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  1. This is correct. It would appear that you're using some out-dated mod somewhere. I have Esseker and CUP, and that error does not present itself. Check what you're loading in as well as what version too.
  2. Hello KKH, Bank = Edit the player's account in the DB Locker = Config,CPP in the mission folder class CfgLocker { numbersOnly = "0123456789"; maxDeposit = 999999;
  3. Hello Xotic,
  4. Hello Vancum, This does not sound like 'default' Exile. I have been running an Exile server since it came out and I have never experienced such an issue. I would look at mods/scripts outside of Exile. I have a good feeling this is where your issue lies. Good luck!
  5. Thus why I said BASICALLY...
  6. CBA

    Hello Razor77, "... I did read one way to just add the key so the players will load CBA on client side only..." - Then I would suggest you read elsewhere. A 'key' is just a file. This poorly informed person is stating that if you have Win10's notepad.exe, it will 'magically' load the rest of Win10 if you run notepad. What a load of crap. I would suggest you do your research from this website. As far as the A3 launcher, I do not use it as I think poorly of it. I use Bohemia's launcher instead. Not everybody uses A3. If you wish to require it (to my best knowledge): Server AND client must run the full mod. Optional use: Server must have mod key only and client must run full mod.
  7. Hello Monkee, "... I would like to know how to enable building on roads..." You (basically) can build ANYWHERE in Exile! Generally speaking, some server owners have restrictions of building in certain areas. As a server owner, you can build where ever you so desire. Based on what you stated, you are NOT a server owner and that message is generated by the server admin via some script. You will need to consult with owner concerning this. There is no 'switch' to turn off or on building on a road in Exile by default.
  8. hahaha Golova - Ask a silly question, get a silly answer!
  9. Hello SweennDawg, This sounds like you have a setting in one of the mods set wrong. I do know there is some mod that if you try to loot the AI, you die (if set to this behavior). Which one? Beats me, I forgot. I will bet you anything though you have a setting 'set wrong'. Go back through ALL settings in ALL mods (except Exile) and re-verify that they are set correctly/how you want them to be.
  10. Thanks for posting the answer/solution! So many do not!
  11. Hello Marchy, I agree with TinBoye. 99.9% of the time when you spawn in as a cow eating grass in a field, it is a DB issue of some sort; Exile server side and/or MySQL server side. Check all logs as well as try to log into the DB with a non-ARMA program such as PHPMyAdmin or MyWorkBench. You could also temporary back up the DB and reset it and have them try. If it works, corrupt DB somewhere, possible player. If it does not, it is NOT the DB. Exile/MySQL issue. Good luck!
  12. No, I have no idea. Just thought I would give you a 'heads up' that bomb will also give an error message as well, so you're not 'surprised' when it happens. Best I can do! Sorry!
  13. Hello EEZY-E, If you're dropping it yourself from your body and you cannot pick it back up, I would suspect it is the building model itself. One easy way to test this is to drop something on the stairs that is about at knee height, then delete the building. If you can then pick it up, you know 100% it is the building. However, if you cannot pick it up, then something else is going on. And what might that be? I do not know... Good luck!
  14. You will also see a similar message with the 'Big Mama' bombs too..
  15. Hello StevieP, This is an issue with ARMA 1.68 and Exile. Search the forums and you will find the 'fix'. This also occurs with fireplaces, security cameras, and doors too.