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  1. hahahahaahaha... When you have any issues, always try with NO MODS and a BOHEMIA map. Good job!
  2. Kool! You're welcome! I am glad you got it fixed. That was one of my suggestions. I would advise that you examine your current number of AI, AI missions, as well as building variable too. If you're not careful, you will be right back again with the same problem! Good luck with things!
  3. If you're seeing two doors where there should be only one, there is only one answer - You have two of the buildings there! Now, HOW they are appearing depends on how you have done things. Probably the easiest way is to search (using class name) thru ALL files (server and client) for this building. It will be there twice. ARMA does not just 'put stuff' on the map. YOU TOLD IT TO. Now, you just need to find WHERE you did that! And there could be 100's of ways that can happen too.
  4. Good deal!
  5. @dekela, the sound, I agree. The freezing, it has happened a few times to me during my 10,000+ hours in ARMA 3 I would be in a heli as a passenger, then it would freeze for about 2 seconds, then return with me jumping several hundred meters ahead. And I also do not profess to be an 'expert', thus the statement "...This COULD be 'rubber banding', a sync issue...", for I am not 100% sure either. I do know that de-sync CAN cause this issue, but so can other things too, thus the statement "...Usual sources...", usual, not the ONLY sources. There are a lot of factors that can cause his type of issue, and, based on the freeze then unfreeze, it COULD be de-sync. BUT, he did not provide any video and you notice I did suggest him to try some other things and he did and provided the video - And you're correct, this is 100% NOT de-sync! @jazkalol- You do have an issue. Some standard things to try: You did not say yes or no, but repeat test with NO mods loaded Remove any 'tweaks/overclocking' you have in use on ANY board (Most BIOS will let you save your settings - Do so!) Re-install ARMA Update Video driver Update Windows Use some program such as Razor Cortex to kill background programs which can cause 'freezes' (it is free) If you have multiple HDD's put your swap file on a DIFFERENT HDD than what ARMA is on. - PHYSICAL REAL 2nd HDD! Not too much else to say except if the above do not work, I would suggest scanning for any virus or malware. The sound issue MAY be related (example, bad system board). It also MAY be caused by USB drivers. For a period of time, some USB speakers/mics did not 'work so well' with Windows. Do not think that you do not have a HW issue. Years ago, I have a bad system board that would ONLY fail on Fly! (flight sim) and Internet Explorer. MS Flight Sim would work perfect, Fly! would crash. I swapped the system board and it never happened again! You could try disabling your sound card and repeat the ARMA test. If it works, turn enable sound again and repeat. Good luck!
  6. Hello NoFocksGiven, While I do appreciate what you said, I am far from a 'master'. I, like you, started one day knowing nothing and built upon it. I learned by the same way you are - By asking! And remember, the ONLY dumb question is the question that is never asked...NEVER forget that! Trust me, there are things you can ask me about ARMA scripting and/or Exile that I would not have a clue about. And there are many more people on here who much more than me. Regardless, I thank you for your thoughts and opinion! And no, I do not have a clue about the screen. I have had this issue as well. And I THINK it has happened in a SP session as well to me. What you might do is when you hear this, ask them to give you the name of the vehicle. For example, it might be 2 types of cars that are in CUP and ONLY those two. If so, and if you so desired, remove them from the traders and the DB - Problem solved! And yes, you can save (export) the DB as a text file then use even notepad (if DB is not too big) and do a 'swap and replace' on the affected vehicles, then import the DB back. Personally, I suspect it being a mod such as CUP or RHS, with the 'weird' vehicles being in those mods. If you do elect to do the 'swap and replace', make a backup of the DB and TAKE DOWN THE SERVER when importing the 'corrected' file! Steps: 1 - Take server off-line 2- Make backup of DB 3 - Copy backup DB to some other name/location 4 - Edit DB with swap/replace 5 - Import new DB 6 - Start server If you do this and get your 'class names' ready to go, you could do steps 1 -> 6 in less than 90 seconds. It is a quick process. Do NOT delete the copy of the DB you made in #3! After a FEW days, THEN you can whack it if you so desire. But I have had it too, rare and only on certain vehicles - I just ignored it...it's not a big deal to me. Also, if memory serves me well, it would ONLY do it in first person. In 3rd person, it did not happen. Like I said, it is rare and I do not remember it as it being rare. Thanks for your comment again!
  7. In standard SP ARMA with NO MODS, I can have this issue. Some hills are too steep. Also, a few years ago, a map maker had a map where if you drove onto certain parts of the map, you would get stuck...even on level ground. @GolovaRaoul is correct about the vehicle, some have 'issues' and some are modified. Epoch had this issue for about 2 years with hatchbacks being spawned in the woods. They would not move. Tow it out, then they would. The map and where it happened is also important too. Since you are reporting it here, I would suggest you contact the server owner, as default ARMA, default ARMA maps, and default Exile do not have this issue.
  8. Sounds good! I have noticed (sometimes) that RIGHT AT START, there is a 'lag'. But after that, there is no more 'lag'. I chalked that up to the DB not being read yet, thus the delay. So, if yours does the same, PERSONALLY, I would not worry about it. Yes, a faster cpu/more RAM most likely take care of that, will it be worth the COST though? But it is your server, so you get to decide. I am glad that the 'bulk' of it has been dealt with!
