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  1. @GG26R use method in the first quote of this message, it worked for me
  2. just been on to try and was bored with it, reminds me of H1Z1 etc which held my attention for about 1 hour. I enjoyed helping test the last 2 releases as i spent 2 weeks solid on the servers. I dont think i will be there this time as it just is not arma exile. I will tell you where i am as in the style of Dragons Den," i am out, i wont be investing".
  3. works now on vanilla exile with no message and i can get into game, thanks mate
  4. You'r launching @ExileServer as MOD not as Servermod. Goto TADST Tab MODS, remove @ExileServer.

    goto Tab Datails under Extra Parameter add: -servermod=@ExileServer

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    2. M6mal


      just tried going into the 'All Parameters' tab of the stock arma launcher and ticking the box for 'No Logs' and launching the game from there and i am on the server spawning in at pyrgos, so gonna try n put my files back on and see what gives, will let you know


    3. M6mal


      thanks mate, i have just put my files back on with all my mods etc and extra traders and i managed to get on

  5. all i did was delete the players accounts and nothing else my friend when i first had the problem. btw not received a message from you
  6. I cannot get on my server as i still cant get past where i have option to close, the message wont close and let me continue. I have installed as vanilla with no mods added and here is my report if someone can help. I updated my game and server as per the update with no alterations to my server as it was running fine before the update. Here is the original message again which i cannot close Original pic, ignore the squad pic as it is vanilla now with the exile logo. Here is the report from my server
  7. i never had the problem on altis, btw i have tried it in editor as i mentioned in my 2nd post, and no mods or scripts only my usual dms, a3xai which i also used on altis without carrier probs
  8. just tried the uss freedom in the editor on Malden and when i goto play the stealth is stuck with wheels in ground or it acts like a see saw going rocking back n forth
  9. i used to have USS Freedom on altis with no problems, i now have put it on Malden using the same procedure and the catapults work for landing/takeoff and the doors open on ops tower.... the problem i have is when i have landed on the carrier, the wheels of the stealth sink into the ground and i have to keep using flip to get em back.
  10. I DONT RUN ANY ZOMBIE RUBBISH i had it happen to me twice in a few minutes yesterday, i was driving along the road and hit something invisible and could hear crashing sounds, about 2 minutes later i was going at 109kph along the road further on and bang, same happened, i reversed and went forward a few times and bang. I then fired a few rounds from my strider hmg at where i thought it was and holes in road where i was aiming. I then limped a hundred yards or so with vehicle to do a repair. Never had it ever happen, i am running A3XAI, DMS and DMS Ocuppation as i always have done and all are up to date and i do not and never have run any zombie rubbish
  11. that was on test server, my rented server is fine with it
  12. realised i opened initLocal.sqf instead and have changed them back to default i have changed CfgServerInfoMenu.hpp to no but still get 2 derverinfomenu options on scroll wheel
  13. how can i stop the menu coming up when people join the game as folk complain, i still want to keep it on the scroll wheel though i tried putting no on line 13 of initlocal.sqf and it didnt display on start but, the scroll wheel shows serverinfomenu twice.. i even tried putting no on line 17 where it says yes and still 2 serverinfomenu on scroll wheel
  14. ExileServer_system_event_supplyBox_start.sqf
  15. working fine on my test server, i have made 13 missions for town occupation and i power plant occupation plus 2 military base ones by just placing a crate after taking coordinates from editor and i have 4 on the go and working fine.