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  1. This is not were your traders are. Go to your initServer.sqf and initPlayerLocal.sqf and check there. Did you mean your trader location markers? If its then try change this // dataType = "Marker"; position[] = {13117.7, 0, 10425.5}; to this // dataType = "Marker"; position[] = {13117.7, 10425.5, 10425.5}; Don't know why this works but it works for me. Also what did you use for making them? Eden?
  2. Sorted it out. Turns out my server provider are not up to date with the server side files.
  3. Thank you. This sorted my problems of not being able to build anything on my server.
  4. Thanks but thats the client side. I need the server side.
  5. Hi, Anyone else getting a error virus detected when downloading pineapple 1.0.4a server side from downloads? Is there anyone who can send it to me from a different source like Dropbox? Cheers
  6. Now I can't download the server files 1.0.4a as it says it has a virus. Does anyone have them I can download of a different site?
  7. So I just looked at this http://www.exilemod.com/announcement/135-exile-server-104a-hotfix-out/ And I have found out that I do not have these files in my Exile/exileserver/code. I think my server host has not updated these file to 1.0.4a
  8. No I have just got my server and it was already 1.0.4 But I have not been doing any servers or gaming in the last 6 months so I am kinda out of touch with it all.
  9. I have tried in all different locations at sea level and and hill tops. I have made my radius bigger than usual in the class CfgTerritories but to no avail. I have also made my radius up to level 10 and still nothing happens. Was there not a fix for this in an earlier update maybe last year?
  10. I am running Chernarus Redux. I am on flat ground. I think I have had this before but I can't remember the fix.
  11. Not Using vect build script. Just using normal exile building.
  12. Hi, So I have been away from Exile for a while and I started making a map only to find out that when I place a flag and try to place a building part I get the message Construction Aborted You are not in you territory. Anything in the past 4 months that has made this an issue and is there a fix? There is nothing in my RPT or database that I can see. Cheers
  13. What problems did you have as I have it on mine and would like to check this out incase I have them.
  14. I didn't even know A3XAI was still out there. If I was you I would use Occupation as it runs off DMS and is very easy set up.
  15. Hi, Before I used to get a sound when a player or AI would lock onto the heli's. But now you get no warning. Plus there is no radars on the Heli's. Is this a bug or was this part of the new update from arma? sorted