  9. De-sync CAN cause this as one player is further along in the game than the other. @GolovaRaoul - Think about what you said. If I traveled 100m and there was a building at 50m, and I went thru it, this equates to de-sync. So, if it did the EXACT same thing except this time, there is NO building at 50m, this is NOT de-sync??? No, it would be. Buildings has absolutely nothing to do with de-sync excpet provide a 'visual clue' of it happening. De-sync is when players/server are not on the 'same clock with the same time', thus the phrase 'de-sync'. You're correct about the sound though. De-sync has nothing to do with this. If you noticed, I never addressed the cracking sound. The most common 'visual sign' of de-sync is termed 'rubberbanding'. Where you are at 100m and your buddy is at 50m. You 'snap back' to the 50m mark because that is where your buddy is. @dekela - Hmm...to quote you: "...its not desync...", then you state "...never found a cause..." Huh? How can you say it is NOT de-sync then turn right around and say you have no clue what the cause was? If you read the post below, you see the author talks about people BEING ON FOOT. De-sync in ARMA does show itself most times in vehicles. Stop and think, are you telling us that you can detect an 1 millisecond de-sync with players on foot and an 1 second de-sync in vehicles? Really? Bottom line, you saw it and it went away - PERIOD. And if it is an internet/server/player issue, it CAN just 'disappear' out of the blue. The faster an object moves, the bigger the de-sync will be. THIS is why is usually shows in vehicles MOVING and not when vehicles are 'standing still'. His 'car' issues are most likely DE-SYNC. Thus, why you see in my original post the word 'COULD'. I NEVER stated it WAS the issue. One is an opinion, such as mine and @GolovaRaoul's responses versus a 'fact' being pushed as @dekela did. Anybody that played BF4 when it first came out also would know what 'de-sync' is, for it was riddled with this issue. And this was with the players being ON FOOT. If you watch any ARMA MP videos like on YouTube or Twitch, you can see GROUND players observing de-syn when planes/helis fly overhead. ARMA's code is kinda crappy. Ever notice how it happens in ARMA but not in GTA5, COD, or BF4/1??? I wonder why... Here is a better and fuller explanation of de-sync: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/175363 Lag Switches ALSO can cause this - See HERE Netcode is another likely cause and ARMA has 'issues' with it as well: See HERE
  10. Hello Jazkalol, This COULD be 'rubber banding', a sync issue. Stupid Example: Your 'speed' is 100 and your rider's is 50. You travel 100m while your rider has only traveled 50m. So, you have to WAIT till he goes 100m, THEN you start moving again, that is, till you are 50m ahead of him again, now you have to wait AGAIN. This is most likely what is going on. Usual sources are: Server's speed and internet connection Your internet connection Your rider's connection Someone might be using a 'lag switch' You can test to a degree by just YOU being in the car. I suspect you will find everything to be 'ok' in that case. If not, I would look at defragging your HDD IF IT IS A TRADITIONAL HDD! If it is a SSD, do NOT defrag! Also, remember, when you have 'issues', hop onto another server and see if the issue 'follows' you. If it does, then it is on YOUR end. If not, then it is on that SERVER's end. Solution? Not too much sadly outside the two things I listed.
  11. Hello, You're more than welcome! The 5 fps? Well, this depends on a LOT of things. Number of objects, RAM, CPU speed, HDD speed, etc. So there is not a 'simple answer'. What is true on ANY type of computer OR game is this: The more objects on screen, the more the computer has to do to show them. Stupid example: 10 objects = 100 fps 100 objects = 10 fps It is not unusual to see on epoch or Exile, admins 'whacking' the DB due to this fact. Exile has 'built-in' features that try to help with that such as automatically deleting bases after a set time, or randomly placed things such as tents. You can adjust this down so these things 'go away' quicker, but you still come back to issues such as cpu speed and the rest. This is also why you see people not having 100 slot servers; more players = stronger cpu. There are a LOT of factors that go into the overall speed of a server...ANY server, not just Exile or ARMA - ANY GAME SERVER.
  12. You're welcome! Do not forget to click the 'Like this' button if you feel that way! It sounds as you have a few issues going on...the DB being where it is and how it is 'run', I do suspect this is the issue. It is a known issue and what I would do is to install MySQL onto the Exile server, do NOT delete the other, copy over the DB, the start it up. If it is NOT the 'DB on another serve', then you have lost nothing but about 30 mins of time for all of this. So, if you wished to go back to the 'old' DB, all you have to do is change the config file back and copy back the DB! Do note, I would NOT modify the CURRENT config files point to the current DB, make a copy of the ORIGINAL, then modify the current one. This way, you will have the CORRECT settings in the config copy, which can make your life a lot easier! Good luck!
  13. Hello Fock, What I HAVE SEEN when such happens, is a poor connection with the DB. The DB MUST be 'consulted' every time, to determine if a door it is locked, unlocked, etc. If you DB is 'lagging' for ANY reason, ALL players will see this issue. I suggest you examine connection issues between your Exile server and the DB server. Could there be other reasons? Yes, things such as too many programs on the server/DB, virus, etc. It has been MY EXPERIENCE, that it is a connection issue, such as the Exile server is NOT on the same computer as the DB server, or the DB server is using a 9600 baud MODEM for connections... ANY of these issues might not show themselves with one or two players, however, the more that are joined, the more impact this has on the play and on the DB.
  14. I am glad it did and I am glad I could assist!
  15. Here is where and what mine looks like: ARMA starts up using this line: arma3server.exe -par=C:\Games\Mods\Bat\ModsToLoadIn.Txt -config=C:\Games\Mods\ServerMods\@ExileServer\config.cfg -port=2302 -profiles=SC -cfg=C:\Games\Mods\ServerMods\@ExileServer\basic.cfg -name=SC -autoinit It is the -PORT parameter Do note, you MIGHT have to open other ports on the server itself as well as on the router!