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  1. Sounds great, thx! If it helps the old FuMS mod had an option to spawn the raptors.
  2. @kuplion Is it thinkable to add JurassicArma optional to this mod? http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27163 The functionality seems to be similar to Zombies&Daemons
  3. Hey guys, is this tool still working? I tried to set up but i just get empty pages. All steps from the readme done, both files edited but if i try to open the index.php or any other link I just get an empty page. Tested on Windows (IIS) and Linux (Apache) Got it working, thx @Choppra for sharing!
  4. With that settings boats are spawning on our server... ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Roaming Boats Setup ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Settings for roaming seaborne AI (non armed boats will just sail around) SC_maxNumberofBoats = 2; SC_occupySeaVehicleIgnoreCount = false; // true if you want spawn vehicles regardless of overall AI count // Array of boats which can be used by AI patrols (the number next to next vehicle is the maximum amount of that class allowed, 0 for no limit) SC_BoatClassToUse = [ ["B_Boat_Armed_01_minigun_F",1], ["I_Boat_Armed_01_minigun_F",1], ["O_Boat_Transport_01_F",0], ["Exile_Boat_MotorBoat_Police",1] ]; SC_occupyBoatUseFixedPos = true; // True if you want to specify the patrol positions and radius of the area to patrol / false for random // if you set SC_maxNumberofBoats higher than the number of static positions, the remainder will be random // they will also ignore any blacklisted areas SC_occupyBoatFixedPositions = [ [[200,200,0],2000,"Tanoa"], // [[x,y,z],radius,"mapname"] leave no spaces between [[400,400,0],2000,"Tanoa"], [[14000,5000,0],3000,"Tanoa"], [[16000,16000,0],3000,"Tanoa"] ]; ...just the positions need a bit adjustment
  5. Wow, a few versions of Exile later and we have the same problems with broken bases. Is there a working solution for current Exile build 1.0.3? The base code of ExileServer_util_extDB2_createMessage.sqf is different than 0.9.4 this thread has started with. It would be great if someone can post a working code please.
  6. Helly Guys, Hey @second_coming We had a longer break with exile and want to give it a try again. Occupation is really nice, but what i miss is a option to spawn random AI in towns,citys,villages if players are near/inside like in good old A3XAI. Maybe a 90% chance to spawn groups of 4-10 AI in bigger citys, 60% chance of 3-6 AI in towns and 30% chance of 2-3 AI in villages, if you know what i mean. AI should only spawn if a player enter the area and search for them. I don´t like the static AI option cause the players know after short time where the AI is and how many in which area. Also the static AI does not respawn after get killed by players. It would be better if the AI is more random and incalculable. Is that possible with Occupation or someone know a other working script? A3XAI was great but it´s extreme outdated and have bad performance.
  7. Yeah that's right, but would be nice if the menu work. Why the menu is not shown? I think it´s not InfiStar who block this, is this from exile?
  8. Did you (or someone else) figured out how to get this window working to choose single or double sling load?
  9. We are set up a new Exile Tanoa server, does someone get the revive script working with 1.0.0 or better to wait? Some informations the Devs implement revive to Exile in the near future?
  10. @yesyesjo Your code for the description.ext seems correct, we have it similar and the HC is connecting well. Problem is the FuMS missions dont spawn, the gremlin seems to be in the FuMS script. Hope we get an update.
  11. Ja den Text habe ich schon angepasst, danke
  12. @[FCS-DE]^oo^[Linux] Grade ein wenig getestet, Dein Code funktioniert! Danke.
  13. Wenn du es hinbekommen hast würde mich auch interessieren wie. Wollte das auch schon mal so machen bin aber gescheitert. Der einzige Weg der mir einfiel war die Flagge sündhaft teuer zu machen so dass sie keiner kauft, schöner wäre es aber den Kauf direkt zu unterbinden mit einem Hinweis dass man sich beim Admin melden soll.
  14. Sorry if I poke this thread again... seems like in the actual version 1.0.0 is some stuff changed . What I have to change to remove the safe zones? All I want is removing the safe zone, so everyone can fire/get killed in these areas. Is that possible so all other functions stay active (no loot spawn, build restriction...)? Sidenote to the DEVS: Maybe you can add a serverdise setting like "TraderSafeZone = false"