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  1. Hello Zombe_Merc, Based on your comment "... I do not care about getting the heli back...", I state the following: You need to contact the server on which you play. This site does not support any game servers. This site provides support on Exile, getting Exile installed on servers, and Exile client issues. The issue(s) you speak of, you must address with the server owner as this is NOT an Exile issue!
  2. Hello Kawena1, REMOVE ALL SPACES FROM ANY MOD FOLDER NAME! This include the startup parameters AND the actual folder name. SPACE IN NAME = FAILURE
  3. Hello tradewell20, Stop and think what you said. You start with nothing and you work your way up. JUST LIKE THE OLDER PLAYERS HAD TO! "...For those unfortunate players that are either "bambi's" and/or don't have the money and luxury of buying heli's, boats, and big cars right off the bat and have to run everywhere, they will build up their stamina which will allow them to run faster for longer, where the people that fly from mission to mission, or just fly around in general, won't have as much stamina to sprint around..." So there would be no advantage to such. All players start with basically NOTHING and must EARN it. And how would you implement such on an existing server? You could not fairly. Also, if my friend wished to give me a 5k ride, why should I INSIST on running and taking 1 hour to get there instead of riding for 5 minutes? Exile is not a 'running simulator', though at times, it can seem to be that way. I compliment you on 'thinking', however, this idea is not well suited to Exile.
  4. mysql noob

    Hello ThousandSpace, 99% of the time, this is when Exile cannot 'speak' to the DB due to many reasons. The above 2 reasons are but a few. Some others are: DB not setup DB setup incorrectly Importing/using an older/someone else's DB Wrong password for DB Wrong IP for DB Wrong Port for DB Wrong name for DB Wrong DB name itself Basically, it is a DB issue 99% of the time. Good luck!
  5. Hello Spooky, If you are on your own server, you CAN keep your money and gear. What you have to do is to export that part of the DB and then import it into the new one. This way, the money will be there. However ANYTHING that uses a 'positional coordinate' such as a car or your base, would be a pain to transfer. It can be done though. You would have to convert every coordinate from the old map to the new. The 'fun' comes in when the new map is smaller than the old map... Below is my record exported from my DB: id,name,account_uid,money,damage,hunger,thirst,alcohol,temperature,wetness,oxygen_remaining,bleeding_remaining,hitpoints,direction,position_x,position_y,position_z,spawned_at,assigned_items,backpack,backpack_items,backpack_magazines,backpack_weapons,current_weapon,goggles,handgun_items,handgun_weapon,headgear,binocular,loaded_magazines,primary_weapon,primary_weapon_items,secondary_weapon,secondary_weapon_items,uniform,uniform_items,uniform_magazines,uniform_weapons,vest,vest_items,vest_magazines,vest_weapons,last_updated_at 2,MY-PLAYER,MY-UID-NUMBER,185000,0.0629921,64.957314,46.996323,0,36.996651,1,1,0,"[[""face_hub"",0.0629921],[""neck"",0.0629921],[""head"",0.0629921],[""pelvis"",0.0629921],[""spine1"",0.0629921],[""spine2"",0.0629921],[""spine3"",0.0629921],[""body"",0.0629921],[""arms"",0.0629921],[""hands"",0.0629921],[""legs"",0.0629921],[""body"",0.318898]]",19.6964,2525.497314,19972.455078,0.00103033,"2017-04-14 12:06:17","[""ItemMap"",""ItemCompass"",""Exile_Item_XM8"",""ItemRadio"",""I_UavTerminal"",""NVGogglesB_grn_F"",""Laserdesignator_01_khk_F""]",B_Carryall_ghex_F,[],[],[],,,"["""","""","""",""""]",,H_HelmetLeaderO_ghex_F,Laserdesignator_01_khk_F,[],,"["""","""","""",""""]",,"["""","""","""",""""]",U_B_Protagonist_VR,[],"[[""Exile_Item_Flag"",1]]",[],V_PlateCarrierGL_tna_F,[],[],[],"2017-07-1 16:20:40" All you would have to do is to let players log-in and then import the above data (money/gear). I have seen this done a few times when people have wiped a server's DB - it is the same technique. There are (or you can create your own) SQL scripts that can assist with this as well.
