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  1. what map are you running as i know some maps work with certain vics to others like the huey armed thats broken
  2. the reason for not adding the other vehicles yet as they are so glitchy well some are and we running altis, so this is why i didnt add them to my server or released the class names
  3. to me sounds like you havnt installed it correctly as you should be getting the toast resistance messages up the top left hand corner
  4. so you get the message come up with if you gained resistance
  5. yes but by then i redone the damage
  6. what did you set the damage to like this is mine ns_blow_damage_unprotected = 0.45; //damage taken when outside unprotected ns_blow_damage_invehicle = 0.35; //damage taken when in vehicle ns_blow_damage_inbuilding = 0.30; // damage taken when inside take note the more time people survive the evr they gain resistance
  7. glad you got it working man
  8. just make sure you have installed the correct mods to join any exile server
  9. are you using a3 launcher or arma3 launcher and have you got the mods for the server like @Exile without that you wont be going on any server
  10. is this happening on any server when jou join or just 1
  11. Its easy to make one yourself so you can have it as custom as you like. All info are on the forums on how to make a mission file
  12. here is also from the update for anyone these are the rocketlaunchers and rockets Here are the Arsenal and Trader Categories from 1.82 update Arsenal Change the respect and price to you liking Trader Categories or you can merge these with the other rocket launchers and rockets CfgTraders change add what you like to the CfgTraders Enjoy guys
  13. or you have worked it out
  14. sent you a pm
  15. dont spoil my moment lol