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  1. sorted and solved !
  2. Thank you! Will add it in and give it a go. I am very rusty atm. Feels like i'm doing this all from start again
  3. This was how it was done when I was at Vilayer over a year ago. Not sure if its still the same ;(
  4. Hi So after a few months of not playing exile or doing any server work, I have decided to give it a go on a new map. (Kerama Islands) But when I loaded my infistar up (as I have done a million times) I am getting the following: 23-01-2017 13:56:21 | Kidesh(76561198073645449) | Player Clientside AntiHack not loaded or stopped! Exile_Unit_Player @091930 [9151.85,13490.2,0.00144196] | 0h 5min 23s This is stopping me doing stuff like deleting vehicles, spawning vehicles and a whole host of stuff. Now I have asked about and people who I know have never seen this. Any help would be great. Kidesh
  5. Hi, Anyone know how to get the vests for Tryk for 0 to an actual number? Is there anywhere you can change this?
  6. Hi, So I put a wall down and go to upgrade and i get Failed to upgrade you are retarded. Now I have 3 servers and the only one this happens to is Tanoa. Any idea guy? Thanks Kidesh
  7. So, I am taking a few days off and heading to Prague for a beer infested weekend. And I realised that Bohemia Interactive HQ is there. Does any want me to drop off and messages of concern or well wishes..??? <----- Sarcasm !!! Personally I'm going to drop off some land fish for them.....
  8. So after a month of trying to figure out what it is. We think it maybe has something to do with the database. But we are switching to a new server and will have a new database so hopefully this will be sorted. Also with my other servers we found that if you do t have you DMS,ZCP RYAN zombies and DMS occupation not up to date, then this can make your server crash. Plus make sure that you AI count is not to high. Try reduce the amount of AI spawning in. And always go over that IMPORTANT RPT file with a fine tooth comb for errors. As one can be all that it takes.
  9. Looking for a couple of TANOA staff. Anyone interested?
  10. Hi, I have been getting a lot o server crashes lately. Getting this at my last server crash: 22:43:27 Server: Object 2:16061 not found (message Type_121) 22:43:28 Server: Object 2:10944 not found (message Type_121) 22:43:28 Server: Object 2:15103 not found (message Type_121) 22:43:28 Server: Object 2:14692 not found (message Type_93) 22:43:28 Server: Object 2:7212 not found (message Type_93) 22:43:28 Server: Object 2:7211 not found (message Type_93) 22:43:28 Server: Object 2:15120 not found (message Type_121) any Ideas?
  11. TS3

    Looking for someone to do a one off set up for my TS3 server. I will pay £30 for this. Only want people who know what they are doing.
  12. What age are you?
  13. HI, Do you know why we need to keep it independent as i would like to use the others?
  14. HI, Yeah I use CIC way and I think it was because I had them in the arma3v traders that was causing the problem. Server restart at 6pm uk time and will let you know. Thx
  15. Hi, I had a look at what there was here: And I added to where it was suppose to go. if (_vehicleClassName isKindOf "I_UGV_01_F") then { createVehicleCrew _vehicleObject; }; if (_vehicleClassName isKindOf "I_UGV_01_rcws_F") then { createVehicleCrew _vehicleObject; }; if (_vehicleClassName isKindOf "I_UAV_02_CAS_F") then { createVehicleCrew _vehicleObject; }; if (_vehicleClassName isKindOf "I_UAV_02_F") then { createVehicleCrew _vehicleObject; }; But when I added the UAV/UGVs to the traders it came up saying that member was already defined and my server would not start. Am I missing something here? all I want is so that you can buy a UGV or UAV at the traders and be able to use them.