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      Exile Server 1.0.4a hotfix out!   03/09/18

      Server owners! We pushed out 1.0.4a hotfix for Exile server. You will need to merge/replace the following files:

      Just download the server files from the downloads section. 


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  1. Please give us the feed back from your experience on the server
  2. DayZ Redemption

    Hi, Welcome to DayZ Redemption. Are you fed up with playing servers with no admins and half working scripts? Are you fed up with having no input to the server after playing for hours on end? Do you want to go back to back to the DayZ roots and play a server with scripts that make it happen? Do you want a server that is unique? Well look no further. The guys at DayZ redemption have listened to all of the players who have been joining and put together a fantastic server! They have taken all the gaming experience of playing DayZ and Exile and combined it into a server that will keep you working and grinding, doing fun stuff and in return will make you feel that when you leave for the day you have achieved things you wouldn't on most server. So what can they offer? 1- When you spawn in you will be put into a rank class 2- MarXet Traders that all the players need to grind and sell or buy in order to get what they want. 3 - Players can scavenge all around the map to find loot even in places that loot is rare. 4 - Custom crafting that includes making your own Zombie Apocalypse Vehicles. Plus the loved or hated Mozzie 5 - They have also brung back and modified the Dayz Heli-crashs with armed guards for that rare loot such as M107s . 6 - They have also have there own custom DMS missions to suit the server. 7 - There discord channel is always there for players to get help from admins ( who have the app on their phones) and to discuss what they would like to see in the future. 8 - Zombies that are made for the server to keep players on their toes and they also have the hordes at the custom loot box. 9 - 90% of the loot that is picked up can be crafted into something including Ghillie suits,Ak47s, insta-docs and many more. 10 - Your flag and vehicles will stay on the server for 365 days and you will not need to pay the rent for 365 days. This way you do not have worry about making tons of cash and just focus on the survival aspect of the game. So if anyone out there is looking for a DayZ/zombie apocalypse style server with active admins, plenty to do then come join the fun DayZ Redemption|25k|MarXet-Traders|Custom-Loot
  3. Hi, I made the traders with TRYK and RHS so you will need to have that in your mods. I also just had either a chernarus or altis loot postions and that seemed to work.
  4. I turned down the ability to build near a spawn zone down to 1 meter.
  5. Think i got it. Make one spawn location in the middle of the map and name it chernarus and make it invisible on the map. Then in the config.cgg in your xile_server_config make the spawn radius 5000m. This way when your player dies he gets to spawn chernarus but is spawned randomly about the map
  6. Nope, never worked.
  7. Its Chernarus Redux and I will give what you said a go.
  8. Hi, So on my server I took off the spawn points as I want people to be randomly spawned around the coast. But now most of the time people spawn in the water on the NE of the map and have to suicide to get back to the coast. Anyone got any ideas that can stop this ? I don't want to put spawn points in as people spawn closest to their base.
  9. This is not were your traders are. Go to your initServer.sqf and initPlayerLocal.sqf and check there. Did you mean your trader location markers? If its then try change this // dataType = "Marker"; position[] = {13117.7, 0, 10425.5}; to this // dataType = "Marker"; position[] = {13117.7, 10425.5, 10425.5}; Don't know why this works but it works for me. Also what did you use for making them? Eden?
  10. Sorted it out. Turns out my server provider are not up to date with the server side files.
  11. Thank you. This sorted my problems of not being able to build anything on my server.
  12. Thanks but thats the client side. I need the server side.
  13. Hi, Anyone else getting a error virus detected when downloading pineapple 1.0.4a server side from downloads? Is there anyone who can send it to me from a different source like Dropbox? Cheers
  14. Now I can't download the server files 1.0.4a as it says it has a virus. Does anyone have them I can download of a different site?
  15. So I just looked at this http://www.exilemod.com/announcement/135-exile-server-104a-hotfix-out/ And I have found out that I do not have these files in my Exile/exileserver/code. I think my server host has not updated these file to 1.0.4a