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      1.66 Issues   11/30/16

      We have identified a problem in 1.66, which seems to be a bug in the game. A technical report has been submitted to Bohemia Interactive. We have also pointed this issue out on Twitter. This is all we can do for now, since the problem cannot be "modded away" easily. Let us hope for the best. (And we wanted to retire, god damnit)
    • Eichi

      Land ahoy!   12/01/16

      Bohemia Interactive now has confirmed that they have been able to reproduce the problem. The waiting is half-way over now, I hope


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  1. Hey man I know your shutting down your server tomorrow permanently, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your server files so that I can possibly continue running your server if you don' mind or possibly taking what you have and learning from it.  I have a dedicated box running in the data center where i work.

    If not I understand.  

    Thanks for hosting your server for the community as long as you have.