (Cooked) Added: Mackerel Filet (Raw) Added: Mackerel Filet (Cooked) Added: Mullet Filet (Raw) Added: Mullet Filet (Cooked) Added: Ornate Filet (Raw) Added: Ornate Filet (Cooked) Added: Rabbit Steak (Raw) Added: Rabbit Steak (Cooked) Added: Rooster Filet (Raw) Added: Rooster Filet (Cooked) Added: Salema Filet (Raw) Added: Salema Filet (Cooked) Added: Sheep Steak (Raw) Added: Sheep Steak (Cooked) Added: Snake Filet (Raw) Added: Snake Filet (Cooked) Added: Tuna Filet (Raw) Added: Tuna Filet (Cooked) Added: Turtle Filet (Raw) Added: Turtle Filet (Cooked) Added: Using Custom User Key 3 will remove all active waypoints on the screen/map Added: Animal spawning and hunting Added: The loading screen will now show random quotes from our Discord community. Join our Discord and get your own text up there. Fixed: It was possible to interact with objects while controlling a drone - Thx to that guy who does not want to be mentioned because his teammates will abandon him. Fixed: One could run away from Russian Roulette by using auto-run. (nice one!) Added: XM8 Discord bot Changed: "XXX died of an unknown reason" has been made more clear. Changed: Fuel Barrel (Empty) and Fuel Barrel (Full) now have the correct icons and models Added: New Jets DLC vests to traders and arsenal Fixed: SPAR_02's have been made safe for Exile and now will not trigger the server side attachment filter (No more ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR for those) Fixed: Melee actually does some damage to players now Fixed: Altitude will now display in kilometers once it gets above 999m. EG, 1400m will now display as 1.4k Added: Multiple different textures for the SUVXL New Meat Items The new raw meat items will be offered by the Food trader by default. However since a knife is used to hotwire vehicles, as well as, gutting animals, all meat items are priced higher to offset the rarity of knifes. Animal Spawning Config Animal spawning can be controlled in CfgExileAnimals in the mission file. Loot Table Compiler Changes Find the documentation here.
  10. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  11. ArmA server and ArmA client both have separate configFile, which is where all that information gets compiled into. As that both of these configFiles can be identical or different, they do not have access to each other. This is where the separation of server mods and client mods happen. This is why you must run @ExileClient on the server, because without it, the server will not have access to the same files the clients have. There is no "injecting" the client with config, this is just not possible as that Arma compiles all this information at game start for both server and client. If you added that information to a PBO and added that PBO to the server, assuming it was correctly written, the server would have access to that information. TECHNICALLY, and I say this because I know someone is going to try to correct me on this, if you ran the client functions on the server (which have a good chance of breaking or causing errors), the server would be able to use the overwritten data. But I digress, you can't do what you want to do, it's just not possible. It will have to be via a clientside mod as @kuplion said.
  12. Unfortunately, I do not have the ability to troubleshoot this issue. I will request to have the RC verified on A3 Launcher in case it uploaded wrong but it probably won't be able to be handled for 8+ hours.
  13. It looks like it didn't download from A3 Launcher correctly so it ended up corrupting files. I suggest deleting the @ExileRC mod folder completely and redownloading, do not try to "verify".
  14. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.