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  1. I hope it will be help you
  2. Awesome i allready startet tons of threads about it and finally its comming, love you +999
  3. Besitzt ihr ein Forum ?
  4. More building objects to make a bigger/beautiful base.
  5. Great idea, i allready opened 2 Threads about "more building objects" A second idea for objects, would be a camouflage fortress/web in army style for hiding bases etc +Rep (great idea)
  6. Hey guys, first of, your Mod is really nice but after a while it will be boring to build a base up or build something. Is it possible to implement new building objects, like a camouflage-web/ wood-brigde or stuff like that. I wish it would be possible. best regards Nobiz
  7. I wish me a Camouflage-Web/Fortress like as in Arma2 for Millitary pls
  8. Hey guys, this mod is awesome but after a while it is a boring job to build a base up. I wish some new building objects like a suspension bridge / normal bridge, camouflage-web/fortress or stuff like that. (Expensive pls :D) It would be awesome Best regards, Nick
  9. Hey guys, this Mod is awesome and its the best mode that I've ever played. But some wishes are still there. My most important desire, is to add some new buildingobjects to the mod, like a: bridge, suspension bridge, camouflage web/fortress or stuff like that. If would be awesome and maybe i can help you to find ideas or to create stuff like these objects. Best regards, Nick