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  1. It is still working, there is more editing to do now with the new Exile 1.0.3
  2. Here is how mine is currently setup: class RCON { /* Note that for this to work you need to have serverCommandPassowrd defined in config.cfg and BE enabled */ // This needs to match config.cfg serverCommandPassword serverPassword = "ENTER-YOUR-PASSWORD-HERE"; // Autolocks server until its ready to accept players useAutoLock = 1; // Server will autoLock at that time before restart (minutes) restartAutoLock = 3; /* Number of hours and minutes of your restart period. Examples: {4, 0} = Every 4 hours {1, 30} = Every one and a half hour (who the hell would do this?) */ restartTimer[] = {3, 0}; /* Kicks players before restart to prevent gear loss. We strongely recommend to use this! 0 = off 1 = on */ useAutoKick = 1; /* Number of minutes before the server kicks players that did not disconnect before the restart. Should at least be two minutes! */ kickTime = 2; /* Self-explanatory 0 = off 1 = on */ useRestartMessages = 1; /* Number of minutes before the restart to inform your players. Only use full minutes here. Value like 5.5 have not been tested. */ restartWarningTime[] = {15, 10, 5, 3}; /* If set to 1 server will execute '#shutdown', to try to shutdown the server */ useShutdown = 1; };
  3. @ExileServer\addons\exile_server_config\config.CPP Edit the above file, look for "class RCON" Below that will have all of your server start/stop configurations, I believe what you are looking for is this: // Autolocks server until its ready to accept players useAutoLock = 1; Hope this helps!
  4. AFD Exile Reborn Survival Sever

    Small community, completely custom survival server. This server is PVP and PVE, AI are custom coded, there are custom villages, towns, military locations and strongholds built into the map through out. If you are exiled to this Altis prison island you will be forced to survive against the odds of persistent world weather environments, zombies, bandits and other players. World spawned vehicles are persistent and normally need some type of repair. This is a high loot server so value your life to stay alive and collect a larger paycheck and loot and sell to build respect as you develop your character. Respect based paychecks every 10 minutes of game time played. Weather and temperature greatly effect your character and food and drink levels are determined by your activity. Looking for a tough survival server come take a peak!
  5. I have had problems with the A3Launcher myself, I have resorted to just using the Arma Launcher and making sure my mods are all defined through there. Rarely do I ever have a problem joining a server as long as I select and load the proper mods. If you play in a specific server regularly you'll need to do this 1 time (select mods to load) and then just join through Arma Launcher from then on out.
  6. OK for anyone else having this problem it WAS NOT the BE files that needed to be edited, here is how I solved the problem and winners are now able to get inventory from crate winnings. The problem seems to be with the default scratchies crate itself "Land_MetalCase_01_small_F" so I have modified the crate in the following directory: @ExileServer\addons\scratchie_server\code\ExileServer_lottery_network_request.SQF Line#82 make the following changes from the default: _vehicleObject = createVehicle ["Land_MetalCase_01_small_F", _safepos, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; to the following: _vehicleObject = createVehicle ["Box_NATO_Wps_F", _safepos, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; Save file, repack your new scratchie_server folder and start your server. Should work fine.
  7. Disregard previous post, I believe it was battleye filters (I never added the scratchie info back in) will see next restart.
  8. As of Arma update 1.70 my scratchie crates spawned are unable to be opened. Nothing has been changed, it just stopped working with the Arma update. The tab prizes and vehicle prizes are awarded with no problems. Just seems to be a problem accessing the inventory when the crates spawn.
  9. Here is your fix for the trader doors:
  10. There is a syntax error in your @ExileServer\addons\a3_exile_occupation\config.sqf: Every item needs "before and after" After correcting that your occupation mod should work fine.
  11. I'm getting a "BadVehicle" kick in my server as of today. The only thing I have done differently is I updated to the latest A3 patch for 1.68 this morning. I'm noticing this also with 1 player (but server is not a high pop server) Might be worth while noting that this vehicle is able to be purchased in trader, is this an infiStar problem perhaps?
  12. You probably didn't pay rent for the territory flag. This is probably not the place to post this question, I would suggest you talk to the admins of the server you play in and find out when protection rent needs to be paid for base territories. If you have more questions pm me as I am pretty sure this forum is not the place for this type of Q&A.
  13. You can enable debug by changing these values in the occupation config.sqf: SC_debug = true; // set to true to turn on debug features (not recommended for live servers) SC_extendedLogging = true; // set to true for additional Then further down in your config set the debug options here: This should give you more information in your rpt file for determining what is wrong. I would suggest that you install DMS and Occupation with NO Changes if this is a new install and see if it works. If it does then make your changes 1 at a time and test. This will make diagnosing problems easier. There shouldn't be any BE filters to modify if i remember correctly, you just need to make sure your placing the main DMS and Occupation folders in the correct directory, they should be here: Make sure you pack both of those folders into a PBO in the "addons" directory.
  14. This is just a syntax error in your config.cpp file. open your config.cpp file and search for "CfgExileCustomCode" and check the lines of code not commented out. You were likely installing another add-on and didn't enter it properly. All lines after the */ should be like the example listed in the config.cpp ExileClient_util_fusRoDah = "myaddon\myfunction.sqf";
  15. I'm afraid we will need someone with more experience than I. I have not seen these errors. Is this a new server? Is it possible that the exile.ini is an older file?