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  1. Sorry. I'm mixing up notifications. Occupation is a companion mod for DMS.
  2. I don't see a max ai setting in the dms config. But in the Occupation config there is around line 23.
  3. Yeah, I am aware of that and as far as I know I had them all in there. I actually had it working for a while. But since recent updates it is broken. Vehicles that I know were working correctly now aren't. Just trying to figure out if it was the arma update or the DMS update from weeks back. I honestly don't remember selling vehicles since the last DMS update so I can't be 100% sure when the issue started. Comparing the latest DMS config to mine there were a lot of mismatched lines but it was mostly spacing and formatting changes. As far as I can tell all the relevant settings are correct. Might just need to start from scratch.
  4. I figure as much but like I said, it's only since the update. I've checked the config a and the y look good as far as I can tell. I guess I need to stare at it a bit longer. =P
  5. Since the 1.68 update my roaming ai vehicles aren't worth anything at the trader, just like they were with the default configs when I first installed it. I checked my configs in DMS and in the mission pbo. everything looks okay so I'm not sure why the vehicles aren't worth any poptabs anymore. Anyone else having this issue?
  6. Good to know. Thanks. Can you elaborate on the player/design table? I'm not proficient with database management and only happened upon the bracket issue by chance.
  7. I know this is an old post but it may help anyone experiencing this issue... I had this issue with a player last night and the fix was rather simple (if you are an admin with access to the database) after a little digging. In our case it was one player. I looked at the player stats in the database and I noticed in the "hitpoints" section it was missing the two closing brackets at the end. [["face_hub",0],["neck",0],["head",0],["pelvis",0],["spine1",0],["spine2",0],["spine3",0],["body",0],["arms",0],["hands",0],["legs",0],["body",0 It should look like this... [["face_hub",0],["neck",0],["head",0],["pelvis",0],["spine1",0],["spine2",0],["spine3",0],["body",0],["arms",0],["hands",0],["legs",0],["body",0]] Notice the two brackets at the end. Add those back in and restart and they should load in fine. At least it did in our case. My theory is that it gets stuck at that point because it doesn't know what to do next, which is why the character never fully loads. And in our case he originally had taken damage before logging out so when it got to this point in loading his character his health would drain until his invisible character would die and start the whole thing over again. Still don't know why it happened in the first place but at least this should get them back on their feet..
  8. Then it was a coincidence of sorts because the engine stayed off that time. But I have only done it once. I'll try to verify it again next time I'm on.
  9. I've seen one other mention an issue where zombies are not spawing around the Loot & Death mission, yet the loot crate does spawn. I didn't see any response as to why. Anyone got an answer? As far as I can tell it should be enabled in the config(s). It just doesn't work. Thanks.
  10. I have seen this. Couldn't figure out why my vehicle wouldn't shut off. I ended up turning off the engine before i got out and it stayed off.
  11. Only way I have found is via editing the database, if you have that option. I have deleted and moved pier box and camp tent. No other way that I know of.
  12. Shutdown your server. On your server you should have your a3_dms.pbo file in your @ExileServer/Addons folder. You need to download it and open it with something like PBO Manager. BACK UP YOUR PBO FILE Open the pbo file with the manager and look for the config.sqf file nested inside. Copy and paste that file from the manager to a location on your drive. DO NOT drag and drop. You will probably break the PBO if you do. Open the config file with something like Notepad++. Somewhere around line 455 you should see the ai difficulty settings. Take some time to get familiar with how the settings are configured before you go and start plugging in numbers and changing everything. When done, delete the config file from the pbo file and Copy and Paste the edited one in it's place. Replace the a3_dms.pbo on your server with the newly edited PBO. Restart server.
  13. I'm about to update DMS. Anything I need to look out for? I also use Occupation. Config is pretty light on ai. Can I use my old config(s) or should I replace everything? Thanks.