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  1. oh nvm. you don't have the watercoolers in the first place to look at in 3den. sorry replied befote having morning coffee. i think those are the things with the water whatever thing upsidedown to a dispense right? should be arma3 objects so should be somewhere inside eden. you may need to do some creative search terms or so though. sadly at work so can't go look at them now myself.
  2. throw this in debug, execute and look at object no? onEachFrame {hintSilent str [getModelInfo cursorObject, typeof cursorObject]};
  3. salutesh indeed has a new version he's updated which limits user interaction with the given object only once per, there are a few things needing adjustment as well as giving input condition to it which he said he'll have a look at how to incorporate next. on my server i have no traders and only spawnig lower tier trash loot which ppl have to gather and craft so it's all good atm for my usage.
  4. i incorporated water so i can disable out exile's native water solution so it can have a fail and ppl get butt hurt woodlog i thought of and incorporated by looking a wood piles around the map and thinking to myself, what a nice pile of wood you have there sir, whoever cut it out from trees have done a fine job. too bad i can't take some, wait, what?
  5. we are still rearranging stuff and adding stuff in atm so it's not something you can use and run without worry yet. there are talks about to add canteen as well but before that we need to restructure things around to habe a good working framework. you might be able to go add canteen item in yourself if you kind of understand the context of the script by reading it
  6. Chernarus Redux v0.41 Hotfix has now been released to Steam Workshop. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/changelog/1128256978
  7. Chernarus Redux v0.4 has now been released to Steam Workshop.
  8. should be ok , there are already a couple of servers up, just keep in mind it's just still v0.3 so beware changes might effect your stuff going forward if you intend to make server on an ongoing developed mod.
  9. you should get away from these forums as well and relax.
  10. yeah, you either make it support yourself going in to code, or wait for my trigger submission I already sent to Kuplion. He's out for a while though and has limited access to his git repo.
  11. there was a post process effect script somewhere on the forums which you can drop in to debug consol and execute to change coloring on the fly as i remember
  12. there are already a few out there
  13. it's already opened up for public to check out. submit defect in their discord bug report channel using correct template formatting.
  14. it is darker in general prebuilt in map itself i think. take gamma up on your graphics card perhaps?
  15. Second that.