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  1. Read the infistar instructions again also. Infistar should be under -servermod not -mod.
  2. Use this. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=625259647 remove the dll to use in 64bit. Just paste the pos in notepad++ plenty of tutorials on YouTube for it.
  3. ^incorrect. Let us help you with your grammar, since its obviously important to you. >correct: This is, by far, my biggest peeve of servers. Please use your eyes and correct a small mistake!!!!
  4. anyone can request it on support. http://support.launcher.eu/category/9/mod-additions
  5. hey.. very literally my method works so easy.. pm me your mission file and I'll make the adjustment needed.. you can either give me the admin's uid you want to use it or I can make it require rcon login (easy one button click in infistar) then once in game.. you hit "z" and voila.. it works Every UID/Instance you start creates a server thread or two.. fair warning.. discord.me/awg if you want to pm me there for faster response.
  6. zues is not a lightening bolt.. smh.. see the link i posted where i gave someone the way to edit mission.sqm to add the module and otherwise there is an addon that runs serverside that another gent referred to. Infistar has nothing to do with the zues module.
  7. if file patching is enabled only.
  8. step 1.. make your markers, preferably in a separate mission.sqm in 3den editor. step 2.. save and access the mission sqm (forget the exile export) step 3.. find the new marker in the mission.sqm you just created and copy it into the mission.sqm for your server (be sure to change the number of that class item.. AND the total number of items (eg if you last exile exported marker is class item 24, then you should see items = 25 above that entity section.. Add your new marker.. "class item 25" or whatever and then change "items = 25" to "items = 26" That's it.. If you want to draw a bridge (straight line only) then use a rectangle.. i like 7 wide, and white..
  9. Amigo. Este foro es para el mod solamente. Para apoyo con un servidor especifico, has de buscar la comunidad y pedirle de un admin que te ayude. A lo mejor si pides en side chat te contesten. Suerte!
  10. There are a few bridges out there build off the p3d'd for Tanoa.. with tanoa bridges..
  11. 1. You have items = 50. you need items = 51.. the class item 0 counts at one.. so if your last number is 50, it should read items = 51. When you have that set lower than total number it simply wont' read that last item.. which in this case is your Curator.. Fix and should work! 2. pls hit me up in discord again.. sorry.. discord.me/awg
  12. Often times when you see blank spaces and prices it is because you do not have a mod running client side. Servers won't force you to run every mod unless you add them as requirements in the mission.sqm Also if you misspell and any character doesn't match a valid class name you will get a blank just a couple other ideas to help you identify the issue
  13. Just add the additional crate types to igiload.
  14. Which missions are you referring too?