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  1. Overview of all the found and known issues. Open = Not started working on it yet Addressed = We think we solved it, will review in next RC Fixed = Confirmed working Addressed - If VG doesn't find a safe POS, it doesn't handle it correctly VG now just spawns vehicles where they were last put in Addressed - Ladder hatches aren't snapping correctly and doesn't give the climb option Addressed - Cannot purchase a vehicle after selecting a vehicle pin code Addressed - Huey blades do not move when flying Addressed - HMMWV turret flash is consistently there Addressed - BDRM2 turret flash is consistently there Addressed - Ladder Hatches weren't giving a climb option Addressed - Lada has black around the headlights (panda eyes)
  2. Play on a DayZ themed server if you don't like how it is currently. It is your choice on what you play, not the Exile devs. Exile is the foundation and servers can be militarized and lots of guns or survival, play on what you like. Not one single server has Exile and nothing else, so catering to the minority of players would not be beneficial for Exile.
  3. I don't use infistar but if you need to target the selected player then yes you would need to change it to "getplayeruid _this" For missions you could do it different ways, number one is having an object in the mission that spawns (like the loot crate) and have an addaction that says claim loot and then pass the rewards there or give rewards to the person who kills the last AI. The first option is easier imo and more fair because whoever gets to the loot gets the reward. You could also add this to ZCP missions.
  4. you could do a loop involving forEach allPlayers; and get uids from there
  5. Yes, you can do that. I will not help nor provide details on how to, I just provided the base to do so. I cannot, I provided the base for everyone and admins are free to use it to do whatever.
  6. You are free to use it with ExAd
  7. ["addRewardsRequest", [getplayeruid player, [["ExileScore",1000],["ExileMoney",2000],"Exile_Item_Flag","Exile_Item_SafeKit",["Exile_Car_Lada_Green",3],"Exile_Chopper_Huey_Green"]]] call ExileClient_system_network_send; ["addKitRequest", [getplayeruid player, "BaseObjectsWood"]] call ExileClient_system_network_send; Is how you can add to your own player. This script will not generate rewards for anyone, admins must do that.
  8. There will only be items in there if you add items in there. If you added items and there is nothing then check the RPT.
  9. Exile Player Rewards This is a system that allows admins to add rewards for players to go claim at any locker. This system in no way will auto generate rewards for your players for doing missions, logging in, donating, playing, gaining respect or anything like that. You are free to use it to do any of those things but out of the box it just accepts rewards and items and allows the player to claim them. As I explained in the above video You need a players UID and an array of items to pass to the server to add items. It will also take the players UID and the name of a kit which is exactly like infistar spawn boxes, the format is almost 1:1 so you could copy paste them over. It takes and will give players poptabs, respect, items, weapons, backpacks, uniforms, vests and vehicles. It will also allow you to set quantities for these items and the players can create their own pin# for the claimed vehicles. Here is an example I used to test via admin menu to add items to my own character. ["addRewardsRequest", [getplayeruid player, [["ExileScore",1000],["ExileMoney",2000],"Exile_Item_Flag","Exile_Item_SafeKit",["Exile_Car_Lada_Green",3],"Exile_Chopper_Huey_Green"]]] call ExileClient_system_network_send; ["addKitRequest", [getplayeruid player, "BaseObjectsWood"]] call ExileClient_system_network_send; The first one allows any array of items and set quantities to be based the other will take a predefined kit that is located server side for customization. If any items are already in the players collection box it will stack items so that the space is controlled on the database. There are some settings that can be changed in the config.cpp server side, right off the bat you will need to add your UID to the "AllowedRewardGivers" array or it will deny adding items from players from your UID. This security check for admins can be turned off if you want, its there to not allow people or names not in the list to not be able to give rewards to themselves or other players. All these settings can be found in rewards_server\config.cpp This uses EXTDB2, you can update for EXTDB3 if you wish. IDD for infistar: 57347 Installation Download the files from here: https://github.com/Andrew-S90/ExilePlayerRewards/ Client: Place "custom" folder inside of your root Exile.Altis folder Client: Paste #include "custom\rewards\rewardsDialog.hpp" in the description.ext (also available via github in the config.cpp file) Client: Modify your class CfgNetworkMessages and paste the following (also available via github in the config.cpp file) Client: In your init.sqf please paste the following (also available via github in the init.sqf file) Server: Open the rewards_server folder and open config.cpp and then either add your desired admin UIDs to the "AllowedRewardsGivers" array OR change checkRewards to a 0 this is a security function which will check if a legit sender is trying to reward your players. Server: In config.cpp feel free to change logging to a 0 if you do not want extdb2 logs to be created. As well you can add any custom kits, I have included some examples for you. Server: Run the following rewards.sql on your database to add a rewards table for your players (also available via github in Server\database_additions folder in the rewards.sql file) Server: Paste the following additions to your exile.ini file at the bottom (also available via github in Server\database_additions in the exile_additions.ini file) Example code snippets to call files to add items to players.
  10. The invite does not work because you were banned.
  11. No where in there do you state that you are good at 3d modeling, only that you have the items and you will send them over. If you knew how to model and had these models then its basically all config at that point.... But just judging by your statements here you have somehow gotten 3D models, but dont know how to get them ingame as wearable objects or equiptment. That is *all* config. P.S. Ripped models don't fair well with most of the Arma community.. Just tossing that out there if it implies here or not
  12. Well, they dont belong because most of the things you mentioned aren't in by default anyways. Besides if someone doesnt like the OP weapons and vehicles then they can simply switch servers where the owner has a different customization in mind. There is a reason exile doesnt ban weapons or vehicles like old dayz mod did, admins are free to configure the servers how they want and if the server is good the players will come.
  13. Im pretty sure it is possible, I looked into using these on a lingor server but a server key was not provided with the download (might be changed now?) I went ahead and asked both devs of the mod if they had server keys and they both said they would get it added in but yea. I did not do it because unsigned server. Edit: It looks like they did sign it and add a key! (According to changelog)
  14. I am excited!