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  1. Hello TroyT. To my knowledge, this should not happen. Without me digging thru the code, you CAN do this instead: #1 - Do not use Exile's, rather create your own #2 - Create a timed script which will delete airplanes/jets at a set time - Example: Every 10 minutes, they are deleted. Either will work for you! Do keep this in mind, it should not be happening which indicates you have an issue somewhere: Misconfigured/Corrupt/Missing Item In Exile Misconfigured/Corrupt/Missing Item In Some Mod ARMA/Exile/Mod 'clash' Again, do note - These are two solutions to your problem without me examining the code! They do not FIX the issue, rather, they HIDE THE ISSUE!
  2. Hello Twrediker, There are many READING guides on here how to set up a server. Depending upon your computer, you might even be able to pull this off on a single computer. You HAVE TO READ how to do this. While I cannot speak for others, I truly doubt any of us will 'hold your hand' because you will not read/research how to do this. As far as what you're seeking, running an epoch/exile server will be about it. I did see some SP mission where you could 'build' stuff, but, TO ME, it sounded kinda lame. It is not hard to set up a server. And if this 'gives you fits', then configuring will give you a stroke/heart attack. It is MUCH harder to configure and setup things that to just 'dump ARMA' into some folder and think that is all there is to it. If you can not write a simple SQS/SQF script and understand the BASICS of ARMA scripting, you will have an extremely hard time doing this. Again RESEARCH, THIS SITE, AND GOOGLE will be your best bet! Good luck!
  3. Permissions? I have no idea on how you do it on YOUR machine. I have my server literally right next to me and I have full and complete control over it and everything on it. Typically, you would start programs in the 'admin' mode. See: https://www.google.com/#q=starting+programs+in+administrator You also have 'rights' in MySQL as well. These need to be checked/verified - You're on own on this.... And, as I stated, I ran BOTH exile SQL scripts, because it is not clear what to run. I ran the main one, then the update one. Reason being, if it is not needed, nothing happens, so I said 'ok, I will do it'. Is it required? I do not know. I know it will not hurt anything though. I would not also use the 'root' user for stuff. Same reason Microsoft recommends people not to use the Administrator account as their 'basic user' account. Keep the root account clean and unused. This account should be for basically emergencies only. Create some other account like I did 'exile', then use it. It helps to keep things 'separate' and 'safe'. ip 127 is built into the network protocols of the OS. Outside of malware, virus, or altering the HOST file, will ALWAYS point to that machine. You have three ip's you can use/test with: #1 - Your external IP (Example: 202.159.741.22) #2 - Your internal IP (Example: #3 - Pinging is a 'quick and dirty' test of the TCP/IP network stacks and protocols. It can be done without any network connections of any sort. Do note: If Exile is on one server and MySQL is on another server, using the 127 will NOT work! Depending on how these two computers are connected, you would have to use either #1 or #2. Again, what is going on (most likely) is a setting is not configured properly. Where is this? Who knows. It can be in MANY places. The OS, MySQL, Exile, and the settings for all three of those. There are just too many variables to say 'this is it'. BUT, based on your 'stuck in the ground' comment, Exile is not 'speaking' to the My SQL server and TYPICALLY, this is a settings issue in the Exile file AND/OR you do not have the DB setup properly. I would really recommend you reading some of the 'set up guides' that you can find on here.
  4. Just use WB and select the DB and then select a field and 'edit it'. Play with it, it is easy to figure out. I got it within 60 seconds...
  5. Just use the exilesql. You can use both, it will not hurt! I think I used both myself. Main one then the update one. And yes, it is the exile config file you thought. As an example, mine: [exile] Type = MySQL Name = exile Username = Exile Password = xxxxx IP = Port = 3306 minSessions = 2 idleTime = 60 ; Really should only use this if MySQL server is external. Also only for MySQL compress = false ; Recommend you turn this on http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/mysql-command-options.html#option_mysql_secure-auth Secure Auth = true Make SURE the CASE is CORRECT on ALL ITEMS for the name/passwords! Also, use the ipconfig to ENSURE you have YOUR IP ADDRESS! Or you can just use which ALWAYS points to YOUR machine.
