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  1. I run a malden pve with 4 dms running at anyone time 5 dms on server restart . occupation i run 7 vehicles and 7 helis, with roaming ai this kicks in when the server is less the threshold of ai al in all i still get around 48 to 50 fps on server side including the amount of players and bases
  2. try this !="xile_client");\n\n\n \n\nif (!_exile) then \n\n{ \n\n["BABE_MAINLOOP", "onEachFrame", babe_core_fnc_handleEHs] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHan"
  3. thanks man and i also had sent you a private message
  4. malden_config.sqf DMS_MinDistFromWestBorder = 500; DMS_MinDistFromEastBorder = 500; DMS_MinDistFromSouthBorder = 500; DMS_MinDistFromNorthBorder = 500; DMS_MinSurfaceNormal = 0.8; DMS_PlayerNearBlacklist = 500; DMS_SpawnZoneNearBlacklist = 1500; DMS_TraderZoneNearBlacklist = 1500; DMS_MissionNearBlacklist = 2500; DMS_WaterNearBlacklist = 100;
  5. maybe you might be calling the script wrong
  6. !="#line 1 "mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Tanoa\init.sqf"\n \nexecVM "addons\intro\intro.sqf";execVM "addons\Helis\helicopters.sqf";[] exec" try this
  7. inside your startup/commandline you need to add the mods like @Exile;@Bornholme and so on
  8. you need the .dll's so place them and you will be good to go
  9. a3_infiSTAR_Exile.pbo goes into your @ExileServer addons folder make sure that infiSTAR_AdminMenu.hpp and CfgRemoteExec.hpp are placed into your mission folder and #include "CfgRemoteExec.hpp" and #include "infiSTAR_AdminMenu.hpp" are inside your description.ext. Also make sure that the .dll's are placed inside the servers arma3 root folder Installing infistar is quiet easy if you havnt done it before, also its easier to copy/paste from old version to new but needs tweeking for admin rights and so on Goodluck
  10. have you added the ,dll's to the root of the arma 3 floder, also make sure the correct info should be in the area where it should be
  11. Inside the Exile_AH.sqf where would you find the area that when you right a message then click mass message the message only stays up for a very short time as i want to adjust this time for longer, also can you adjust the colour from grey/white to like what colour you like.
  12. i also had this issue with my namalsk server, it wouldnt let me join as version was wrong so i changed map to malden
  13. found the issue with the lights, it was the exilez_mod LightsOff = false; // Kill all the light on map except the player lights. this was set to true, and it was just by chance i seen it in the rpt
  14. mmmm interesting , though the editor did you do anything diffrent or is there a script of some sort out there
  15. they are, its standard now in the 3den editor and the light were working 2 days ago