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  1. ah ok then. I have all loot table types set to have high chance of trash spawning so, have the tables different for scavenge as wouldn't find magazines inside fridge and such.
  2. even if it works with above, I would still highly advice you learn how the exile loot table setup is done to customize it to be more natural, as you usually don't find backpacks or so from inside a fridge for example.
  3. ah, I see where it is. in CfgExileScavenge.cpp I think your default is hooked to furnitureCommon, around line 80 or so, where CivillianLowerClass is commented out. remove the comment from row which defines as CivilianLowerClass and delete the other line for furnitureCommon and it should work then. I've updated git side as well as it seems the loottable Salutesh provided is pretty much basic loottable template instead of the one I had posted around 10 or so pages back.
  4. would depend since you may have furniture loot hooked up to a seperate class from wrecks in loot table
  5. i believe if i remember correctly, if in case scavenge function itself works but you are getting no items when system says it has found something would mean you have a problem somewhere in where you specify connections with loot table
  6. Since Salutesh has been busy in real life for a while, and due to conversations happening in CHR Discord Server owners channel, we have fixed the below issues and have pushed latest codebase to Git. Fix multiple scavenge sequences upon same object (especially large objects) by giving IF ELSE condition of either proxy object type (block by object pos method) or non proxy object type (block by object ID method). Some further optimization. Credits of this fix goes to NiiRoZz for code architecture & implementation Chernaruski for preliminary test and feedback yukihito23 for requirements, acceptance criteria, functional test
  7. could place down a particular object type in eden which isn't used elsewhere on map and then make it block that object.
  8. getting specific object id and storing them to not allow looting again does not work on proxy objects such as furniture within houses as those objects don't get a specific id value. we've used a different method to bypass this problem but i think Salutesh was mentioning somewhere he'll have a look at it when he has the time in possibility of using id's or the other method depending on certain if conditions.
  9. have you ever tried a diff between filea on prod and dev? maybe a difference which makes it work on one but not the other
  10. how you have it connected seems good to me while looking at it on a monday morning. though, don't think this is it but.. your cfgexilelootserver has html in 1st line. span class="re5"> class CfgExileLootServer
  11. i thought he gave you the answer below... yes, just leave a set of "" with nothing inbetween
  12. lol...seems implementation didn't turn out quite correctly maybe...I haven't seen that happen on my server.
  13. since it has nothing to do with scavenge framework, no further support on this topic here. send me pm of your loottables and scavenge config.
  14. you entered the specific mods item classnames in to the loottables yeah?
  15. if you don't have the mod items drop in usual exile loot pos either then your problem has nothing to do with the scavenge system.