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  1. @Riker2335 Many thanks man. It was the model type ( "workbench_01_f.p3d" ) that I was missing. Everything works as it should now. Cheers MetalHead
  2. Hello, I've been trying to make use of the Advanced WorkBench but to no avail at the moment. I created a new Class in "CfgInteractionModels" which looks like this... class AdvancedWorkBench { name = "Advanced Workbench"; models[] = { "Exitem_advancedworkbench" }; }; I've also tried "Exitem_Advancedworkbench_Static" and "Exitem_Advancedworkbench_Preview" in models but again I've been unable to interact with the Advanced WorkBench. I modified one of the recipes to use this asset... class BreachingChargeBigMomma: Exile_AbstractCraftingRecipe { name = "Breaching Charge (Big Momma)"; pictureItem = "Exile_Item_BreachingCharge_BigMomma"; requiredInteractionModelGroup = "AdvancedWorkBench"; returnedItems[] = { {1, "Exile_Item_BreachingCharge_BigMomma"} }; tools[] = { "Exitem_toolbox" }; components[] = { {3, "Exile_Item_BreachingCharge_Metal"}, {1, "Exile_Item_MobilePhone"}, {1, "Exile_Item_DuctTape"}, {1, "Exile_Item_ZipTie"} }; }; But again I've hit a brick wall when it comes to interacting with it. The Advanced Workbench shows as needed in the recipe but it doesn't see it so it doesn't use it, even though I'm stood right next to it. Any feedback or pointers regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated as I would like to use it for doing anything "Metal" or "Technical" related requiring something a little more substantial than a wooden trestle. Regards MetalHead
  3. Could someone put up an example of how to use/intergrate the blueprints so they can be used. Would be ashame not to use them. Also, does this mod influence the time that bodies are cleaned up after a player dies ? Great addition by the way Mike.
  4. Mistake one you made was trying to get the vehicle through a door that was clearly not high enough to allow it to pass through easily. Add another gate above the one already in place or remove the floor, The floors are notorious for blowing up vehicles. The second big mistake you made was trying to flip a vehicle in such a confined space. Really ? Use some logic and your vehicles will last a lot longer chap.
  5. I've set it to 3600 or once every hour. Mainly because of the above reasons. App works great though and super easy to configure. Hats off to you sir.
  6. This line (APOC_AA_coolDownTime = 60; //Expressed in sec) in the config.sqf is to stop you calling another airdrop for 60 seconds ?
  7. Have you added the key to the server and the code in the config.cpp file correctly ?
  8. @GyroCapitan Thats exactly how I was implementing it into the config.cpp but I was using "Exile_Magazine_Battery" which did work but didn't show a picture of it in the trader list. When placed on the ground it resembled a AA battery. I then tried "Exile_Item_Battery" and again, no picture in the trader list, and no option to purchase this version of the battery. I went with "Laserbatteries" in the end. Picture shows at the trader (though it's not for sale at the trader) and I added it to the loottable under radiation zone as a rare loot drop and added it to the mission system as a rare loot drop. I have changed the battery classname in the grinding script, it works perfect. Tested it many times and you can't start any grinding unless you have a battery(s) to go with the grinder.
  9. The classname is Exile_Magazine_Battery. Any idea where it goes in the config.cpp ? It's classed as a magazine and won't show if added in the Hardware section. How is it used ? Just put it in the backpack, vest or clothing with the grinder ?
  10. Good luck with that attitude.
  11. It needs to know which table to add the loot from. That is only the building type. Try this ? class CampEast { table = "Military"; positions[] = { {-1.6543,1.83789,-1.21155}, {1.77148,1.94043,-1.25452}, {0.259277,-0.0732422,-1.25464}, {1.62988,-1.83301,-1.25537}, {0.154297,-2.47949,-1.26672}, {-1.36523,-1.14746,-1.25635}, {-1.8125,-2.90625,-1.2229} }; }; class MASH { table = "Medical"; positions[] = { {1.36426,-1.28125,-1.06946}, {-0.35791,0.123047,-1.07166}, {1.02295,1.40332,-1.08374} }; }; Edited as it wasn't correct. The class should be the full name given to the object. I haven't edited the classname as I don't run CUP.
  12. You forgot to add what table they are using ? Military, Tourist, CivilianLowerClass etc etc.
  13. Just remove the entries for the buildings you don't want loot to spawn in via the loot table.