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  1. Depends on where you put your trader building parts, so did you add some to initServer.sqf or you may have doubles
  2. to be honest why should we translate this in the english forums, as there are forums with the languages you can add questions too for help
  3. Thanks mate for the reply
  4. Hey guys i want my message here {-1, -1, 55, 0.6, "safeZoneX", "0.5", "#2784D6", "OrbitronLight", "Welcome To Our Server<br/>Please Read The Rules So You Understand In What Not To Do"}, To be in the centre of your screen but not sure what needs to be changed
  5. did you try removing have alook in next spoiler so it would look like this
  6. why dont you add it to a spoiler or pastebin also when adding vehicles in, the script dont like it, so how about keeping it as default then add a few at a time, not a shitload in what you done
  7. the best thing is just get players to spawn on the ground otherwise people would get pissed and leave the game
  8. bit hard to help you when messages are so far apart
  9. You said you played plenty of arma 3 Exile and decided to create a server, which is good sometimes. So how about searching the forums before you decide in building a server so you get the know how in what to do, remember you played exile from the start, so searching should be easy for you. Also google is your friend he/shes with you all the time and you can always ask him/her. Goodluck
  10. i dont think its ebm and i see with the mods installed you dont need cba to run the other mods from what you posted
  11. also is it a battleye kick you getting
  12. tow

    show us what you added to your config.sqf of R3F
  13. what do you mean in the auto adjusting barrel as i use rhs on my server and i can test what your saying
  14. have they got a test server running if so whats the ip or name
  15. might be because when halo its to high, is this due to spawning if so lower the halo spawning /** * Parachute drop height in meters. */ parachuteDropHeight = 1000; you will find this inside the exile_server_config under config.cpp so lower it to around 500 meters