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  1. Great! I'll wait til the post has been approved. Thanks again!
  2. That would be awesome. Thanks!
  3. I looked at the link you shared with regards to "picking apples". Does this work for Exile, they way it is, or does it need to be edited to change from Epoch to Exile? Would you be able to share what you are using for Exile?
  4. Have a look at this post I made a while back about UAVs/UGVs. While this was specifically about the UCAVB Sentinel, if you read the whole thread, you will see that this works with CUP and Arma UAVs/UGVs/Drones. I've not used any "Overrides" to successfully purchase and use drones on my server.
  5. I only put "UID" so as to not include the actual UIDs. I run with script with the proper UID numbers.
  6. Not sure what you mean. As in that's what's breaking it?
  7. That would be the right one. First thing I noticed, is that it looks like you are trying to spawn the random vehicles using the Exile Abstracts? For example: Exile_Car_Hunter_Abstract as opposed to Exile_Car_Hunter -or- Exile_Car_Hatchback_Abstract as opposed to Exile_Car_Hatchback_Green Did you edit the random spawn vehicles in the exile_server_config/config.cpp? I don't yet see anything specific, but all those "Cannot create entity with abstract type" and "Cannot create non-ai vehicle" lines are making me dizzy. lol
  8. I'm using a script I found a while back for showing player's names above their heads (linked below). I'm posting this here, as I am not having problem with the base script and the original thread doesn't seem to get much attention. I'm having an issue with trying to customize the code so that my admin's names show up red, while the player's names continue to show up blue. I did something similar with player markers on the map and it worked perfectly. When I implement the same code in the player names script, the names stop showing up at all. No errors regarding this in the RPT. I'm stumped. The code I am using that works: The code I am trying to use that makes it stop working:
  9. That looks better. We would need to see the RPT from the server
  10. The server is kicking you because you're not spawning. You would need to let us see your RPT file if you're not finding it in there. Also, I noticed that you left in weapons with attachments. This can lead to duping, etc.. You'll eventually see this referenced in your RPT file after a big block of "ERROR". I cleaned out those weapons with attachments from the CfgTraderCategories section and posted the changes in the spoiler below. You would still need to remove those items from the pricing section though.
  11. At quick glance, it looks better. Give it a shot and see what happens.
  12. No Problem Also be sure to fix not only the class names in CfgTraderCategories section, but their counterparts in the CfgTraders section
  13. @miXXed1991 The 1st issue I noticed is that your class names have spaces. This is not good. For example, you have "class CUP Muzzle Attachments". You should change that to something like "class CUPMuzzleAttachments"
  14. This script has worked very well on my PVE server. While I'm not concerned about players knowing where admins are, I am trying to work out how to identify admins by changing the color of the admin's name. I've tried a couple things and it seems to break the script without error and names don't show up at all. I replaced: _clr = [0, 0, 1, _alpha]; With: if ((getPlayerUID _x) in ["UID1","UID1","UID1","UID1","UID1"]) then { _clr = [0, 1, 0, _alpha]; } else { _clr = [0, 0, 1, _alpha]; }; I used similar code with a map markers script and it worked perfectly. I'm stumped as to why it's not working with the names. Any suggestions?
  15. No problem. Glad to help.