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  1. Same, look this Thread here https://forum.infistar.de/index.php/Thread/916-Advanced-Towing-broken-in-v88/?postID=3126#post3126
  2. Frohe Weihnachten, lebt grün
  3. mhhh thats not the best way
  4. ^^ do you fix that problem? and how?
  5. Nope, i set the server a password and wait for 1.0.4 Exile, and try it again...thats a fresh install server ^^
  6. i found the same error in my rpt, you are not alone ( BEServer::finishDestroyPlayer )^^
  7. i know, i use infiSTAR maybe 3-4 year (good old time Arma 2 DayZ) but thats normal on true...maybe i wait for the Exile Update, and try it again..btw thanks for help and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  8. @red_ned im not alone he have the same problem, thats not all mission but thats sucks
  9. Hab ich mir auch schon die ganze Zeit gedacht wo ich seine Beiträge, wollte es aber nie schreiben.^^
  10. okay, thanks for the Info Torndeco^^
  11. i think not, someone has a linux and managed a 64 bit server?
  12. @Meikel184 Allgemeine frage, schreibst du mit Absicht so? Oder hast du Lese und Rechtschreibschwäche?
  13. thats not the Problem, the server is running fine with extDB3 so but i need more for 64 bit or only extDB3 ?
  14. Wow...that comment^^ here my startline ./%binary% -ip=%ip% -port=%port% -config=cfg/config.cfg -cfg=cfg/basic.cfg -mod="@exile;@chernarusredux;@ryanzombies;@cba_a3;@cup_terrains_core;@cup_vehicles;@cup_weapons;@cup_units;@ds_houses;@advancedurbanrappelling;@jsrs_soundmod;@cloud;@tryk" -servermod="@exileserver;@extdb3" -autoinit i use a Gameserver Panel for my Server... (https://easy-wi.com/) but how i can launch that in 64 bit^^