  6. Hello Zed, Typically, missing stuff such as that can be related one of three items: #1 - Bad/Corrupt data files. #2 - You are trying to use an item that is not even present on the server (config file says it there, but the actual file is not on HDD). #3 - Typo in a config/pointer file somewhere. Stop and think about it. If it works on your test server, but does not on the real one, what can it be except what is listed above? Remember this - NO data transfer of ANY TYPE is 100% accurate/correct! It may be there, but one bit is wrong, thus the file is no good and will not work. Ever downloaded something and it be 'bad' and you had to re-download it? How about 'parity bits' on memory? See: www.pcguide.com/ref/ram/errParity-c.html Even on HDD to HDD transfers, you can have an error in the transfer, but the chance is very small, last time I knew, it was 1 * 10 to the 12th power chance of a bit failure. They DO happen though!
  7. Thank you for your kind words, but I am not an expert. I am a Desktop tech with 30+ years repairing stuff, so I do pick up a thing here or there... Yeah, as TinBoye states, that ip of 198 could also be an issue. This is why I suggested to ENSURE your Exile settings were correct and to toggle the ip address in the config file. 'Internal' ip addresses are 10x or 192x. 198x is an external ip address (routable vs non-routable ip addresses). See: https://www.google.com/#q=routable+vs+non-routable+ip+addresses You're better off setting the Exile DB settings to an internal ip as it will be 'quicker' that using an external ip. You could use or whatever the 10x/192x ip is. Find what it is from a DOS window, using the command 'ipconfig'. This will show you that ip address. See: https://www.google.com/#q=ipconfig+show+ip The 'spawning in the ground' is 100% from not connecting to the DB (foregoing bad/missing/corrupt files). In short, Exile tries to read your data/location from the DB, it can not, so its 'default' position is to spawn you 'in to the ground'. ALL players start off here till data is loaded from the DB and then they are teleported to the correct location. No DB? No teleport. You get 'stuck' in the ground. The 'old term' for this location was/is called 'the debug island'. No DB connection and this is EXACTLY what happens 100% of the time. Bottom line - Exile is NOT 'talking' to your DB. 99.9% of the time, it is a incorrect settings in the Exile DB file (wrong password/wrong port/wrong ip). Do check your settings!
  8. Hello Fin, Yes, 'strict mode', that was it! If you have done what you stated and you KNOW that the MySQL settings are CORRECT (from the Exile side), it SHOULD work. You could set the Exile config to the external IP address or internal address for the MySQL server and try that. There are only three things I can think of: #1 - Firewall issue #2 - MySQL is not setup properly (actual program) #3 - Exile is bad/missing files/corrupt When you run the DB setup, can you use WB and see that the tables are setup? Try to put in some dummy data and see if it takes it via WB. If it can, then you know the DB is working and data can be written to the DB. It then comes back to issue #1 or #3. Really cannot be anything else left! Outside of these three things, I am at a loss then. DB's are not my 'expertise'... PS - One other possibility - Ensure EVERYTHING has permissions to read/write to ALL OF THESE DIRECTORIES!
  9. Hello Red_Ned, #1 - You do not need a server to add strings. You can do it via SP #2 - Unless I am wrong, "Exile_Item_ExtensionCord",1,1 is not a string #3 - To add strings in ARMA: _Combined = _string1 + _string2 That is all there is to that! Example: _example = "This " + "is " + "a test"; hint _example; This would show a hint message containing: "This is a test" So you could say: _ned_VehicleItems3 = _ned_VehicleItems1 + _ned_VehicleItems2;
  10. Well, like I stated, you have to do a few things: By using the WB, you know MySQL is functioning properly. Next question, does it function properly with Exile? I forget what it is called, but there is something in the MySQL config that you MUST TURN OFF! If you do not, it will NOT WORK! Do a little research and you'll find what it is. I forget. Item not turned off in MySQL config = ERRORS/No entries! Then run the DB setup script that comes with Exile. This will create the DB itself. No DB script run = ERRORS/No entries! Then double check your config settings in the Exile file. Wrong settings = ERRORS/No entries! And that should be that!
