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  1. Blackfish has no VTOL arma 3 v1.70 with exile v1.02
  2. i used the m3editor as per usual when adding things to my server, i put them into initserver.sqf as i did the code for uss freedom private _objects = [ ["Land_Carrier_01_base_F",[13391,14249.6,0.00021553],[[0.85785,0.513901,0],[0,0,1]],[true,false]] ]; { private _object = (_x select 0) createVehicle [0,0,0]; _object setPosASL (_x select 1); _object setVectorDirAndUp (_x select 2); _object enableSimulationGlobal ((_x select 3) select 0); _object allowDamage ((_x select 3) select 1); } forEach _objects; this was copied and pasted as usual, when i restarted server after packing pbo as usual, no uss freedom to be seen
  3. i been going up n down that ladder for days and today it plays up, yeah i am sure they will fix it
  4. Just been on test server and now for some reason there is no option to climb a ladder, also the drawbridges and doors are opening and locking n unlocking fine, apart from the ladder problem i tried to move a wall and it would not allow me to. I was able to remove it with success but not put it up. i have not used mt territory quota of parts, so that is not the problem.... i even logged off and restarted the game and still cannot climb ladders or build, but only remove parts.... I actually did a video and it happened near the end of this video, so if a DEV sees this try about 5 mins from end to see problem, i even rebooted PC etc and went on and still the same, plus my base is Level 7 and i have used 200 of the permitted 210 units.
  5. It would be a good idea to see who owns a vehicle, for example a vehicle could be in your territory and you think to yourself, well that is not mine but whose is it, then you think is it a friend who put it there because he had to log out quick or is it a foe.... So it would be nice to walk up to it and it says identify vehicle just like the identify body feature and that would solve the problem.
  6. My problem is i hovered over an ambulance to pick it up with the taru transport. I pressed CTRL B for slingloading as usual and i got no indication of a vehicle underneath, i even tried at 1m above it and nothing, no hook option and the crosshair did not go green or show there was a vehicle beneath me....... i even got out n got in the ambulance and tried again, the ambulance was spawned at salt lakes... Problem 2 I decided to take the ambulance above and noticed no wheels on it. i tried to move it and success, it actually drove as if it had wheels at 119kph or more. As i use first person, there is still the glass problem whereby the windscreen changes position as reported in the last release last year and now the steering wheel disappears and appears and jumps up etc while driving.
  7. i turned on my territory radius markers and they show, but now when i try to hide radius markers, they are still there, they were OK earlier this week
  8. found an interesting thing out, wife was chopping trees and she left the wood for me to collect and when i arrived it would not let either one of us pick up, we TAKE ALL ABORTED ANOTHER PLAYER NEARBY but the player was on my side, i created a party and added my wife and still got same message. The only way around this was if one of us got in their vehicle or even drove off
  9. the server has restarted since about 30 mins ago or so
  10. yes i went n looked at that instance to see if you left anything..... it then came up again 5 mins later or so and i went n safe was open and code wouldnt close it, prob you glitched it
  11. abandoned safe doesnt work, i just went there on test server n nothing in it
  12. why don't the devs add supply drops crammed with money and materials if they cant help us with tabs. or even add dms loot crates aswell crammed with stuff. I am starting to get bored with this and my wife and are going to give it while tommorow night to see if there is any change, if not regrettably we will stop testing....
  13. thank you for the reply, much appreciated and yes Eichi has been very helpful to my wife and i and also when we pointed out a problem in arma 3 chat, he came to us in his heli to assess the problem, he found a fix and restarted the server, i have a lot of respect for this guy and also yourself for taking the time to reply and explain the situation on this thread,
  14. I have spent 3 days and quite a few hours on here testing... i noticed a lot of folk on there the first day but i think they must feel as i do because only about 5 folk have been on today... I am still franticly chopping trees to get wood to build my base and am trying to collect vehicles to sell to make money. i lost my blackfish yesterday with a strider in the back due to a bad landing on my part and ever since it has been a struggle. I wanted to test the blackfish to see how it copes at my base (cant afford one now) I also wanted to test other vehicles on my wooden floor of my base (cant afford them now) i wanted to test more building but i am still chopping trees and it will take ages to make concrete and other items, i think this is why folk have dwindled as WE want to help you test, but how can we do this if you are not going to provide the tools. Last year i helped test as did my wife also and it was enjoyable because we WERE given the tools to speed things up... Eichi deserves praise for this as he kept spawning urals full of loot and they were chocabloc full with everything to build effectively and also sellable items such as territory upgrades etc, and the testing was enjoyed and i spent all my time on there... But unfortunatley this time is just too much as the enthusiasm just is not there and i am afraid that like others, i will conceed defeat and give up. This i want you to know is not down to me as i cannot do the job without the tools. Give us the tools and we can deliver and i am sure others will agree. With the tools things will move faster and obviously the release date could be nearer. Please dont take this the wrong way, what i have aforementioned but it is my opinion... apart from that the devs are doing a brilliant job. Rant over...... PS if a moderator decides to put his jobsworth hat on and say this is in wrong department ( it does say constructive criticism by the way) then could the said moderator kindly move it for me to the right place as i feel i am not the only one who feels this way, thankyou and respect
  15. I have just put a drawbridge acroos a gap. i can open it so i can get across the gap...... but i cant close it when i am the other side so the drawbridge remains down untill i go back over it to shut it. when i am the opposite site with it down no icon or close function is there. i thought the object was spanning a gap to a base then closing it once the other side is reached thus leaving a gap. then when you want to access it from the side you have crossed you could bring it down from where you are and cross back over. as pic.... i can open and close from here now when i cross the gap as in pic.... i cannot close it