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  1. Here you go:
  2. I don't have "XM8Apps_Init.sqf" anywhere searchable on my dedicated. What are you trying to do or what is the actual problem you are experiencing?
  3. Have you adjusted your servers "basic.cfg" file? Check it here root\@ExileServer\basic.cfg Look specifically at Network Tuning, there is an awful lot of network traffic being bottle-necked it appears. Mine is not adjusted and looks like this: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Network Tuning // // Usually something we developers set. Only change these if you really know // what you are doing. Do something wrong here and your sever will burn in hell // and cause massive desych. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// MaxMsgSend = 256; MaxSizeGuaranteed = 512; MaxSizeNonguaranteed = 256; MinErrorToSend = 0.004; MinErrorToSendNear = 0.03; MaxCustomFileSize = 0; The only other alternative might be reducing traffic or talking to your bandwidth provider about the service assuming your not maxed out in the CPU department. If this just started recently and you have not changed anything on your server then I would look at my network capabilities and make sure I have the bandwidth and CPU to support the amount of traffic. Should you decide to modify your basic.cfg file here is what's most important. MaxSizeNonguaranteed should be kept as small as possible as it refers to position changes (movement) so you want the server to be able to send many more smaller packets between client & server ASAP, however guaranteed msgs are not as time sensitive and can be sent in larger packets. If your going to tweak around with this you might reduce MaxMsgSend to 128 and increase MaxSizeGuaranteed slightly, if you continue to have visual desync then slightly reduce MaxSizeNonguaranteed. Typically these network error msgs occur when a CPU or throughput is limited by your hosting provider especially when you can't duplicate the problem and it seems to come and then go.
  4. Your "a3_dms.PBO" needs to be in this directory: Server root\@ExileServer\addons\ Double check that you have followed all of the directions here: https://github.com/Defent/DMS_Exile
  5. Papa_Rimskiy, I believe the "exile.sql" file is the current one if your installing a new database. The others are only used for updating an older database to the current one. So if I understand this correctly the reason your getting the errors are your trying to "update" a database that already has the tables installed.
  6. I just noticed the following in my RPT: 8:50:52 Error in expression <Class select 1; _vehicleCount = 0; { if(_VehicleClassToUse == typeOf _x) then { > 8:50:52 Error position: <_VehicleClassToUse == typeOf _x) then { > 8:50:52 Error Undefined variable in expression: _vehicleclasstouse 8:50:52 File x\addons\a3_exile_occupation\scripts\occupationSky.sqf, line 131 8:50:52 Error in expression <_fnc_selectRandom; _VehicleClassToUse = _VehicleClass select 0; _VehicleClassAll> 8:50:52 Error position: <_VehicleClass select 0; _VehicleClassAll> 8:50:52 Error Undefined variable in expression: _vehicleclass 8:50:52 File x\addons\a3_exile_occupation\scripts\occupationSky.sqf, line 127 I really appreciate your willingness to help, Thank you! I'm ok with random roaming heli's especially if it is the armed UH1 as it is not OP and will add to the AI threat in-game randomly. The only helicopter (I believe) that would spawn is the armed UH1 which is default for the addon. I looked in my "occupationSky.sqf" file and this is the code the RPT is reporting. I have not changed anything in this file, maybe I'm looking in wrong direction. (I added the line numbers for the sake of troubleshooting in this post.)
  7. I assume you mean config.sqf in occupation? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4emOyZV3ZpRSTA3TkpaNnhoWEU/view?usp=sharing Hopefully it is as easy as a setting there.
  8. I had this problem too, for me the solution was adding the database update: Read the instructions here for VG Install: https://github.com/Bjanski/ExAd/blob/master/docs/VirtualGarage/installation.md Run the following sql command in you database. ALTER TABLE `vehicle` ADD `territory_id` INT(11) UNSIGNED NULL DEFAULT NULL; ALTER TABLE `vehicle` ADD CONSTRAINT `vehicle_ibfk_2` FOREIGN KEY (`territory_id`) REFERENCES `territory`(`id`) ON DELETE CASCADE ON UPDATE RESTRICT; Copy over content from "@ExileServer\extDB\sql_custom_v2\exile.ini" - Follow the instructions in the file.
  9. Hello guys, I have started a Exile server with no client side mods, everything's default with server side mods only. This is my first server so maybe lots of these errors are normal but I would like someone to look at my RPT file and tell me if there is something I can change to reduce the errors or if there are "serious" or real errors or just normal loading errors. I am not certain if any of these are effecting the game play or not. The only thing I have not seen at all is the roaming "AIR" AI in fact nothing in the air works except the ambient fly overs. I have tried enabling the "transport" chopper for trader to trader routes using default parameters and it would not work so I just disabled it, it's not really important to me. However I would like to get the AIR units support working. There seems to be so many errors in report that I myself am unable to search in a reasonable time to see if they are the problem. Need your more experienced eyes to help me focus on errors that mean something please. Current RPT file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4emOyZV3ZpRMmpmcWpFb1BYZWc