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  1. I DONT RUN ANY ZOMBIE RUBBISH i had it happen to me twice in a few minutes yesterday, i was driving along the road and hit something invisible and could hear crashing sounds, about 2 minutes later i was going at 109kph along the road further on and bang, same happened, i reversed and went forward a few times and bang. I then fired a few rounds from my strider hmg at where i thought it was and holes in road where i was aiming. I then limped a hundred yards or so with vehicle to do a repair. Never had it ever happen, i am running A3XAI, DMS and DMS Ocuppation as i always have done and all are up to date and i do not and never have run any zombie rubbish
  2. that was on test server, my rented server is fine with it
  3. realised i opened initLocal.sqf instead and have changed them back to default i have changed CfgServerInfoMenu.hpp to no but still get 2 derverinfomenu options on scroll wheel
  4. how can i stop the menu coming up when people join the game as folk complain, i still want to keep it on the scroll wheel though i tried putting no on line 13 of initlocal.sqf and it didnt display on start but, the scroll wheel shows serverinfomenu twice.. i even tried putting no on line 17 where it says yes and still 2 serverinfomenu on scroll wheel
  5. ExileServer_system_event_supplyBox_start.sqf
  6. working fine on my test server, i have made 13 missions for town occupation and i power plant occupation plus 2 military base ones by just placing a crate after taking coordinates from editor and i have 4 on the go and working fine.
  7. i am using malden and the supplybox only drops on the top left island airport, i have a trader at top of airport on mainland and thats why it does not drop there, is there any way i can override this so i get a drop incoming
  8. thanks
  9. has anyone got a map config for Malden please and anything else i may need to do
  10. a lot of buildings do not spawn and you have a double skinned barracks at the airport opposite barracks entrance, you open door then you see another door
  11. ["Land_AirstripPlatform_01_F" ["Land_ConcreteWall_02_m_8m_F" i use these and strretlamps
  12. how would one do this please, can you give details
  13. i had the same problem, could not build on enemy territory, i upgraded territory to level2 and it then works
  14. i thought maybe doing 3 spawncarrier.sqf files each with one set of different coords in and calling them 3 times in init.sqf might treat them as 3 seperate carriers, was worth a try
  15. no idea but maybe maybe have a spawnCarrier.sqf for the first carrier, a spawnCarrier1.sqf for the second carrier and spawnCarrier2.sqf for the third. then use init.sqf [] execVM "spawnCarrier.sqf"; [] execVM "spawnCarrier.sqf1"; [] execVM "spawnCarrier.sqf2"; you could try it n see