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  1. Thing is I even tried my original backup file and that looked the same way. Which is odd because I swear I edited it with Notepad++. I guess I could be wrong but I know for a fact I never used cfgConvert to edit the file. Assuming you are correct, any idea how I would do it through command line?
  2. At one time I had added a couple extra spawn locations on my Tanoa map. I wanted to move one of them a little bit but I'm running into a wall. Everything I have read tells me to open the missions.sqm file. Even my own notes I took for editing says to open the missions.sqm file in the Exile.Tanoa pbo. But now when I open it it looks like this... I've used nothing but Notepad++ in the past. What am I missing? Thanks.
  3. As I mentioned, I just copy and paste the files out and back in after editing and I haven't had any problems with that. Have you had a different experience? Also it's worth metioning the importance of backing up your files before editing.
  4. And my method for using it is as follows. Open PBO file. Copy/Paste the file I want to edit into a folder on my computer. Edit with Notepad++. Delete file from PBO in PBOManager. Copy/Paste the edited file into PBOManager. Close PBO Manager. So far I have had zero issues doing it this way.
  5. Strange. I use PBO Manager on almost a daily basis. The only problems I have are the ones I create. Which happens more than I'd like. =P And just so we are clear it is PBOManager 1.4.
  6. I didn't see any glaring errors in the config. (doesn't mean there weren't any =P ) If it is in fact a matter of the pbo breaking as BetterDead suggests, I would recommend opening PBO files with PBO Manager. Do NOT drag and drop files in and out. Copy and paste them. Otherwise it will break your PBOs. I had this happen to me several times before I figured it out when I started editing my server files.
  7. Thanks. I had my hosting company make the change that MGTDB suggested. Haven't had the problem again since.
  8. You are correct. My apologies. It's been awhile since I tried to use transport. It should indeed travel between traders automatically. But also randomly. If it is set to show to location of the transport on the map then you can track it and see where it's going. If he isn't seeing that then there is another problem somewhere in the config. Post the full config and we can take a look.
  9. Thanks! I'll dig into it in the next day or so and see how fast I can break the mod. ;-) Maybe this should be a feature request for VEMF?
  10. That's pretty cool. I'm still very new when it comes to this stuff. Thanks for sharing. For comparing old and new files, or finding mistakes in the configs I edit I use 'Beyond Compare' and use the Text Compare option. That has saved many a config file for me. Also makes it easy to move your changes to a brand new config fairly easily.
  11. Could be an honest mistake. Happened to me once. I had transferred all my settings to a new config and then accidentally copied the wrong config into the pbo. But what you suggest probably happens more than it should. People trying to cut corners and breaking stuff.
  12. Ah, okay. I assumed it worked like another popular mission mod so I was only considering VEMF specific files. I'll poke around some more. Thanks.
  13. That would be great. Thanks!
  14. Right, so what I have now is it just says, "So-and-So was killed by AI". So instead I want it to say So-and-So was killed by Joe Schmo, or whatever name I want. Or am i not understanding this feature? I can't find where to edit the names, if even possible.