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  1. sand storm and rain = mud storm.. then create mud people to wander the land .. eating mud pies
  2. @GamersRoost sparkles and kittens.. RFLOL .. I just spit my beer all over the keyboard
  3. the server you played on, has yet to upgrade to 1.03, it just was released a few hrs ago .. be patient relax.. it will take server owners time to upgrade.. most of us have lives outside of the game.. many owners don't even yet know 1.03 has been released !
  4. This is just a link to a video @GamersRoost made.. I don't know how I missed this info in the past .. but thank you @GamersRoost .. for the video .. This video is a walk through on easy ways to edit arrays .. like Cups, RHS etc .. anything you have a large list of but really don't want to sit and put brackets around all day .. ie .. cup_truck_bigbadmf .. you want 20 of these like this "cup_truck_bigbadmf", here is how to do it and save what could be hrs .. don't in seconds or minutes See this vidja from gamersroost ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQpEnPGZGR0
  5. might try asking in infistar forum .. but you can't take exad apps out of exad .. not without their permission ,, search google for ( xm8 apps exile ) lots of content for xm8
  6. well u are about to have to start over anyway .. soon exile 1.03 will release
  7. Your DMS is hosed .. the rpt says what line is buggered .. but it could be a few lines above or below .. if you modified the base dms .. you left out a " or a ' or , or left in somewhere.. or left one in that should be out .. best thing ... is to change whatever files you edited back to default .. test .. is dms running without errors in the RPT ? no one ever said it was easy .. steep learning curve .. and you're better off to wait for exile 1.03 to release .. as you will have to start over again
  8. @GamersRoost no link for vidja brother and with 1.03 about to drop . might wana think about doing for 1.03
  9. Well .. the first thing is to take out everything u added .. once the server is running correct . and you can build .. then add other stuff.. did you setup your database ? is it running > ? if you can't build .. something is way wrong like no database ... is this on a hosted server .. or a box in your house ? Here is a video to watch if you are building one at your house on your own computer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnMcgMnqRTg But if I was u I would wait until exile 1.03 is released - because you will soon have to do this all over again.. and stop bakin the 420 .. it will help alot
  10. Never mind found a better way to do this ..
  11. some sort of radioactive beastie .. some scary shit .. spawns in and near say within 1000 meters of rad zones
  12. .
  13. Which is exactly why I waited for 1.03 to add other stuff to loot tables on my current server
  14. Yea .. we are merging with larger parent company .. IT right now is a cluster f*cK .. Im so sick of users asking where their data base is.. I dont knw why dont u ask india lol