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  1. Hi, I got it sorted thanks
  2. I have tried but its not letting me do anything. Just keeps coming up with an error.
  3. I am familur with this and this is not what I am talking about. I am looking to change the size of the background bar.
  4. Hi, So I added in a status bar but I had too many icons, so I took them out. But it left a gap at the end. Does anyone know how to reduce the size of it? I tried to open the icon its-self with text.veiw 2 but keep getting an error. This is what am trying to reduce the size of. As you can see there is a gap at the end. Cheers Kidesh
  5. A few screen shots so far
  6. Since the last update Tryk is missing stuff or hasnt bothered to add a list. Anyone know of any fixes??
  7. Hi 780CPU, To be honest am looking for a small map that will serve well for PVP and but with certain spots for others to hide and play a more building and strategy kind of game. I may take a look at Taunus another day
  8. Hi, So I have been playing Exile now for over a year now and I have had maps that range from Altis, Chernarus, Eseeker, Tanoa and Chernarus Winter. But I have never really been settled with any map. But now after looking at Kerama Islands and get the feel it is a cross between Altis and Tanoa but on a smaller size. ( But beautiful) I was wondering if there was anyone out there who has had experience with Kerama Islands and if there is any pros and cons ? Cheers
  9. Thank you! Will add it in and give it a go. I am very rusty atm. Feels like i'm doing this all from start again
  10. This was how it was done when I was at Vilayer over a year ago. Not sure if its still the same ;(
  11. Hi So after a few months of not playing exile or doing any server work, I have decided to give it a go on a new map. (Kerama Islands) But when I loaded my infistar up (as I have done a million times) I am getting the following: 23-01-2017 13:56:21 infiSTAR.de | Kidesh(76561198073645449) | Player Clientside AntiHack not loaded or stopped! Exile_Unit_Player @091930 [9151.85,13490.2,0.00144196] | 0h 5min 23s This is stopping me doing stuff like deleting vehicles, spawning vehicles and a whole host of stuff. Now I have asked about and people who I know have never seen this. Any help would be great. Kidesh
  12. Hi, Anyone know how to get the vests for Tryk for 0 to an actual number? Is there anywhere you can change this?
  13. Hi, So I put a wall down and go to upgrade and i get Failed to upgrade you are retarded. Now I have 3 servers and the only one this happens to is Tanoa. Any idea guy? Thanks Kidesh
  14. So, I am taking a few days off and heading to Prague for a beer infested weekend. And I realised that Bohemia Interactive HQ is there. Does any want me to drop off and messages of concern or well wishes..??? <----- Sarcasm !!! Personally I'm going to drop off some land fish for them.....