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  1. Currently, Capture missions broadcast where and when someone begins capturing a point, is half-way through capturing a point and is about to capture a point across the entire server. In a perfect world, this would incite chaos and see groups figthing over the point to capture them - unfortunately this isn't a perfect world and this system on its own is breeding a certain play style which consists of waiting in a safe place for a notice to come up that somebody is capturing the point, leaving safe area and heading to the mission and simply waiting for it to end and the loot to drop in - killing the person who had to sit there for 10 minutes, knowing they're being surrounded but unable to do anything about it because of the compound walls and the openness of the areas the missions spawn in. This isn't fun - its frustrating and obviously the first retort is going to be "play with a group." Not everyone has group to play with, not every one has the back up needed in a situation like this. My suggestion to remedy this and force people to actually play and fight for the objectives is to either remove the server-wide announcements and simply have the map circle change color so that people have to look at the map on their own to find out if someone is capping it - without know how long until the loot drops. My second suggestion is add a time limit to the missions. Currently when I pass by a mission, a quick thermal sweep will reveal multiple snipers surrounding the point waiting for someone to cap it so they can just steal the loot, if A time limit was introduced they wouldn't be able to just wait for someone else to do the work, one of them would have to activate the mission or all of their waiting would be for naught. This would be even better if the time limit was randomized (I.E. Capture point Alpha spawns with an uptime of 15 minutes while Capture Point Charlie spawns with a 13 minute uptime - that way no formula can be made and there's more uncertainty - which breeds a sense of urgency leading to more aggressive gameplay. Another suggestion might be, loot crates spawn locked and only the capturer gets the code to open it. Again it would make people actually fight over the objective instead of just waiting to take it from someone else.
  2. This is a PvP mod, a child of DayZ which is based on the premise of risk - That shouldn't be pushed aside. Lock breaking should just be another method of getting into someones base, but a good ol fashioned siege shouldn't go unrewarded. Coming from Epoch, I've played in servers where bases were indestructible and I've played in servers where bases were destructible - I personally enjoyed the latter much more, simply for the fact that it made us think harder about how to circumvent people breaking in. It made building supply missions priceless which led to much more intense competitions for the loot they offered - people took more risk which saw the servers economy extremely lively - money and building supplies were always in demand and losing something like a Vodnik or a Chopper was a seriously blow to a lot of groups, but they had to risk them to get what they needed. When bases are indestructible people burn out because there's not enough give and take. Guns are easy to come back and the base doesn't need to be maintained or repaired and because money isn't being spent groups get filthy rich easily. Invulnerability, in any form, saps the sense of risk and stagnates the gameplay. One thing I can understand is base raids that take place when the owner(s) aren't online. If Exile could make a system that detected whether or not a base's owner(s) were online and super fortify the base when they aren't so that its extremely hard to break into - there would be no reason to make bases invulnerable unless the server admins catered to the creampuffs who "dont want hours of work to go down the drain." Rome wasn't built in a day, but it fell in one.
  3. A revive should be just that a revive. Not a come back to life with full health, mobility and sustenance (food and water). Make revives possible within 2 to 2:30 minutes, make it so when you're revived you come back with 10% health and "broken legs" (either cant stand or cant run) and injured gun sway. It should be just enough to give you a second chance at getting away and keeping your gear, not a second chance at immediately putting up a fight.
  4. Nothing should be indestructable IMO. Im all for more protection, but all castles can and will fall to a persistent enemy. We do need something for the floors, Metal ones pretty much eradicated the chopper destruction bug in Epoch, we'd benefit from having it on exile.
  5. Ladders? Ladders anyone?
  6. I think people need to get used to the fact that nothing is forever in an ArmA survival mod. If you build a big ol' base thats going to attract a lot of attention, chances are its going to be seiged and raided by groups who are willing to take the risk. Rome may have not been built in a day, but it fell in one. Remember the idea behind DayZ (which spawned all of the mods we know now as "survival mods") was that even if someone was able to survive 8 months and gear themselves to high heaven, a new spawn with a makarov could end it all. Like wise with bases, you could spend days building and upgrading, but it only takes some exposives to bring it down. Thats the risk you run, thats one part of the idea this mod is based on. That being said, I think a substantial amount of risk needs to go into base raiding and there definitely needs to be a way to make bases harder to raid when the owners are offline.
  7. Laboredm I just got auto-banned for killing two bambi's who used a strider to get back to their bodies. The Bambi State is good idea on paper, terrible in practice. There are too many situations in ArmA that allow this "Bambi State" punishes people for surviving in a survival mod. Bambi State should end within 3 minutes or if you get into a vehicle/pick up or take out a weapon (our server spawns people with axes).
  8. This is something that I've wished for since epoch first came out for ArmA2. It would be awesome to be able to construct hangar doors for aircraft and large vehicles that dont otherwise fit easily through regular garage/gate doors. I've always thought it would be cool to have two types of these doors, a regular sized one (for large trucks and little birds) and large doors that are able to comfortably fit a Huron and Cessna through. It seems like such a no brainer to me that I feel like there must be some kind of limitation it runs up against. If not, I would love to be able to have these kinds of doors sometime down the line.
  9. Nah, low armor - we're already in the budding midst of an epidemic where people just roll around in striders getting roadkills. In their current iteration, they're OP as shit. Extremely fast off-road capabilities, very VERY nimble and can turn on a dime, thermal periscope so you can find prey in the forest, The hull armor is impervious to bullet damage (truck .50s might do it, but nothing infantry can carry) and they move so fast its not easy to kill the driver or shoot out tires. They need to be toned way down, be way more expensive or rocket launchers need to be made available. For some reason roadkills earn more respect than normal kills right now and its feeding into these mindset that all you have to do to get whatever you want in Exile mod is run it over with a Strider.
  10. I am completely in agreement. This bare so much resemblance to an with Overpoch -- where the Hunter was a problem. Unless RPGs are implemented, I dont see a reason to make armored cars so easy to get and even less to make road kills worth more than a gun kill. That last part makes absolutely no sense to me and roadkills should be worth half or less respect. There are rocket launchers on some NPCs some of the time - they dont always come with rockets and most servers dont want you using them anyway. If the available armory is going to stay as it is - Striders and Ifrits should be pushing 15-25,000k+ and going beyond that roadkills should be giving less respect, not five times more than a regular kill. It takes no effort what so every to run someone over in a vehicle, especially one thats as quick off road as it is on road (striders, ifrits, hunters). I hope this is addressed quickly, I can see this getting quickly out of hand becoming a mod where who ever has the most armored cars wins.