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  1. Can confirm this exists in the base game. Looks like BIS messed something up. It appears to be the square spectacles that are broken.
  2. I've looked at the code. This is caused by a vehicle not being set up correctly in CfgVehicleTransport in your mission config file. It should've been caught when the box was attached though. Not really sure what you mean "are visible on screen in first person". Can you provide a screenshot?
  3. Funny enough, I hear a lot of people tell other people to check out C++ and Java, but this is really bad advice. The syntax of SQF is a lot like a C-style language, but it functions nothing like it. No one particular language is going to make you better at SQF because SQF is it's own thing. What will help you the most is learning the fundamentals of programming (what variables are, what is logic, what are the basic data structures, etc). That is where I suggest starting. Where you learn those fundamentals is completely up to you. If you have no prior programming experience, I'd suggest learning an actual language first since the help and documentation is readily available. Plus, a lot of languages have online classes you can take for free. The closest language to SQF that types and acts the same syntactically would be JavaScript, since it's c-style and dynamically typed. If you are lucky, you will end up falling in love with another language and never put yourself through the pain of dealing with SQF.
  4. Don't worry, it'll happen.
  5. Error Foreign error: Unknown enum value: "PRIVATE" File exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_event_ambientFlyOver_start.sqf, line 47 Change from "PRIVATE" to "FORM" OP has been updated!
  6. Updated.
  7. Thanks for reporting these. I'll take a look into them!
  8. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  9. Extra }; on line 272 of that pastebin
  10. @NeverAgain Enum error: Read the OP please, it tells you how to fix this. ExileServer_system_event_thread_spawn: Looks like you have an empty server event, check exile_server_config
  11. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  12. Thank you for reporting these. You can fix ExileServer_object_construction_network_upgradeConstructionRequest on your server by changing it from "CAN_COLIDE" to "CAN_COLLIDE". The rest will be fixed in the next update.
  13. This is still a preview changelog, Pineapple has not been released yet. Changes: Added: Exile Escape gamemode (Thank you to everyone who donated!) Fixed: Players will randomly get a systemChat message saying "got scared" when near a hen Fixed: KSVK zeroing Added: Suppressor support for the PKP and Pecheneg Changed: Increased zeroing distance for PKP and Pecheneg Changed: Increased zeroing distance for Lee Enfield Changed: Increased damage of Lee Enfield Fixed: Players being killed by another player in a vehicle will cause the kill message to say "Killed by an NPC" Fixed: Pack safe exploit Fixed: Wrong variable used in "ExileServer_util_fill_fillWeapons", causing incorrect behavior. Thx @StokesMagee Fixed: Other miniguns are no longer affected by Exile. Changed: Mass of the Bandage item (Exile_Item_Bandage) has been reduced from 10 to 2. This should make the item more useful for players. Changed: Mass of the Vishpirin item (Exile_Item_Vishpirin) has been reduced from 15 to 5. Like the bandage, this should make it more useful. Added: Traders are respawned and their dead bodies deleted when killed in some way to prevent duping. (Bohemia fix godmode pls) Changed: "ExileClient_util_world_canBuildHere" now takes PositionASL instead of PositionAGL for simplification/optimization purposes. If you use this function in custom scripts/addons, make sure to update your code. Fixed: Issue(s) with building over water and/or high altitudes. Changed: You can no longer attempt to place flag poles in any location that you can't place base objects otherwise. Specifically, placing flags now utilizes the "ExileClient_util_world_canBuildHere" function to validate flag placement. While this doesn't really impact gameplay, it consolidates building requirements. Fixed: Incorrect magazine classname in the "Exile Weapons Box" for the KSVK APDS magazine. Thx to @r0fus for pointing it out. Changed: The "deposit field" of the locker menu will default to the maximum amount of poptabs you can store in the locker for easy depositing. Fixed: Poptab values (on character, in locker, and maximum capacity) on the locker dialog menu will no longer take exponent form. Fixed: Invalid model path for Exile_Item_Leaves Added: New dabbing animation. Thx to @Andrew_S90 for making this. Changed: Performance improvements to ExileClient_util_world_getAlivePlayerInfantryInRange ExileClient_util_world_isAlivePlayerInfantryInRange ExileClient_util_world_isAlivePlayerInRange ExileClient_util_world_isClimbingPlayerNearby Fixed: Incorrect enums for ExileClient_system_garbageCollector_deleteObject. Thx Bohemia for pointing it out. Fixed: Issue with concrete window hatches can be opened even though they are locked. Thx @Announcement for pointing it out. Fixed: Invalid model path for Exile_Item_WoodSticks. Thx @Announcement for pointing it out. Fixed: Enum error in ExileServer_object_construction_network_upgradeConstructionRequest. Thx @Announcement for pointing it out. Added: Prototype safe hacking system (More in Dev blog) Added: Prototype door lock grinding system (More in Dev blog) Fixed: Profile goggles overriding database saved goggles Fixed: Exile_Magazine_Battery inventory icon was black Fixed: Shadow lods for XM8 were not trangulated Fixed: XM8 had empty animation keyframes Fixed: Disabled the ability to activate mines from loot piles Changed: Made it possible to add XM8 apps without the need of 3rd party scripts Fixed: Enum error in ExileServer_system_event_ambientFlyover_start Added: Territory Raid Mode (More in Dev blog) Fixed: Invalid bone count error for multiple exile vehicles Added: Arma Dynamic Simulation support (More in Dev blog) Fixed: A bunch of spelling errors in the loading screen texts