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  1. what sorted ? ..
  2. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  3. Not Bohemia...
  4. Yes, they will do. Just not logged in changelog..
  5. Slingload fixed. The rest - cant reproduce.
  6. пробел и ;
  7. only 1 textures of pedobus.. .ok.. pf.
  8. возможно эта анимация hubsittingchaira_idle1.rtm используется где то в технике используемой . exile_roulettesitting01 - это уже совершенно другая функция.
  9. Yeah. That will be part of next patches for veh.
  10. Since "mv" was anounced in apex, it was decided to abandon mv22. I can push it in standalone mode, if somebody need.
  11. Some epic shit for future. . ) or not. )
  12. fixed.
  13. ahh..... that shit started from 1.54 or 1.56 patch... need just repack pbo... bis.... .. .