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  1. its gr8 isnt it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. @Vergy if you need some help with any type of server related thing you can shoot me a pm
  3. "but it shouldn't come with anything other than the simple "thanks"-message you get after donating." - @Tobias Solem Isn't that what this is but formulated differently? This is the way the team chose to say thanks for participating in our community, i dont see anything wrong with that ;p
  4. @Capt00 nope havent seen it yet
  5. This is allowed by the BI Monetization rules, however you need to get approval for it but it is highly likely that you will get approval for it since the rules are you can monetize your server as long as it doesnt affect direct gameplay. Here you can see some examples and get yourself approved: https://www.bistudio.com/monetization Goodluck!
  6. Looks really cool! Great job cant wait to give it a go when re-released ^^
  7. 1. A script restriction means that you are getting kicked by battleye and probably havent put the exception in the scripts.txt, if you put it in a pastebin.com and link it here i can help you with it. 2. No clue what you or your host has done here. 3. Common issue is that the logo doesnt load for the first time you download your mission file, if it exists even after you put it in then yes the path might be wrong. In my mission file (description.ext) its for exile its " loadScreen = "Images\loading_logo.jpg"; " Which refers to the folder Images in my mission file.
  8. Hi fellow exile players, Anyone else noticing that your arma will tell you you're losing connection somehow? Usually it drops for an avg of 15seconds and another time it just times out and i have to restart my game. I cant find anything int he RPT and i dont know how long ago it started, i assume it was the latest arma update but cant confirm. Let me know if you or a friend experiences the same thing, then i might open a theard about it on the Arma bug tracker. Ive reinstalled my system even when this was happening, and confirmed my network is fine, so i hope more people are experiencing this and we can work something out or get it reported to BI.
  9. Yea i found this out on cherno tavi and some other maps running CUPS, as soon as i disabled rain and put fog down to a certain amount it didnt happen anymore.
  10. You either need Cupterrains Full package, or cups maps and core together.
  11. Hey, This might come in handy: http://www.exilemod.com/topic/1270-tuts-briefing-for-exilemod/ Goodluck!
  12. There are admin tools in the script releases section! Goodluck :)
  13. I agree with you on this, however the system needs to work in a way so people cant exploit it so they log off to save their base, and i would love to see a 5-10min animation for getting the code and an increased success rate based on the amount of respect you have. Another idea around locking that i had is, make it so when the code is entered wrong three times the owner of the lock/car/helo has to come online to reset it.
  14. Starting to get more complaints about this every day, People who lose mags on restart but the most when people are online and check their inventories every once in a while they see ammo dissappearing. If i had to make a guess i would say that high server load has something to do with it but can't make sure it has.