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  1. Hi, Before I used to get a sound when a player or AI would lock onto the heli's. But now you get no warning. Plus there is no radars on the Heli's. Is this a bug or was this part of the new update from arma? sorted
  2. If you to my first post you will see this Thats in the fn_init.sqf and am sure thats what they drop. P.S i don't think you can make them drop backpacks, just items.
  3. No problem. I have done a lot of work with the ExileZ. Let me know if you need anything.
  4. @SpaceWeed If you look what I posted you can see /* 3 Activation Delay */ 60, // The delay before the activation of the trigger. This means 60secs. Bring it down to about 10 secs and they will come in faster. Also bring the distance in. MinSpawnDistance = 50; // Closest distance from any player to spawn a zombie. And for there health you need to go here _Ryanzombieshealth = 0.8; // Health, *(initial damage level 0 is no damage 1 is dead) Change the =0.8; to 0.1 and they will be weak as shit in the rain
  5. Lol, thought you said How zombies spawn more...loot 1st of all what map you on? Make sure the triggerspostions.sqf are running in your map and that the triggers in the fn_init.sqf are set to true. 2nd go to your Exilez\init\fn_init.sqf. Then in there change the times of re-spawns here. You can change how many zombies and the times in-between each kill. Trigger_1 = [ //Cities /* 0 Use this trigger */ True, // Self - explanatory /* 1 Trigger Positions */ Cities, // The name of the array used to list all trigger position in the TriggerPositions.sqf file /* 2 Max Zombies */ 10, // The maximum number of zombies for that trigger. /* 3 Activation Delay */ 60, // The delay before the activation of the trigger. /* 4 Spawn Delay */ 60, // The delay between each zombie spawn right after the activation until the Max group size is reached. /* 5 Respawn Delay */ 240, // The respawn delay after the max group size was reached Hope this one help....I really need to stop drinking
  6. In the Zloot.sqf Path: ExileZ\init\Zloot.sqf Useful = { _return = [ "Exile_Item_Catfood", "Exile_Item_PlasticBottleFreshWater", "Exile_Item_Matches", "Exile_Item_DuctTape", "ItemMap", "ItemMap" ] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _return; };
  7. Hi, So all of a sudden or maybe after the update, I don't know, when my players get killed off a Occupation AI or just the Dms AI they sometimes either spawn where they use to be with there gear or just spawn on top of there bodies with there gear. Now this is good for the players lol. But I took out Occupation and and everything was fine. Then added DMS and it started again. Weird one I know. But am gonna take the Ai out of the server and see what happens. So either its DMS or something else. Anyone have the same!!??
  8. Yo, So sometimes when one of the players on my server get killed by AI or a Player they end up re-spawning on their bodies with all there clothes,guns and even backpacks. Any one had this bug? Not sure if its to do with thenew arma3 update.
  9. Dude, my mistake. Had 2 many beers at this time!
  10. Not sure what you are talking about. But have you tried CIC traders? As I said don't understand what you mean. So sorry if this is no help.
  11. What script is this from?
  12. DAMN!!! Thats Ugly !! Look, you should just use Exad for the status bar. You also get to set up other things and the status bar is nice. Plus players can custom there own to there own liking. Here
  13. I think you need to go into the settings either in the arma options under custom controls or set them in the options of the enhanced movement option on the bottom right of your screen when pressing esc. This does work as I have had it on my servers.
  14. I see, I was doing it the old way and adding the a_3_infiStar.pbo into the @ExileSever/addons. When I get rid of my hangover ( Or have another beer ) I will try set it up this way. Cheers
  15. Hi, I have not done this in a while but how and where do you make a folder and put the code so all your logs go into a file on the root of your server files.