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  1. You're right GFourth, there is (at one time) a script on here that did that. It has been over a year I think since it was listed. Good job!
  2. Hello LooonyToonz, Yes and no. What I mean is that IF ALL items are within a SINGLE file, you can. Some scripts load stuff thru OTHER FILES. As such, you need to open and view those separate. However, if everything is in one file, you can 'copy-n-paste' the contents from both files to 'Diff Checker'. This will allow you to see what one is missing/added compared to the other. If in different files, then (that I am aware), you will have to do a manual comparison.
  3. Are you saying that ANY Exile server you have this issue or is it JUST ONE Exile server? Again, if it is JUST ONE server, then it is THAT SERVER. As far as 'clearing your data', you must find the folder which contains your profile. Where is that? As not everybody's computer is setup the same, I cannot tell you this. Use Google to help run it down. BUT, if you can play KOH and SP, this would indicate that you're playing on a single server which is 'messed up' OR they have it configured wrong. I.E. requiring certain mods and you do not have them, but you can still join. To ME, since you can join other MP games and play SP, this would indicate that your ARMA is FINE. Again, I suspect that you're trying to play on a certain server. Also, think about this. If this was an Exile/ARMA issue, why are you the only one with this issue?
  4. Hello Awol1404, It would appear that it is an issue on YOUR end. I would check my video settings. I would also try SP and see what happens. I would also BACKUP your current profile and then delete the original OR create a new profile and test things under the new profile. Do note, it IS POSSIBLE that the server you're playing on is doing this, thus why I suggested SP. Quick Checklist Fails on SP = YOUR problem Fails on that ONE SERVER = That server's problem Fails on EVERY Server = YOUR problem Either way, this is not an issue with ARMA nor Exile. Good luck!
  5. Hello ScaryLarry, While I did not look at your RPT file, it sounds like a 'Signature Time Out Failure'. YOU will not see this message, but players on that server would. It also does not appear in your RPT file either, at least with <v1.74. Read the two posts below and apply the recommended actions and you should be good to go! Yes, post #2 will not ALL apply to you, but some will! Post One: Post Two: Good luck!
  6. Hello TheBlackUdder, You're correct! It IS an error in the mission.sqm file! As an example, below is what is going on: When you edit the map, you load at startup: ARMA, CBA, ACE3 When you PLAY the map (server), you load in: ARAMA, CBA You will then get the error you listed. You created the map with 5 mods, and not you're playing it with 3 mods. This is the problem. Which mod is causing it? Only YOU can tell this. That error is saying 'hey, in the mission file it says to use xyz asset, but it was not loaded in!' ALWAYS load the SAME MODS as the server is using when using the editor! By doing this, you will NEVER has this issue!
  7. "...i have tried it in editor as i mentioned in my 2nd post..." and I stated to try it WITHOUT ANY MODS. Here is what I just did: Started PLAIN ARMA - NO MODS Went into Malden 2035 via the editor Place the Freedom carrier in the bottom SE of the map facing south (runways will face north) Placed a jet on the deck of the carrier facing north next to tower Placed a jet on the main island's airport facing south Took off at land airport, flew and landed on carrier - NO ISSUES Got into parked jet, moved it to the launch pad and took off - NO ISSUES What can I say? When I follow the directions I suggested to you to follow, it worked. I will say this, someone wrote a 'loaded Freedom carrier' mission to be exported to other maps. See: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=924161761 When I pulled this map in (MP/Local Host/Tanoa), 2 jets on the BOW, STARBOARD side (near the AA position, on the 'angled' part of the deck), these 2 jets and these 2 ONLY, had their wheels 'stuck' and maybe that's what you're referring too. I never bothered to look to see if BY CHANCE, it could be 'fixed' by adjusting the height of these 2 jets. I did not like his 'layout', so I never checked. IF you cannot adjust the height to work, then move them to another position. As noted above, where I had my jet located was not an issue.
