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  1. What's the delay in it being added to A3L ? Good job we have good old Steam to rely on. My players haven't had any issues getting it through this method.
  2. @[HG]RaVeN103 Great addition and thanks for adding it for public use. Are you going to change the sound it uses to something more suitable or leave it as it is ?
  3. Can't seem to get the UAV's to function in A3XAI. Anyone got them running on their server ?
  4. BE appears to be working normal again with 64bit
  5. Any idea why you can't harvest weed any more ? Everything else works perfect it's just the weed. You get the option to harvest, the plants are there, but nothing happens when you harvest.
  6. You have items that are already defined in another file in your mission.pbo.. These are causing you not to spawn and need correcting/removing from your mission.pbo
  7. @Slider From what I understand, the uav's act as spies in the sky with a percentage type method of reporting your position to nearby ai. If I'm not mistaken they can be allowed to fire upon players and vehicles depending on how you set it up in the config.
  8. @Realthing It's modified to work with Exile so I doubt it will work with vanilla Arma III. I run a Reborn server and the v1.0.4 update has had no effect on it, still works as it should.
  9. The items listed above are already available in other mods. Though it's nice to have all items in one mod, it's not difficult to add the other mods and add them to your loot table or traders.
  10. Hmmm.. Not happening on my server, everything working as it should.
  11. @twitch.tv/smokedog77 You know it's like placing a safe right ? Place the container then select "unlock" default being "0000" then select "change pin" input default pin, then input new pin. Result No idea why the spoiler box appeared... Spooky
  12. @infiSTAR I've actually fixed it Chris. It was due to there being no "Blank App Spaces" in my config.cpp. I added those and boom, your xm8 apps are working perfect. We could do with another page now though.
  13. @Super Jerome It didn't work for me man. I still haven't been able to get the latest update of infiSTAR's xm8 apps to work, and believe me I've tried every possible way. CLICKME Read through that particular thread and you'll see what I mean.
  14. @Jacobob You can install ExAd and only use the Statsbar if that's all you need. Just remove all the apps from the list you don't want to use. The line below from the mission.pbo config.cpp would only show the Statsbar on the xm8 + the default apps. extraApps[] = {"ExAd_SB"}; You would still need to include the default apps in the config but they don't go on the line above.
  15. @Jacobob The A3XAI has a client & server install. Both are inplace and correctly configured ? At a guess I would say it's the Statsbar that's giving the problem, I don't use that particular Statsbar so can't really comment on it's install method, I use the one that comes with ExAd.