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  1. Hello! I'm trying to modify a static mission, is it possible to instead of spawning a crate, to spawn a persistent vehicle with loot inside? Can someone point me the direction? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi thanks, great tool, I've used-it before, but it freezes with this log. And with those filters that start with "#line1", ill try to split the file so it isn't so big... Hi, thanks, ill try that and post the results. Regards, SOLO
  3. Hello, need help with be filters for these mods: -mod=@exile;@CUP_Units;@CUP_Vehicles;@CUP_Weapons;@CBA_A3;@MAS_Vehicles;@MAS_Weapons;@RHSAFRF;@RHSUSF;@TRYK I know how to add filters, changed all lines of the scripts to 1 so I could debug all kicks, and got a huge log with 7176 lines long. Do I have to add every single filter or can i add a new script.txt line with for example !"CBA_" !"CUP_" so all line witch contains similar gets white-listed? Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance, SOLO
  4. Hi, Great tool! I'm missing where/how are you checking the mod version? Thanks
  5. Fixed, was a typo in RscTitles. Thanks, SOLO
  6. Nothing, in the report, I cant find the issue... Any help wold be appreciated..
  7. Yes, doesn't show for me too...
  8. I have, that issue also. However if i don't use mysqli and use simple mysql_connect it does connect... So it is from database side...
  9. Boa noite, somos um pequeno grupo de amigos que por pura diversão criou um pequeno servidor (36 slots) para a nossa comunidade. Podem entrar e divertirem-se connosco : [PT][EU] Feios, Porcos e Maus - Exile ( Temos também um TS : Podem aceder à nossa página: http://fpm.vilayer.me/ e registarem-se no nosso forum: http://fpm.vilayer.me/index.php/forum Deixem as vossas opiniões. Um Abraço a todos, SOLO PS: o site e o forum ainda precisam de alguns retoques
  10. Yes, Exile players are independent and A3XAI, DMS are EAST. in VEMF I cant find anything to change AI side only a few "if (isPlayer _x AND side _x isEqualTo independent) then" witch i tried to change to EAST, but wouldn't run at all.
  11. VEMF and A3XAI don't like each other! ;P Both are engaging! can't change sides for VEMF
  12. I didn't explain myself correctly. I was looking for something like when we press "P" shows how nanny AI and players the players have killed. Or something like top ten players, most rich, most experience, etc... Thanks again, Rui
  13. Hi, anyone knows a player score script? Or at least point me the direction? Thanks in advance, Rui