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  1. @red_ned Im working on the Breaking Point Weapons Mod trader files - should have that to you in a couple days.. or less
  2. Well I never knew those existed till you told me .. learn something new every day , will have to check them out
  3. Have you ever wanted to export class names in few mins ?? Today I found the best little utility I have ever came across .. its from http://m8software.com program called Spartan Lite .. it allows you to go into editor .. change the guns etc .on the character , click export .. and while the utility is running you hear "dong" everytime you right click copy ..or click the export button.. they have a free lite version that does 25 clips at a time .. and a 19.99 uk pounds version has 500 clips it holds .. then when you're all done .. open notepad ++ click on each line and it pastes it into notepad for you .. just fakin amzing lil utility .. save yourself countless hours.
  4. good video on loot table compiler - EXCEPT is for the OLD loot tables .. you have to use LootItemGroups.h instead loot table as he show in the video .. other than that its the same steps ... you can add new weapons ,clothing etc .. or adjust the spawn rates on all or some .. the numbers are 1, 2, 3 etc on the left of the LootItemGroups.h file are your percentages of loot to spawn .. you can play with the numbers .. just be careful you don't get too crazy or you will have loot vomit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKlrSTfwqTE
  5. OK .. RESOLVED.. player didn't look and scroll.. expected to auto refuel ..as well as myself .. my bad for posting..but thank you
  6. Ok I have a weird one .. I installed rearm .. it works fine to rearm .. never tried gas .. player complains cant refuel .. I check it .. empty out a truck .. and yes no fuel given.. I check the pump tried scroll.. it says the pumps are locked .. cant even unlock with infistar .. I assume thats why it wont give fuel ?? I just installed extended base mod .. wondering if EBM has something to do with it ??
  7. So @red_ned for bandit missions , not static or traders .. I just use the code from the editor no 180 degress stuff needed then ..correct ?
  8. How Do you 180 face the objects ??? Clarity for the noobs please I see in the file it says _object setDir ( _x select 2) ; but in the mission objects .. only the objects are listed no other code ["Jbad_Mil_Barracks",[14.6995,-14.0308,0],180], I see the 180 .. assuming that is it but in another line of another object there is no 180 ["Land_MedicalTent_01_MTP_closed_F",[-6.13867,1.92139,0],0],
  9. Open up your mission folder find initPlayerLocal.sqf Copy and Paste this code into very top of it , save repack the mission.pbo that is it ur done.. simple //Player Nametags addMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D", {1600 call ExileClient_gui_safezone_safeESP}];
  10. yea its a big steel covered semi truck .. price whatever you want . I have 40000 on mine
  11. Does this only give you zombie at crashes ? no zombie elsewhere .. just crashes ? Would I need to install this ( ExileZ Mod by [FPS]kuplion - Based on ExileZ 2.0 by Patrix87 ) as well ? or is this a addon for your ExileZ ? Ive never had a zed server .. kicking the tires on the idea of adding zed
  12. Fox_Truck missing from Fox Vehicles
  13. It was in there prior to todays update smarty pants
  14. Why did you take out FFAA ?
  15. Is it Possible to add a face ware category, to the ai load-outs, I want them to wear , google, sun glasses, or a gas mask ( no not exile gas mask ) .. from another mod.