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  1. Yes ,necroposting for sure. Getting pretty desperate and seen how this can possibly gather the info I am looking for. I seen how @Patrix87 had some kind of script to help assist on gathering the data, but has yet to respond to my inquiry and then I seen this post. TBO my coding skills suck and trying to "break down" this code is a little confusing if you don't work on it as much as you have. I'll keep hacking away and figure this out.
  2. Can this be adjust to output armor mass and capacity? What I am getting at is to help on adjustments for the Balancing sheet. This script would be a god send and I would quit pulling my hair out finding these.
  3. @Patrix87 I know it has been awhile But would you have the script for output of the data?
  4. NM
  5. I've gone round and round on thi mod and can't for the life of me get it to function. The funny part. I only want to add in the View Distance. I have try installing only that part in the Config.cpp to a full blown install of everything. . Once I place in the exad_core.pbo into the Exile_server/addons. Server starts and then shuts down. I take it out and server stays up but none of the mods work. All I really want to do is get the View distance working and yes I have infistar loaded.
  6. Look at your code again.. What is "SafezoneX", shold be a 0 no? {-1, -1, 5, 0.6, "safeZoneX", "0.5", "#048B5B", "Protected and administrated by<br/>infiSTAR.de AdminTools, AntiHack and more!"}, <-- Original
  7. NM.. wrong posting
  8. I know I can see the server DB using SQL Toad. So I know that's not it. ok.. read above about port issues and renamed mine.. $server = sprintf('mysql:host=%s;port=3333;dbname=%s', $host, $database); However... I am getting a 500 error
  9. You still working on this project?
  10. Correct.. I just did this to my end.. Replace the cap point to like 1 or 2 at a time. See my post a page back.
  11. Disregard. MGT-DB beat me to it about the Dwarden post
  12. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/582opsto4mmr8d8/3BSy9PdRGm Nope
  13. If your using any of the Performance building from Dwarden.. Don't forget to go back and change your Arma 3 server executable back to the original Arma3server.exe in your startup. As well as in your BEC config if you changed it there too.
  14. Everything seems to be working fine. Only issue is that I am finding that the missions come up one after another after I place in 5 different mission locations. Anyway to say I want one at a time to spawn? UPDATE: NM I think I figured it out ZCP_MaxMissions = count ZCP_CapPoints; // Amount of cap points at the same time.
  15. infistar

    Nope no issues.