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  1. congrats.
  2. if you didn't make your maps specific config file, then I don't think it'll even read from the map_configs folder. DMS_Use_Map_Config = false; might as well just turn that switch to false.
  3. not sure where you got your DMS mission, but default has values inside. your seems to be blank. you may want to instead
  4. by any chance you have turned to value = true ? DMS_Use_Map_Config = false; // Whether or not to use config overwrites specific to the map. if so, you'll want to have a look inside the map_configs folder and find your map config and see if there are any blacklist overwrites existing there as well
  5. I wonder what do you have as values set for anything in the config which mentions blacklist? my settings are as below and not getting that error in my logs so wondering if you are giving DMS a value it didn't expect, like value = 0? step 1 - throttleblacklist = false step 2 - check and see if logs error step 3 IF error = true, then something else... step 3 IF error = false, then one of your values that work when throttleblacklist = true is causing it as for your last post... I don't use reinforcements on my server but you may be able to toggle to see if this functionality is the root cause
  6. setup server with vanilla exile first, then try adding your custom traders. not on top of something you have no idea what was done to it. don't trust anyone elses server files as it'll come back and bite you if you dont fully understand under the hood. rather use as reference to just look at and if you understand code bits, then implement bits by bits
  7. seems something in your blacklist section, your reinforcements for missions section, and minefields section are having problems... have you messed with those config fields? if yes, then relook at them and set them back to default, if no when did you last update dms? you may want to update its core functional folder and compare the default config with your config.
  8. i would suggest taking occupation layer off and test the dms core functions and then go back to occupation layer enabled and compare to get a starting point in isolating your probs
  9. not sure as i don't see the problems you listed. helis = are they set to ignore total AI count? fast nights i have no prob and have you taken out occupation and test to see if it really is dms or occupation or something else?
  10. i really suggest you build exile freshly as vanilla and then go to figure out what your friend has done to customize it instead of the other way around.
  11. came back from work and was just looking at it.. suspect was this? ["a3\supplies_f_heli\slingload\slingload_01_fuel_f.p3d", [6285.03, 9425.89, 43.6538], [-0.999984, 0.00566147, 0], [0, 0, 1]]
  12. maybe your class name of the vehicle is missmatching between what dms is spawning against what exile considers as sellable. some vehicles have several different class names and exile uses its own classnames on some stuff by looking at stuff from virtual garage.
  13. if you already have a certain portion of custom trader data in and working accordingly, seems like an implementation problem with the added content to me.
  14. thought process: checkpoint 1: load exile default, does it work? yes - go figure if its eden export addon bug no - search for simular theads here and if no solution, then log a bug with correct needed information of setup environment checkpoint 2: test someone elses custom traders, does it work? yes - go check your implementation no - search for similar threads in eden export addon thread, if nothing ghen report there checkpoint 3: test your implementation method to server, does it work? yes - problem solved no - redo from checkpoint 2 long sentence short: i need more morning coffee, and dont call everything a general bug unless you test checkpoints in sequence to find the failing point
  15. I use HeidiSQL to interact with my server but