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  1. fcking long rpt not using pastebin and 80% of the context is the same of the first 20%... either way, you either installed SLZ or something else incorrectly or something else on your setup is getting in the way. It works on my setup as well as others so most likely your problem in your implementation step, or your host can't or will not handle filepatching.
  2. for my server, i don't give money or respect for zombs. they can farm them but with a trade of using ammo for some other item type zombs drop as i don't drop ammo either for zombs.
  3. set below to false in give trigger /* 6 Show Trigger On Map */ false, // Put a marker at the location and radius of the trigger on the map
  4. enable filepatching on server startup parameters with -filepatching and then give your UID within the user config setting file. v1.6 has made this work with Exile thanks to the author's hard work in understanding Exile code.
  5. i suppose it's ok when user is activly moving around and being chased, i was just on top of a building and zeusing to observe this so might not be something noticable for usual players.
  6. yeah it seems occasionally so not much of a big deal other than 1 group with 4 minions and 3 other group with 1 zombie inside individually spawned so more groups happened to be created it seems. oh another thing to note, seems group minions gather around group leader these days if a group with greater than 1 is created? just saw them walk over to group leader and chillin in a courtyard together several times yesterday.
  7. you sir are hitting it so hard with updates old man can't keep up. eitherway, was observing random conditions of zombs not in same group and attacking each other yesterday while looking at wrecks from zeus, wasn't sure it was a glitch or not as only observed it once within 2 hours. just fyi, i will be testing some other stuff again tonight so will keep an eye out on this again to find repro scenario
  8. @kuplion thanks, for now I'll just comment out below as well so it doesn't try to step on _effect //_heliEffect = _effect createVehicle (position _heli); //_heliEffect attachto [_heli, [0,0,-1]]; As well, sending you PM...
  9. a question if I want to get rid of smoke as well I shall do below? set EZC_crashOnFire to false and //_effect = "test_EmptyObjectForSmoke"; if(EZC_crashOnFire) then { _effect = "test_EmptyObjectForFireBig"; }; or if I want to give config available to set smoke as well, if(EZC_crashSmoking) then { _effect = "test_EmptyObjectForSmoke"; }; if(EZC_crashOnFire) then { _effect = "test_EmptyObjectForFireBig"; }; and give new config value EZC_crashSmoking = false wondering as you already set _effect to have smoke as default, then gave an IF condition for fire as well or not. Update: ahh nvm, I need to have something in like else or so it seems or it'll spit errors saying it can't find anything for _effect if I have both set to false as well, for my usage, I'm kind of wanting the wrecks to be along side roads, so though if possible of using ExileClient_util_world_findRoadPosition?
  10. add ryanzombies to -servermod as well
  11. not added ryanzombies to -servermod?
  12. Add "ryanzombies" & "ryanzombiesfunctions" to the "addons" section of your mission.sqm (don't forget to adjust your commas accordingly!!) addOns[]= { "exile_client", "a3_map_altis", "Ryanzombies", "ryanzombiesfunctions" // Make sure the last entry does not have a comma after it!! };
  13. i would say it's actually easier..but no not possible from information i've read around to enable zeus on exile. the mod author also had to do a lot of investigation to get it working to this point
  14. you can see zombs, move them around and such using this. https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/189185-seelenlos-zeus/ it's a server side mod so only need to load on server. please mind you have to enable filepatching on server to get uid whitelist read correctly.