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  1. So wrong in so many ways. LOL
  2. I was pretty impressed with the CUP AH6X. It's an actual, flyable Littlebird. However, you can fill up all the seats and have someone remotely control it, delivering you wherever you need to go. LOL
  3. Updated the info in the OP for infiSTAR users.
  4. No problem. Glad to help. Be sure to edit the OP and add [Solved] to the title.
  5. I was able to assist @hogansheroes with getting this resolved. I added a Note to my original post for @infiSTAR users. NOTE 2: If you run infiSTAR, your BadActionCheck and/or BadActionContentCheck setting(s) in the EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp might cause players to get kicked/banned. You will either need to set both to false or add "Hack UAV" to the allowed actions.
  6. I've had my players test it, and they don't get kicked or banned. I would imagine infiSTAR is logging somewhere if it's banning. Check the infiSTAR logs and/or your RPT. gotta be something in there to indicate why. Edit: I did not change anything in infiSTAR to specifically whitelist or allow UAVHacking either.
  7. I've had the occasional wandering AI thing from the beginning. I've never been able to figure out why the AI keep getting past the 500m kill radius. Very rarely, I will see a message in my RPT ("Killed a runaway unit! |O Bravo 1-3:3 REMOTE| was more than 500m away from its spawn position [1313.31,17887.6,0]!"). And even then, it always seems to be only one unit.
  8. I've not had that issue on my server. What are the exact circumstances of the infiSTAR ban?
  9. See my post, 1 page back from this one (page 277)
  10. Thanks. I'll check it out more when I get home. Looks like some interesting info there.
  11. Well, you might have to share your chernarus override method with me then. haha I've not done anything with cfgworlds yet.
  12. What did you do to Override? I just edited the CfgExileEnvironment in the config.cpp of the mission.
  13. There are 3 possible crates in the default DMS missions. They are typically defined in each mission. I_CargoNet_01_ammo_F Box_NATO_Wps_F Box_NATO_AmmoOrd_F
  14. FYI... I mentioned in the OP, that I noticed that the wind had become louder. I've figured out what the cause of this is. Apparently, the Arma 1.70 update updated the Environment Sounds for Altis and Stratis. This had an affect on my mission file because I used the Altis Environment as a base for Lythium. I've fixed that and will update the Github when I get home from work. Note: This will not change the increase in wind gust as you go higher in elevation. Just the constant, loud, gusting wind that I was experiencing all over the map.
  15. @towatai I haven't seen a fix for it yet. However, I did just figure out a fix. I edited all 6 of the fn_ImportFromM3E***.sqf files in the a3_dms\scripts folder and changed all the "enableSimulationGlobal" lines to be explicitly true. The building doors worked after that.