  8. Hello M6mal, One would think that Bohemia tested this pretty well. While I have not tried what you have, reason leads me to believe: You're using other 'non-Bohemia' mods You're using a non-Bohemia plane You're using scripts If any of the three above are present, I would suggest that you just load ARMA ALONE and test. I suspect you will find that it works just fine. I think if you load PLAIN ARMA and go to the editor, open Malden, place the carrier down, put the jet at the airport, start game via editor, fly to carrier and land, it will work. For it not to work, would be a BIG MISTAKE on Bohemia's part. One I do not think Bohemia would had made. Also, as it has been out for months now, if this was an issue, I truly suspect others would have this issue too. Personally, I have not heard of such except from you. Ensure all 'altitudes' of the object are correct. They can and do vary from 'map to map'.
  9. ahahaha Riker... I THINK, you can also open up the map in SP editor and move/drag it to a new location. I have not tried this in a long time. When I ADDED new locations, I did a 'copy and paste' of the old locations to the new location, then I change the marker name. Either should work just fine!
  10. --- Points To Ponder On --- Food For Your Mind If you went to a restaurant, and the waiter came up to you then asked you what you wanted, you then proceeded to ask him "Are the hamburgers any good?" The waiter responds by saying “The coke is excellent and the French Fries are superb!” Did the waiter answer your question? No. The gentleman who posed the question about combining different mods asked if this was possible and nothing more. No one, but me, answered the question that was asked. Every one of you responded as the ‘waiter’ did. Telling him everything but what he asked for. He did not ask if it was legal, moral, ethical, or the ‘right thing to do’. He simply asked if it was possible. Upon the answer that I provided, the thread should have ended right there with nothing to be added by anyone except the original poster. Shoot To Thrill If I stated, I was a ‘normal adult’, with no physical or mental issues, could I shoot a rifle? The answer would be YES. Every one of you did not respond in this fashion. Your answers can be equated to you saying “He is going to assassinate the President”, or “He is going to murder 20+ people!”, or “He is going to commit suicide!”, or “He is planning to rob a bank!”. All from me asking if I could shoot a rifle. That is sad that you can extract such nonsense from my question. This is exactly what you did to the gentleman’s question. You put words and events into his mouth that simply did not exist in any form. For those who are not from the United States, we have a saying regarding such behavior, “When you assume, you make an ASS out of YOU and ME” (ASS-U-ME). To assume anything, is a weak minded person’s ‘tool of choice’, as no effort or intellect is required to utilize such. It is also quite dangerous. "The wise man holds his tongue whilst asking questions instead." For more info on the dangers of such, see: https://www.google.com/search?biw=1920 https://www.google.com/search?q=dangers+of+assumptions https://www.google.com/search?q=assumptions+history Drive-By You bought a Ford car from me and wanted me to ship it to you. I put the car in a cargo box that is labeled ‘Chevy’. Have I broken any copyright laws? No. Reasons: The Ford is still a Ford. You bought a Ford, not a Chevy. I did not tell you it was a Chevy. All markings, logos, etc. that came with the Ford are still there. But…What If…? I sold the Ford to you as a Chevy? ILLEGAL I removed all Ford markings/logs/etc. and replaced with Chevy material to make you think it was a Chevy? ILLEGAL Painted the car a different color. LEGAL Zipping Along If I have a ZIP file named XYZ.Zip and I rename the ZIP file to ABC.Zip, is this legal? YES If I have a ZIP file named XYZ.Zip and I unzip it, and then use WinRAR to compress it, then call it ABC.RAR, is this legal? YES Why Is That Legal? Even though the actual file contents are completely different, what makes it legal is the functionality of the data/program is still intact. Renaming Zip file or converting it makes no difference. A PBO file is nothing but Bohemia’s own file compression format. So renaming a PBO to something else is not illegal in any format. PBO, see: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/PBO_File_Format Taking The Path Least Traveled You are allowed to change the path(s) used in a PBO. Why? Even though the path(s) are completely different, what makes it legal is the functionality of the data/program is still intact. This has already been settled in the United States Courts. In Galoob v. Nintendo, the 9th Circuit held that modification of copyright software for personal use was fair. In Sega v. Accolade, the 9th Circuit held that making copies in the course of reverse engineering is a fair use, when it is the only way to get access to the "ideas and functional elements" in the copyrighted code, and when "there is a legitimate reason for seeking such access". See: http://law.justia.com/cases/federal/appellate-courts/F2/964/965/341457/ https://www.law.berkeley.edu/php-programs/faculty/facultyPubsPDF.php?facID=346 https://fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/R44590.pdf (Page 17) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lewis_Galoob_Toys,_Inc._v._Nintendo_of_America,_Inc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_copyright License To Drive The bottom line is this. Not every mod is ‘licensed’. Not every mod has ‘rules’ for its use. Every mod is different and to issue a ‘blanket statement’ concerning every mod, which includes my mods, is just foolish and ignorant. However, every mod written in the USA (United States law) is automatically granted a copyright from the start. There are no requirements to 'use a symbol' or to file any 'paperwork' with anyone. Speak Up! Are any of you legal and authorized agents of Valve? Most likely not. Are any of you legally authorized to speak on behalf of Valve? Most likely not. What possesses you to act as if you have such permission or knowledge? “Valve would do this…or do that”, “Valve can do this…or do that”. Who are you to be putting any words in Valve’s mouth? You do not and should not be speaking for Valve. An opinion is fine, but who asked for it? No one did! The original posted did not ask for your opinion on what Valve would or would not do. The simple fact is this: None of you know (not think), know, what Valve would do at any time. Why act as if you do? This is the exact same thing you did to the original poster too. You put words/actions in his mouth as well. Final Act None of you (as of this posting) answered this gentleman’s question. His post was up for days and none of you answered it till I did. All of you acted as if you are knowledgeable in the area of the law. Some you acted as if you are ‘mind readers’, knowing what the gentleman was or was not going to do with a combined mod, or what Valve would/would not do. I provided the link to the actual United States Copyright laws in a previous post – Not one of you said “See, here in xyz section, it states such is illegal”. I doubt any of you have ever set foot in a real court (Superior/State) court and represented yourself, no attorneys with you, just you. I doubt any of you have ever initiated any copyright violation actions against a company. I have, many times. They are a matter of public record. I am amazed at how one with so little knowledge and experience, can know so much about everything, I truly am. It reminds me of a 4 year old child arguing with a Doctor of Physics about Quantum Laws. Every one of you should be ashamed of yourselves. This site is designed to help people. He asked for help, not one of you offered any except me. All you did was to berate him and belittle him with actions that he never stated nor did. Every one of you have ‘violated the spirit’ of this website. Every one of you owe an apology to the original posted for not answering his question and for accusing him of actions that he never stated that he would do. I have said my peace and I shall not concern myself with the actions/words of others or of this post. I shall leave you with some words of wisdom: Holy Bible (Yes, I am a Christian): Speech reveals character (Pr 15:2; 29:11; Eccl 5:3; 10:12-14). Careful, deliberate, profitable, and proper speech marks a wise man. Hasty, impulsive, vain, and froward words mark a foolish and wicked man. A fool seldom says anything profitable or suitable (Eccl 10:3), but reducing his words will cause others to think he is careful and deliberate. Abraham Lincoln: “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt."
  11. AGAIN - "...However, where did he state he was uploading Exile? Where did this person state he was uploading to Steam? What is next? Someone stating you cannot upload Win10? 'Star Wars, The Last Jedi'?..." Do some of you see monsters under you beds too??? ALL HE ASKED WAS IT POSSIBLE! THE END! The answer is YES, YOU CAN DO IT!
  12. I appreciate your comment Mittens, though far from the truth. 'Every other sentence'? Here are the facts: Post #1: 17 sentences, 3 emphasis = 18% Post #2: 19 sentences, 5 emphasis = 26% Post #3: 19 sentences, 7 emphasis = 37% To satisfy your observations, the percent would have to be at a minimum, 50%. It is no where near that. If you wish to accuse, please ensure you speak from a point of KNOWLEDGE, not ASSUMPTIONS. That is just basic respect. And also, caps and bold are used for emphasis. This based on and permitted in English grammatical rules and writing styles. I do appreciate your acknowledgement on Steam. Very few have the guts to do such, and you have garnered respect with me concerning this too! I also appreciate others who added to this as well. However, where did he state he was uploading Exile? Where did this person state he was uploading to Steam? What is next? Someone stating you cannot upload Win10? 'Star Wars, The Last Jedi'? And to quote what Maca134 states "Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format" IS PERMITTED per the 'Creative Commons Public License' See HERE Yall have gone off the deep end...seeing stuff that was NEVER said.
