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  1. dont you just love when someone says Delete My Account, delete what account meaning xm8, exile, or porn subscription need to state
  2. you need to go to the epoch forums as this is exile forums
  3. even better do barrel rolls while lifting so much fun
  4. so did you try the one i gave you or you can try this !=" };};diag_log format["End of Exile RG Client Init :: Total Execution Time %1 seconds ",(diag_tickTime) - _timeStamp];"
  5. all this isi saying the weapons will be duped so cancel those out from the traders like this //
  6. lol all good man in future if you add rpt's put them in the spoiler but if thats to big use pastebin and add the link
  7. have you tried !=" \n};\n};\ndiag_log format["End of Exile RG Client Init :: Total Execution Time %1 seconds ",(diag_tickTime) - _timeStamp];\n"
  8. when you put up something like this you always put the rpt logs here so we can look at what maybe the issue so we can give you a answer straight away
  9. i speak english
  10. show us your server_config but use paste bin
  11. what mods are you using also is this happening too all people or just some in general
  12. just cancel them out like this //class arifle_SPAR_02_blk_F { quality = 1; price = 400; }; //class arifle_SPAR_02_khk_F { quality = 1; price = 400; }; //class arifle_SPAR_02_snd_F { quality = 1; price = 400; }; and this //"arifle_SPAR_02_blk_F", //"arifle_SPAR_02_khk_F", //"arifle_SPAR_02_snd_F", solves your issue
  13. you need to remove "ryanzombiesfunctions", from your mission.sqm if you have added before the rpt
  14. i use cup core and maps for my cherno with no issues
  15. so its the modded servers that you are having issues with, so make sure your mods are up to date if a server that you want to play in hasnt updated there mod you will get kicked and so on