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  1. Looking at your initial post, It seems that infiSTAR is the culprit. I would suggest redoing the install of infistar.
  2. 21.02.2018 14:35:46: Ral(76561198317041995) isAdmin? false: SLOG_SKICK: Ral(76561198317041995) | I somehow totally missed this part of your initial post. Redo the infistar install. Another video showing infistar install end to end.
  3. .
  4. You added my suggested change, restarted your server and had players join to test in less than 5 minutes? If so WOW - awesome! If not, i might suggest trying what I suggested. If you are still getting players kicked with the same message "You were kicked", then post your RPT on pastebin or something *not here* and paste the link. Thanks, Josh
  5. Hey @Think2Go This is a common question. In your Config.cfg located in your Server_Folder\@ExileServer you will see these lines: Change it to : It may take a bit to see a change depending on how many players you have. Kicks can happen for MANY reasons. Most commonly however it seems to be this setting. This means that a player skips data validation checks (Steam ticket check failed). Some may say I am out of my mind but after years of having this work well, I still use it. It works. Josh
  6. Australia is gone from Steam
  7. I created this so people could be made aware of Shadow Copy Service in Windows. Thanks, Josh
  8. Oh ok. That makes a lot of sense. You may need to script that so when looking at an object (let's say the prop jerry can in this case) you can scroll to "get Jerry can" or something. How would that work for your purpose?
  9. Hey there can you define exactly what you're trying to do and I will probably be able to help you? Otherwise if it's in generalities the chances of me being able to help you are pretty slim. Give me an example of what you're trying to do.
  10. *Driving* need to remove STRICT entry in my.ini. from another thread Use keyboard shortcut (WinKey + R). Enter “services.msc” and click “Ok”. Search for “MySQL57”, right click and stop service (Keep window open). Enable hidden files in Explorer and navigate to “C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7”. Right click “my.ini” and select “Edit with Notepad++” . Scroll down to and change the following text: FROM # Set the SQL mode to strict sql-mode= "STRICT_TRANS_TABLES,NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION" TO # Set the SQL mode to strict sql-mode="". Save and overwrite “my.ini”. Go back to “services.msc”. Right click “MySQL” and Start service
  11. Place the item with the editor and add it to your Initplayerlocal.sqf (Using the Exile 3den plugin). This will put it in game on the live server. It's how I would test it. You can also double click the item in the editor and see if simulation is checked. Hope this helps.
  12. Seems like a simulation issue to me. Last Arma patch did something to simulation, but I cannot recall what. Have you tried placing one of these items in the editor and seeing if it is intractable then?
  13. this is the feedback I needed from the audience. I will improve that with smart zoom from now on. Thank YOU for the feedback.
  14. Same here @Bob_the_K It's amazing to me how many threads are using this same format. There is also so many that make it so incredibly hard with config files and variables that confuse the shit out of anyone new to them. Thanks for supporting my suggestion. Josh