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  1. i would say it's actually easier..but no not possible from information i've read around to enable zeus on exile. the mod author also had to do a lot of investigation to get it working to this point
  2. you can see zombs, move them around and such using this. https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/189185-seelenlos-zeus/ it's a server side mod so only need to load on server. please mind you have to enable filepatching on server to get uid whitelist read correctly.
  3. as from my test observation, fps declining when zombie triggers are executed have been reduced, get 5~8 higher fps in zombie zones (mostly cities) compared with before so experience is smoother. the problem the previous version had with spawn creating individual groups had been resolved now
  4. tested, great update. everyone should update, seriously. ---- by default, config specifies Zombie side as WEST now, so if you had them set to EAST, don't forget to reset back to EAST. there are 4-6 or so more locations in config which is different from previous version, compare and change.
  5. pretty much seems same with my observations. I think it would need a check to see if waypoint is set to greater value than max range from center of mission point, then delete the waypoint (thought, this will have to work along with the offset values for AI spawn location compared with mission center), or something like that if it's even possible to check waypoint location. The waypoint going to x = 0, y = 0 was observed that one time myself personally when I was specifically on the server at the time mission not finishing happened, haven't encountered it since.
  6. just wanting to confirm my observations with what you have seen. The AI you found 4.8km away, was he broadly found south west of the mission point? (such as, found in location in direct line towards the south west corner of the map) I've observed AI waypoint being set to south west corner of map when i have missions with escaping AI.
  7. that's mostly taunus in specific so nothing which can be done from a loottable perspective really. as for Land_A_BuildingWIP last i remember it spawned for me.
  8. thanks, I'll have a look at it and test it out tonight when i get off work.
  9. @kuplion Ah, ok I'm glad we were on the same page then. I was having a look at it myself and followed through till [_zombie] joinSilent _group; where _group goes and references _group = createGroup ZombieSide; up at the top but wasn't sure if createGroup would add zombs to already existing ones or not. as well, did read through difference of joinSilent and joinAsSilent but later seems to make zombs kill each other, interestingly.
  10. @kuplion, since the update in scripts/SpawnZombie.sqf which you have introduced a new zombie spawn method, it seems as for my environment the zombies are all spawning in as individual groups. I've compared with the old SpawnZombie.sqf but older one spawns them in groups same as they did before. Below are my observations from watching the zombie spawns in Zeus. I've only swapped a single file below, between old and new version to compare. /scripts/SpawnZombies.sqf Old spawn method New spawn method Now if my understanding is correct, I'm thinking the less AI "groups", the less calculations the server has to do as reading BI, if multiple units are within single group, then decisions are made as a group instead as individual units, thus in this case the more groups means more calculations server has to do for each and every single zombie spawned as it's own group. I've been trying to follow the code inside for a while but my brain hurts so kinda of thought to clarify if this was on purpose or not before I completely fry my brain.
  11. the auto trigger support function should work pretty well unless its a map like Taunus which has tons of houses and stuff across the map without names.
  12. ah yeah, seems it has to be defined within exile client's config.bin which we can't touch.
  13. I've never been able to get weapons and other default Arma3 objects working in recipe as "component" (such as, I tried to get basic MX crafted with like a metal pole and some other stuff to upgrade to GL class). I think it's kind of a limitation but can't find code that excludes those items either so far from looking around.
  14. yeah, I was under the impression R3F or something being used.
  15. The whole purpose of that mission is to have zombie hoards around you while you run around in circles and try to loot the crate, or bring superior firepower. wonder if it's a game breaker that you can just ride up and load the crate, then drive off so easily. maybe change the crate type to something which can not be loaded to vehicles to stop people from doing so?