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  1. think you failed to update your config.
  2. it randomly happens if your server is lagging at the time of DMS mission spawn so it really depends from situation to situation. I would personally add myself another comment as I did below so in 6 months time, I don't go back and try it again and be stupid after totally forgetting the reason I had it set to false.. // Whether or not to spawn missions in a scheduled environment. Setting to true may help with lag when certain missions spawn. // This f***s up AI sides and they start shooting each other if set to true.
  3. I don't know about you but DMS_SpawnMissions_Scheduled set to true made my AI kill each other as they spawn as my server has some lag between spawn and grouping so they would shoot each other before they are all shoved in same group. I've already mentioned this in past thread below but have you modified this? As well, DMS_banditSide and DMS_AI_Classname you would want to match.
  4. thanks kuplion, i'll try this version you posted and see how it goes, as in what i mean as see it happen, is seeing arma derp.
  5. i think its counting in seconds
  6. you can always go have a look at BI's bug tracker to confirm if its arma or not
  7. i've used this script as well to try to fix the original bug as well but have been still seeing it happen so not sure if with current arma and exile version the script itself is working anymore or not thus have taken it out for the time.
  8. enjoy it while it lasts, you can roleplay dalsim driving a car with your chars arms stretching and all that weird stuff.
  9. updated to disable simulation on unneeded objects.
  10. most likely exilez and occupation make it load slower as from my tests, with those two out, it was a few min restart.
  11. actually i might update the export dump when i get time as this version i may have simulation ON on everything even if they really don't need to be. if not in time, just find which value of true, false points to simulation and do a mass replace in text editor or something.
  12. exile reborn addon has evr built in already, thought the author of that addon is nolonger around as well.
  13. yup, cool.
  14. looked around as well, think its cpbo in this. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=411