  11. Hello Zed, I think what Arc said is correct. IF the uniforms are for the SAME SIDE, they will work. IF they are NOT, you can not put them on from the ground. I have seen this in Epoch/Exile for 2+ years now. You could make a script that shows up somewhere, which allow the player to force the uniform on them, this would be one way to handle it. See: forceAddUniform - https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/forceAddUniform From AddUniform: To check if uniform is allowed use isUniformAllowed and to force add incompatible uniform use forceAddUniform General scripts: https://www.google.com/#q=arma+forceAddUniform+script&*
  12. Hello Zed, #1 - You just open up any map in the editor. #2 - Place the units down that you want to use or might use. #3 - Give each unit a unique name (have to anyway - unique name that is) like QZ1, QZ2, QZ3, or BV1, BV2, BV3, etc. #4 - Once done, save mission. #5 - Then using some text editor, open the mission file. #6 - Then search for the name you used, such as QZ or BV. All units that you gave that name too will show in the search results. #7 - Cut-n-paste class names from mission file into ??? #8 - Done! PS - Went back and re-read a tad better. What I meant is for example, CUP has 25 tanks, you use one on your map. That script (and my first method) will show only that one tank and not the other 24. My second method will show all 25 if there is no list with this info already, which I do think exist for CUP and RHS stuff. My first method does not require any server, script, any type of PBO's, no exec this or exec that, or anything to get class names. The second method will get you all the names if a list does not already exist. All three will work for ya! Six of one, half a dozen of the other!
  13. While that will work for placed units, it will not do for those not placed. For placed units - just place unit on a blank map and give a name such as UP1, UP2, etc. (UP = Unit Piece). Save mission then open up the mission.sqm in a text editor and then search for the 'UP' names. Using UP or some other 'weird' combo makes search a LOT easier - sorta like a 'key'. For unplaced units, what I do is to un-PBO the files then using ARMA Tools, find and convert the 'config.bin' file and open the converted file with a text editor. You'll then see the class name. As an example, I took the EVW_v.099 pbo and unzipped it. Then I took the sud_gw_air and unzipped it Then I went into the su25 folder and converted the 'config.bin' file Then I opened converted 'config.bin' file in NotePad++: class CfgPatches { class SUD_SU25 { units[]= { "SUD_SU25" }; weapons[]={}; requiredVersion=0.1; requiredAddons[]= { "A3_Air_F" }; }; }; Class name is SUD_SU25! A little work, but it will get the names without having to place them on a map. What I did for a lot of items, I just placed them on a map as listed in the first method, then saved, then opened mission in NotePad++. Quick and simple.
  14. You're welcome! I hope you can get it resolved easily!
  15. Hello Covent, Hate to tell you this, it is NOT ARMA/Exile. These are multitasking enabled programs. The OS controls what runs when and what does not. It sounds as if Windows has been turned into a single task OS, akin to DOS. Try also to start ARMA in the 32 bit mode too. It is possible that you're 'out of memory' and these other apps will not start. However, this indicates a problem with the OS or worse yet, a hardware issue such as bad RAM. It also could be some 'funky' settings in your BIOS/over clocking too. I would recommend this in this order: 1 - Set all BIOS settings and clocks speeds to DEFAULT 2 - Reboot and try to start multiple non-ARMA programs and see what they do. If they work, go to #3, if not, go to #4 3 - Uninstall ARMA/Exile, then re-install and re-test. If still a problem, go to #4 4 - Reformat HDD and re-install OS and try running different apps, if ok, re-install ARMA/Exile Do NOT change ANY BIOS setting/clock speed till system is WORKING! Good luck!