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  1. a3xai may have this feature
  2. just a question, inside you exil_server_config\config.cpp have you enabled the cba since you are using it /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Community Base Addons /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class CBA { // Set this to 1 if you want to have CBA support useStackedEH = 1;
  3. i havnt use napf for ages so it would be out dated also
  4. just add you own to it
  5. you can create your own mission.pbo by changing the name and remake your traders to your liking
  6. !="- [objNull];};}] call CBA_fnc_compileFinal;\n\naddMissionEventHandler ["Loaded", {private _tickTime = diag_tickTime;\n{_x set" !="- [objNull];\n};\n}] call CBA_fnc_compileFinal;\n\n\naddMissionEventHandler ["Loaded", {\nprivate _tickTime = diag_tickTime;\n\n{\n_x set" try either one of theses, it needs to be added to the end of line 2 p.s make sure there is a space between " and the beginning of !
  7. should still work
  8. thats cool man well done ned, as i use fox vehicles i dont believe Fox_Fireengine is part of fox as its not coming up for me in infistar
  9. so what are you asking
  10. what error are you getting
  11. a3_exile_occupation should beable to do this with SC_occupyVehicleFixedPositions
  12. setMarkerSize [500,500]; is only the radius of a circle setMarkerSize [250,500]; is more oval like so the larger the value the bigger the radius and so on, but for a question earlier these are random spawns so you wont beable to have them in set areas
  13. they go to random areas, nothing is selected
  14. i wouldnt reccomend using the nuke truck as its crashed my servers but then again we did spam the shit out of it
  15. Never noticed either