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  1. Best thing I can suggest is to place it in a SP map, save it, then open up the mission and look at the trigger. Make sure it is working FIRST. Remember, you must 'define' it in the description file. See/Read: https://www.google.com/search?ei=BNEQWuGpEMLKmwHk_7fQDg&q=arma+play+a+sound+mission+trigger&oq=arma+play+a+sound+mission+trigger https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/182755-play-sound-by-a-trigger/
  2. hahah...nah, you're not an idiot! Idiots do not ask questions! I went back and looked, I never posted the example I was talking about. My mistake and I am sorry! On the activation field of the trigger, you place the sound command: playSound "YourSoundHere"; (You do NOT need to use the above 'yourscript.sqf' that he lists, JUST THE TRIGGER) Done! See PlaySound - Add item to your Description.Ext as shown by example in listed post - Add playsound command to trigger activation field That should be it! When you modify the EXT file, I would use a VERY UNIQUE name for your sound as not to conflict with any other sound name. Example: NumBatt177_Sound_001
  3. You could do this with the 'NearestObject' command...I think... You would still have the issue of multiple people building though... Do note, my original suggestion was based on thoughts 'on the fly' and no in-depth examination of such was expended on this.
  4. See, that is an option in which I mentioned - Using a rule. Multiple walls? One behind the other? Is this any different that people who put a door lock then a dead bolt on their doors? To me, it is the same. But, this is what makes you and I special! We are different and see things in a different ways! No one way is 'perfect' and no one way is 'fool proof'. To each his own!
  5. Well, it can be done. As I took several years of Algebra/Trig/Calculus, Geometry I did not. And as I am old now, my higher math skills have faded. What you would have to do is to take the coords of the piece when it is placed, then compare it to any piece within that size in the DB. This would be the 'Union of Sets' principle. So, if new piece is 2x*4y and its center coords are (10x,10y), it would have to see if any piece is (x>9 and x<11) and (y>8 and y<12). If this statement is 'true', then it would be overlapping. Sadly, this 'check' would have to be done on every single piece in the DB. And the more pieces, the longer the check as well as more 'hits' on the DB too. For every piece, the DB would have to be polled OR the DB read into the user's RAM/Memory and process from there. BUT, in reading in the entire DB CAUSES an issue. What about when you have 2+ people building at the same time? So, reading the DB would NOT WORK! Because it is actively being modified. Note: Entire DB = Player's DB This is the same issue when you have a document being worked on by many people, for example. But, all of this must be done BEFORE the user sees it being 'set'. Also, there are times when overlapping is legit. I had a floor that did not line up for some weird reason, so instead of re-doing an hours worth of work, I just placed down another floor to cover the 'big gap'. So, at times, overlapping IS legit. Also try building DOWN. Pieces do NOT 'snap'! You MUST set every piece manually, which WILL have overlaps due to the manual setting process. While my method WOULD work, it is probably not the best. What the best? It is silly, but it will work! Call your local University/College and get a math professor on the phone. Ask them! They will tell you how/a better way! While I understand the 'issue', blocking it would not be the best. It is like saying that since cooking has killed people in the past, all cooking should be illegal. Another 'approach/solution' is needed instead of making it 'illegal' system-wide. For example, server owners make it a rule that this is forbidden and if caught? XYZ will be done. And then offer a reward to players who snitch on those with multiple walls. BUT, this also would not work. What would I do? I would place the 2nd wall RIGHT NEXT TO THE FIRST WALL. It has the SAME EFFECT and does NOT 'violate' the 'overlapping rule'. The attacking player would never see the 2nd wall! SAME EFFECT, SAME OUTCOME! For me and my server; players build how they want too (for the most part). ALL bases can be raided - PERIOD. Who says it must be easy?
  6. No, rather on what code was used to play the sound. You can use the exact same 'play sound' code contained within that script, as it is for MP and not SP. You take that command(s) and place them into YOUR script.
  7. No problems! I know how it is... Look at this post for guidance...it should point you in the correct direction...
  8. Turning off BE does NOT 'mess with' Exile. If you are seeing such, then you have Exile and/or the ARMA server incorrectly installed. I would suggest you read the MANY tutorials on BE AND on setting up an ARMA/Exile server. I would also suggest you read the documentation that comes with almost every mod that is used with Exile too. They typically tell you what to add/remove for BE and InfiSTAR. There are many Exile server setup tutorials on this site. For ARMA/BE, you will have to use Google. There is no 'do this' answer for you.
  9. To sum up what all they said and did NOT say (3 - 10): 1- It could have been stolen via knife. 2 - It could have been stolen by thermal scanner. 3 - You could have parked it in a safe zone which (by default) unlocks vehicles on restart and it was stolen. 4 - You might have THOUGHT you locked it (hit your lock key twice for example). 5 - You have a family member who is a 'spy' and sold it. 6 - You have a family member who took it and crashed it. 7 - It could have exploded upon server restart by being parked too close to objects. (ARMA spawns in facing 0 degrees then rotates to proper degree) 8 - It could have exploded upon server restart by being parked on ARMA floors (wood, cement. etc.). 9 - Someone could have used an explosive device, vehicle, or a weapon and blew it up. 10 - Someone could have used a vehicle and 'pushed it' into the water/sea/ocean. And it would not surprise me the find that there are some other ways to 'be done with it' too, besides the one I have listed. You must protect your vehicles or they can and will be 'missing'. What methods work in epoch will work in Exile as well. As well as good ole common sense too! See: https://www.google.com/search?q=arma+protect+vehicle+epoch+youtube https://www.google.com/search?q=arma+protect+vehicle+exile+youtube
  10. You're welcome! Performence? I could not really say as I never paid attention/measured such and I upgraded my computer about a month ago. As I have not seen anyone complaining about it, I would say it is better.
  11. On the DEFAULT Exile map, yes you can. They will not 'fall over' when all the wood has been 'cut'. If memory serves me well, you will get 36 pieces. Note: At times, the wood will only show 1 piece being cut. If you see this, just move to another tree. You will never see but one piece at a time when this happens and this is only for those big trees. In other words, you will have to open your inventory 36 times to get the wood when this happens.
  12. "...I would come to the infiSTAR forum to ask for your help..." Hmmm...this website is named EXILEMOD.COM - NOT InfiSTAR.DE! I would suggest you go to INFISTAR's website as this where you were asked to go!
  13. Read my above post 厉害救济
  14. I have no knowledge of such stuff, and as such, I cannot say anything on this. I would state once again, to follow the advice given by Dekela and my post under his. Failure to heed wise advice will be YOUR undoing. If that 'exe' was such a 'great thing', why isn't EVERYBODY USING IT???? Also, you STILL have to modify it! You're NOT getting away from that! And you want to have the SAME SERVER as 50 other people??? Go look at how many EMPTY servers there are! In order to be 'successful', you MUST BE DIFFERENT! And some lame and lazy person's 'exe' will NOT GET YOU THERE! Again, you have been given the SAME ADVICE by TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE - It is now up to you!
  15. Hello, See: