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  1. my logo no longer shows on my vehicles or uniform
  2. I cannot connect to server, it is vanilla lan server and was fine with 1.03 but now i have put v1.04 on and i connect via steam as it is a lan connection and it goes through the loading screens as usual and then gets to a pic of a map and within a few seconds sends me back to steam where i connect i am running vanilla exile
  3. I cant connect to server, i get to a weird map screen and then it goes back to lobby where i start the game
  4. i dont run EBM i just wanted buyable furniture limited at that, i will keep my eye open incase someone makes a mod or an easy script
  5. i want to add the following to the Hardware Salesman at the traders "Land_Sofa_01_F", "Land_ArmChair_01_F", "Land_OfficeChair_01_F", "Land_ChairWood_F", "Land_Sun_chair_green_F", "Land_Sun_chair_F", "Land_TableSmall_01_F", "Land_TableDesk_F", "Land_TableBig_01_F", "OfficeTable_01_new_F", "Land_WoodenTable_large_F", "Land_Tablet_01_F", "Land_PicnicTable_01_F", "Land_FlatTV_01_F", "Land_WaterCooler_01_new_F", "Land_MedicalTent_01_white_IDAP_outer_F", "Land_MedicalTent_01_white_IDAP_open_F", "Land_TablePlastic_01_F", "Land_ChairPlastic_F", "Land_EntranceGate_01_narrow_F", I added them to class section like above after ziptie then i added the next lot after ziptie i added a comma after ziptie and ommited the comma after my last entry i then went on my server and went to the hardware guy and all the items were there and the test prices but no picture, i could purchase them and money would be deducted but when i looked in my inventory there was nothing.
  6. I put a watercooler in every garage on the Altis map, as for dirty water there is some by the building in the military compound which has the green huts and lookout post etc round back of terminal turn right past the barracks and just past the 2 tent hangars and your there.
  7. I went and opened the hatch and could not still get the option to climb, so i tried moving the ladder hatch and retrying but still the same problem
  8. i just went on and i can now climb ladder and open drawbridge etc.
  9. i cant as steam wont let me take a pic, will get wife to if she can later
  10. i have a 3 by 3 base and in the right hand corner i put a wooden floor port and then a metal ladder...... It works fine, you can go up and down the ladder. I then placed a concrete drawbridge in the square next to it (so top left corner has a wall then the drawbridge in the middle and then the wooden floor port with ladder) OK the drawbridge works fine and even with a lock The problem part is now i have added a drawbridge close to the ladder as explained above, you cannot go up or down the metal ladder, you can only go up or down if the drawbridge is taken away from the square next to it.... I have left it like that so any dev or server owner can go and see it. it is expendables uk sbs
  11. this has same problem as wooden hatch with ladder, you can raise and lower but you cannot climb up or down
  12. i reported this a week ago
  13. the same issue with the BDRM2
  14. The BDSM 2 has a permanent gun flare and when it gets near end of server and starts to get a little darker, it is hard to see where you are firing, this is in first person. The lada still has big black discs around the headlights. The hmmv is difficult to drive in first person when the sun is in front as the glare is intense. Vehicles and aircraft when purchasing you have to put code in as usual but you cant have the vehicle unless you click on another and then on the one you want.
  15. why not just place huron fuel pods at airports, thats what i have done along with repair pods and ammo pods.