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  1. It also could be your networking equipment....the OS, drivers, net board, router, or even your ISP. There are many values that can be altered by you, other programs, and even a virus. Do not discount that this is not the issue. Another thing is not having enough RAM. When you play 'plain' Exile as an example, you use 1g of RAM. When you play on a modded server, you use 2g. Whoops! You only have 2g, so guess what it must do every so often? READ/WRITE TO THE HARD DISK! And this CAN 'freeze' the game. Your ARMA settings also could be 'whacked' as well as there are memory settings in it too. Another thing that points to it being on your end is this; If it was an issue with Exile and/or a mod, MANY people would be complaining. Yet, you are the only one. The difference? WE do not use your computer or network. HOWEVER, WE use everything else (server/Exile/mods). Sadly, I would bet my life on this that the problem is on your end. I would be checking to see what programs are doing updates every 45 seconds...I think that is where the problem lies... Run a program such as Razor's Cortex. It will 'kill' all background programs and this might help as well.
  2. Yes, you can, BUT, what will determine who can and who can not do this? The EASIEST way is to have an admin give this person 'stuff' and let them build it and when done, using InfiSTAR, remove it, or remove it via the DB. This requires ZERO coding!
  3. While it is not the 'best' method, you can always go to the editor, put down the unit(s), save the mission, then find the names in the mission file.
  4. It is possible, though NOT recommended! This is an ARMA issue. ONE reason for the the 'explosions' is how ARMA spawns in things. It sets them at zero degrees then rotates them. If they hit anything during this process...BOOM! Also, putting wheels on flooring seams seems to be an issue too. Options: 1 - Play on a server that offers a virtual garage - ALL problems solved! 2 - Park and put ALL wheels ONLY on the flooring - NOT ON A SEAM! 3 - Park it on the ground and place a building object between the blades. The may try to take it, but with broken blades, it will not get off the ground!
  5. There are no AI in Exile, thus, basically speaking, there is no 'difficulty settings'. With AI, those settings are contained within the add-on/script/mod itself. You need to look there and NOT in Exile! Exile is like a house, you can decorate it in any fashion. No matter what color you paint the walls or what furniture you place into it, it still has 4 walls, a roof, and a floor.
  6. See your other post for my reply. It is the same:
  7. hahaha...dig around, there are examples of it. Such as the vehicle painting mod. It uses code to replace textures.
  8. #1 - Some scripts are NOT for MP! SP ONLY! #2 - In SP, Battleye is NOT used, but IS used in MP, BE maybe blocking stuff! #3 - InfiSTAR is for MP, it may be blocking stuff! #4 - Exile blocks NOTHING! Check ALL logs files! Remember, not all scripts are meant to be used on a server (MP)
  9. You sure can! You can put the script which points to the code that loads that image. The code would go in the 'init' field of the object you wish to change. WHAT this code is, I do not have a clue. BUT it CAN be done this way! Put said code and image into your mission.pbo folders, and you should be set!
  10. While I do have some 'expertise' in scripting, this is like the weather. If I have a cloud on the left, you will have it on the right. What you need to do is have the clients run the nuke script. ONE way is to set a variable when 'activated' - blownuke="no" On the client side, you could have a looping script like: :Wait If blownuke="no" then goto Wait else exec blownuke.sqm Yes, the coding above is NOT correct for ARMA, however, it gives you an idea on how you could do it. Best thing is to use a network message to notify the clients. My 'expertise' is in SP scripting, so I am not much help on the MP messaging side. This way, when the bomb 'goes off', this msg is sent to clients and then the client 'blows the bomb'. The only issue will be that I question if everybody's screen will see the EXACT thing. As an example, you see a house that is 75% damaged, while I see the same house at 50% damage. I fear that this will be the end result. And yes, you CAN 'fix that' by getting a list of all objects, then from that list, obtain the damage levels, then pass this off to all clients. The server would run the 'blownuke' script and gather this info. Then, the clients get this info after the client run their bomb script. Some things for you to ponder on...
  11. While you may think @Super Jerome is being harsh, your question and his response points to something you need to think about. If you could not follow the posting rules here, what is the likelihood that you did not follow the server setup instructions? It is something to ponder on....
  12. You need to address this to the server owner.
  13. I guess you did not use Google. I put in part of the error message you listed and what do you think I found? THE ANSWER! First return too! I will tell you this though, you did NOT even follow the instructions when setting it up! How do I know (not think, rather KNOW) this? I have this mod and I followed the instructions and I do NOT get this error message! THAT'S is how I KNOW you did not follow the directions! I can not and will not help those who do not even put forth some reasonable effort.
  14. As Liam stated, the DB log is needed. Exile maintains 2 logs: ARMA Log & the DB Log BEST bet is to use something like MySQL WorkBench and connect using the values you provided in the config files. IF it connects, you have some other issue, if not, you DB login info/IP/etc., is wrong. Do note: 99% of the time, what you see, is Exile not 'speaking' to the DB. You're on the 'debug island' awaiting for Exile to get your coordinates from the DB to teleport you where you need to go. No DB connection? You look at grass...forever...
  15. Why? One simple word: LAZY People such as yourself take it upon themselves to better themselves and learn. To show some self-respect by doing for themselves versus being lazy and asking for a 'hand-out' - paid or not. I have seem some so lazy they cannot take the ACTUAL QUESTION that they post, and put it into Google! Word for word, changing NOTHING! When I do it, up comes the answer right away! Gee...that is so hard! These people have no self-respect for themselves or others. They feel 'entitled'. Paying others with Daddy's money is most likely the case. And heaven help you if you tell the truth and call these whinny immature 'children' 'lazy'...these crybabies will report you for calling them LAZY! I am with you in agreement @Super Jerome!