  6. Hello SiXtYnInEfEaSt, Try this, REMOVE the spaces in the CUP mod names. Example: WRONG: Cup Weapons Correct: CUP_Weapons, CUP-Weapons, or CUPGuns, etc. That most likely will correct your issue. Remove ANY space from ANY mod name/directory. Just stop your server, rename those folders, edit your startup file to reflect the new names and that should do it!
  7. Hello Fabioluis, Simple fix. Open the mission.sqm in the editor and re-save. Make SURE you have the 'binarize' option TURNED OFF! I think this is under the 'General' option from the editor pull-down menu. This is where you give a mission it's name. Done!
  8. Darren, You are correct, it is my opinion. I can only sit in judgement of what I have seen presented as well as from past experience. Actually, if you go and read my post here: You will see that I OPPOSE GLOBAL BANS. Because what if (and it can happen) you get a 'bad admin' who bans someone because the player killer them? As sate above, I can only sit in judgement of what I have seen presented as well as from past experience. And thank you for your 'I appreciate your comment' comment.
  9. Hello Darren, You will not like what I will say, though it is the truth. You stated "...They had no proof of me hacking...", yet YOU offer NO PROOF THAT YOU DID NOT. You stated "...The founder of the community recently apologised for it on there forums...", yet you OFFERED NO LINK. Also, if you cheated on one server, most likely, you will cheat on another. Now, coming from a 'Life' server, most of those cheats would not work (I think) on a Exile server. However, if it was me, I would be real leery about having you on my server period. Most who do cheat will get banned on one server only to go and cheat on another. How does anyone KNOW you will no do the same? NO ONE DOES! Granted, we all make mistakes. Cheating though? That is/was a DELIBERATE ACT and NOT A MISTAKE! If I had to put my bet on who is right vs. who is wrong; I would say it was you that did the 'wrong' and the ban was legit. You need to contact the server you chose to bad mouth ("the server has kinda gone to shit") and hope that they lift it or make it a ban on their server only. If not, or they ask for money, that would be an issue you need to bring up to InfiSTAR on THEIR WEBSITE.
  10. Thank you to both of you for adding such!
  11. You may be correct on your assumption on what I thought. BUT, you ACTUALLY can. Maybe not in ARMA yet, but a 64 bit app CAN access a 32 bit DLL. "Microsoft recommends that you use interprocess COM to use 32 bit code with a 64 bit application." https://blog.mattmags.com/2007/06/30/accessing-32-bit-dlls-from-64-bit-code/ Personally, I never 'get into' such stuff such as this...however, in programming, almost NOTHING is impossible. This could be accomplished as poorly as writing incoming/outgoing data into a text file and have the other read it in, process it, then write it back out in a text file. It CAN be done. Almost anything in programming can be done.
  12. That's the nice thing about posts/emails. Exile is the AUTHOR of the message. ARMA, BY DEFAULT, does not 'talk' to Discord.
  13. Hello Ronny, It would appear you did not try Google. I would suggest you utilize it, it can be an eye-opener. See: https://www.google.com/#q=arma+3+gas+station+disable
  14. Hello, I agree with Beowulf. What is going on is the POSSIBILITY of a few things: Server is running v1 and you're using v2 Server is running v2 and you're using v1 The server has a mix of v1 and v2 You have a mix of v1 and v2 A combo of the above Note: 'v1' and 'v2' are for EXAMPLES ONLY - This could be ANY VERSION of RHS What I would suggest is to DELETE (manually) the RHS mod and DELETE ANY RHS KEYS from your HDD, then go to RHS website and download it, then use Bohemia's launcher. It works 100% of the time (now).
  15. As I sated, it is possible. But as I stated, others may not like it nor potentially wish to download another version of Exile. You can do it though. Where the key lies in the code and on which 'side' (Client/Server), that I do not know. If it was on the server side, then users would not have to change anything. Just find the key codes in use and search for them ( https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DIK_KeyCodes ) As an example, search for "23". And YES, USE THE QUOTES. This will be how it will be listed most likely in the code itself. You might have to use the 'other' name as well. As an example 'R' in this code snippet for CBA key handling = {_this call HelpMe_fnc_repo}, {}, [DIK_R, [false, false, true]]] call CBA_fnc_addKeybind; You would have to search for DIK_R. R = DIK_R = 0x13h = 19d