  13. Because you like apples and he does not; makes neither wrong. 'To each his own'. I would recommend you 'study up' on 'Version Control'. There is a reason every major software company (MS, Apple, Google, etc.) employ such as well as every major quality control systems (ISO/Lean Manf./Six Sigma, etc.). Even Exile employs version control on a minor level. While it might not 'suit' you, does not mean it does not have its place. Because you cannot see 'air', does NOT mean it does not exist. And perhaps the MOST IMPORTANT THING is that he asked a question. And he got his answer. It is not your place nor mine to condemn/judge him. He merely asked if it could be done, not if it was 'moral', 'ethical', or 'legal', WHICH IT IS. You made mention of stuff being yanked from Steam, without seeing all supplied documents from all three sides, you can not offer ANY OPINION. You are operating out of ignorance as you were NOT PRIVY to what went on in the 'background'. If you think it is illegal, do this, HERE IS THE ACTUAL LAW, quote me the ACTUAL CODE where it states that this is against the law. You see, for a DMCA complaint to be VALID, the violation MUST violate the aforementioned law. Please supply the evidence you claim that is valid. In conclusion, he merely asked a question and was given an answer. He did not ask us to 'judge' him. That is NOT the purpose of this website.
  14. Not really. Using them on your server and that is what he wants to do, is fine. DMCA is based on copyright violations. What he wants to, does NOT modify the code nor is he claiming it is his. If he did that, then THAT IS A VIOLATION. In simple terms, he is 'zipping up' several mods to be played on his server by allowing the users to get one mod versus 20. Or saying that an apple is rotten because it is in a paper sack but not rotten if it is in a plastic sack. The container matters not concerning if the apple is rotten or not. If one charges in ANY manner, THEN, there would be an issue (unless noted in the author's usage agreement). This is not what he is doing. Combining mods into a single download has been and is being done now on Steam without issues from Valve or the authors. See: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=107410&searchtext=life&childpublishedfileid=0&browsesort=trend&section=readytouseitems https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=107410&searchtext=life+mod&childpublishedfileid=0&browsesort=trend&section=readytouseitems https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=107410&searchtext=exile+mod&childpublishedfileid=0&browsesort=trend&section=readytouseitems Calling someone another person's work as your is WRONG. Not using the material as designed and handing it out in a manner not approved by the author is WRONG. Charging to use CR material when not permitted by the author is WRONG. As someone who has actually brought suit against a company for CR violations, shut down a company, shut down a website, and shut down a game server, I have a 'good feel' of what is or what is not right. No, I am not an attorney, though, I do have a good and practical knowledge in the area of law. Zipping up stuff does not violate any laws, ethics, or morals. Usage outside of server game play would be. As a programmer of 40+ years (yes, I am an old man) and with hundreds of CR under my belt, I truly appreciate your concern which was demonstrated! I wish more though like you!
  15. Hello Skryp, Yes, you can. You MIGHT have to change some paths in the original PBO's, but you can. I have about 5-6 in one single PBO. On one of them, I did have to change the paths, but that was easy. I do this as it allows to have control over what is/what is not in use. This is called 'Version Control'. From my observations, basically no one utilizes this practice on any ARMA server, though, they should... If version 1.1 works on my server and 1.2 breaks it, why upgrade? All players are using MY mod ONLY which contains version 1.1. The server still works regardless of the upgrade. ARMA being updated? Well...that is a different story... Also, by using a mod such as this, allows for you to 'brand' your server. If your server name was 'Billy Bobs Bomb Shack', you could call the PBO 'BillyBobsBombShack.PBO'. Anytime anyone sees it, knows it is used on YOUR server! A 'poor mans' version of advertising... Example: Original: exec orgmod\code.sqs New: exec mypbo\orgmod\code.sqs You can use something like NotePad++ to change the paths in one whack. Use COPIES of the PBO's - NOT THE ORIGINALS! Then Test, Test, Test!