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  1. Hello Ronny, It would appear you did not try Google. I would suggest you utilize it, it can be an eye-opener. See: https://www.google.com/#q=arma+3+gas+station+disable
  2. Hello, I agree with Beowulf. What is going on is the POSSIBILITY of a few things: Server is running v1 and you're using v2 Server is running v2 and you're using v1 The server has a mix of v1 and v2 You have a mix of v1 and v2 A combo of the above Note: 'v1' and 'v2' are for EXAMPLES ONLY - This could be ANY VERSION of RHS What I would suggest is to DELETE (manually) the RHS mod and DELETE ANY RHS KEYS from your HDD, then go to RHS website and download it, then use Bohemia's launcher. It works 100% of the time (now).
  3. As I sated, it is possible. But as I stated, others may not like it nor potentially wish to download another version of Exile. You can do it though. Where the key lies in the code and on which 'side' (Client/Server), that I do not know. If it was on the server side, then users would not have to change anything. Just find the key codes in use and search for them ( https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DIK_KeyCodes ) As an example, search for "23". And YES, USE THE QUOTES. This will be how it will be listed most likely in the code itself. You might have to use the 'other' name as well. As an example 'R' in this code snippet for CBA key handling = {_this call HelpMe_fnc_repo}, {}, [DIK_R, [false, false, true]]] call CBA_fnc_addKeybind; You would have to search for DIK_R. R = DIK_R = 0x13h = 19d
  4. Hello Max, Yes, you can disable/re-assign ANY key in use. HOWEVER, once you do this, keep this in mind: Because YOU have an issue with it does not mean OTHERS do. Also, it might require players downloading a 'second' copy of Exile, yours. And I do not think most will do that either. I would suggest you make a post concerning assigning custom keys to the 'Suggestion Box'. Personally, I have always HATED being told what keys to use in a game. Why can't I pick my own keys? To implement these would not be that 'hard' to do either. In regards to NOW, I would suggest you 'learn to live with it'. It is not that hard...
  5. Hello Dohfugwimee, ANY key in ANY mod can be redefined. Just un-PBO the files/examine the files and find where this key is located and change it! Find you old key's value and replace it with your new key value. Key chart here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DIK_KeyCodes REMEMBER! BACK UP ANY MODIFIED FILES FIRST! Do note, more than likely, upon a new release of InfiSTAR, your key settings will be what they were originally. In other words, you'll probably have to do this every time a update is made.
  6. Hello FifthManStanding, One thing I did not see nor hear you mention, is the use of 'Keys'. Keys are REQUIRED for mods to be 'forced' onto players. You may have heard of the error of 'Signature Check Failed'. This is due to keys. Put your mod in AND the key into the 'Keys' directory and then when a player join, they WILL have to have the EXACT same mod as you RUNNING to be able to join.
  7. Hello Xane, That may be your problem, you do NOT have the latest version. See home page for current version and links to download at top.
  8. Hello, Find the section of the script that handles the menu action (rotate left/right). At the top of this script, if this vehicle is a jet, go to exit. Problem will be if you add these vehicles in as usable objects. BUT, if they will ALWAYS be static, this is a simple and 'quick fix' for this.
  9. Hello God2002, This forum is for the Exile mod which runs on top of ARMA. What you're asking is not part of that mod nor ARMA. You should consult the authors of this DLL for assistance.
  10. Hello Yarpii, Blacklist a mod? No, not really. BUT, by NOT including the mod's BI key on your server, the server will kick anyone who attempts to use it. Simply: On server: Mod + BI Key = Clients can join and play Otherwise they get kicked.
  11. Hello HoganHeroes, I do believe in IS, there is a provision that if you move greater that a certain speed, it 'sees' it as a hack. Now, if Bohemia model things correctly, the speed of sound is different at different altitudes and temperature. See this chart: http://www.fighter-planes.com/jetmach1.htm This MIGHT explain why it 'happened' now as opposed to yesterday. Your answer lies within IS settings.
  12. Hello Flu, As a suggestion, should you not be contacting the author of this mod? This website/forum is for the Exile mod. And this mod is not part of Exile.
  13. Hello Kurewe, On behalf of others, thank you for your time, effort, and kindness!
  14. I never stated what would work with what. All I stated is that ARMA is not using Discord, rather Exile is. Please re-read what I stated.
  15. Hello Mr. Unique, Not being a 'wisenheimer', who said it would not work? Also, I guess your knowledge is quite limited on this subject as well. The use of discord is thru EXILE, NOT ARMA! So it would not make a 'hill of beans' either way! ARMA starts Exile, Exile sends message to Discord. NOT: ARMA starts Exile, then Exile sends message to ARMA, then ARMA sends it to Discord. This is also how the database works as well: ARMA starts Exile, Exile sends message to Database