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  1. A question about this script, does it still work with the version exile 1.0.2? I have it installed, server starts, but I do not come to the server. Perhaps I have made a mistake in the installation, which I do not think, since the script is easy to install. The script still works or does not it work?
  2. First a big praise to the developer of this script .. it all works very well .. Still have a question .. how do I get the trigger for the virtual garage on the flag? Please answer with example and in detail, I am a bit stupid!
  3. Can someone please test whether it works .. it has installed 10 times, nothing. 10 times checked whether everything is right, nothing
  4. Exactly that I mean, this kill message. But this installation does not work. But on the server, where i was, already ..
  5. Hello, I was yesterday on a server, and was very amazed that these kill messages still work. Still how, I wonder. Can someone tell me how this is installed now. Push me
  6. kannst du die Lösung geben, habe das gleiche Problem