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  1. we never had this issue before its only just happened today
  2. well the script.txt is not this big with 69 lines so where did you get this from back when it was 1.52
  3. are your mods for this server up to date also the server you maybe trying to join havnt updated to 1.0.3 or the server is having issues
  4. more info from what you are asking
  5. come on my server you would be crying as ai dont give a f..k what vehicle you are driving they will shoot at it
  6. Has anyone had issue where if you break the sound barrier the server kicks you
  7. bob where did you get this log from
  8. you used a cheat tool for a single player thats low so whats to say you will use a cheat on mp. its your words againts ours
  9. you need to be in the vehicle looking at it for it to work
  10. ty man, does it have to to 2048x2048 Or can it be 1920x1080
  11. Just a quick question what size is the background picture so i can add one
  12. so how would one get this to work for base spawn as this is so nice ingame, just missing base spawn
  13. where did you get the log from
  14. !=";\ncba_common_lastTickTime = diag_tickTime;\n\n \ncba_common_waitAndExecArray = [];\ncba_common_waitAndExecArrayIsSorted = false;\ncba_c" add that to the end of line 42 make sure there is a space between the last script to this one
  15. like i said in my previous post its easy to get a fresh log so we can go though it step by step