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  1. I use DMS and Occupation on my server without crashing.
  2. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction? I started noticing this every time a player logs into my server. My test server was doing the same thing, so I wiped the test server DB and checked again. Same issue. Not sure exactly when it started. Any ideas?
  3. No Problem. Good luck
  4. I'd be happy if this one would get added... "I'm not a Kurwa! Kurewe"
  5. Check out this post I made a little while back:
  6. uav

    @chizzlemad1234 I don't believe infiSTAR is the problem. You also don't need to add the terminal and backpack to the "ItemWhiteList" section of the infiSTAR config. They are already in the "LocalWhitelist" where they belong. The "[SOLVED] UAV" post that Riker2335 mentioned wouldn't apply since that information is outdated. The second post he mentioned is about people stealing/controlling UAVs that aren't theirs. When I started running an Exile server a year ago, I did not have to do anything special for people to use the I_UavTerminal and I_UAV_01_backpack_F. In the default Exile files, they are included in the pricing and included at the Spec Ops trader. As I mentioned above, they are also included (where they need to be) in the default inifSTAR settings. So, if they are not working for you, something else is wrong. You'll need to be more specific about what happens and what they are seeing when someone tries to use the UAV. Do they have the UAV Terminal equipped or is it just in their inventory? Did they connect the UAV Terminal to the UAV? Details are always important. Please use them.
  7. Glad to hear that it resolved the issue. I could go on about how CUP has made my day miserable. But, I'm too tired at this point. LOL If you don't mind, hit my answer with a like and edit the post title to add [Solved].
  8. No problem. A wrong folder name would definitely cause the issue you described.
  9. If you haven't figured it out already, make sure that the mod folder names don't have spaces in them and that mod folder names match what you are calling to in the -mod section of your startup. I call to @CUP_Vehicles. When CUP put out this set of updates, they name the folder @CUP Vehicles.
  10. You can try either or both of these:
  11. Ever since they were implemented, I get comments all the time on my server about people mistaking my name for a foul Polish word. LOL
  12. My observation as far as wandering AI on my server is that they get attracted by some sort of gunfire or other player activity and they start to pursue until they get themselves "lost". I don't think I've ever seen them specifically wander or path to the South West corner. Based on what @Nekuan mentioned about the maximum range from mission not working and not generating errors. I see the same thing. However, I do see on occasion that the Max Range system kicks in once in a while and usually only for one AI. What I've started wondering is if some of the "Error: Object(3 : 193) not found" and/or "Server: Object 11:122 not found (message Type_93)" type messages in the RPT might be related. Maybe the system isn't finding the AI Object when the Max Range Kill is triggered? Only a thought. I have nothing to back that up except a hunch.
  13. I saw more info about it somewhere. Something about it only affecting admins. I haven't gone back to look though.
  14. Have you tried looking at:
  15. I hadn't even looked to see if DMS updated since I updated 5 days ago. LOL. Alright, I'll use what DMS now has. Thanks!