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      Our new XM8 Discord Bot will send you notifications about events happening in-game, even if you are not online!  Read about it on the Devblog:  
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      Server Files Updated   09/16/17

      Published new server files today. No client update needed. There is no need to update your server files if you do not have any issues with your current setup. This fixes an issue where loot customization would not work. Also, some simulation issues were addressed. Nothing major in this mini patch.   http://www.exilemod.com/downloads/
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  1. it shall help someone but to use the spoiler you will see a little eye click that and add it inside that
  2. make it as a spoiler, so it dont take up the whole page
  3. have you got a knife
  4. i sent a file on page 4
  5. http://www.filedropper.com/exilealtis_1 try this
  6. try this mission.sqm
  7. i had forgot to add them
  8. use this one with ryan zombies
  9. your mission.sqm new mission.sqm
  10. when i ask for something like your mission.sqm give me everything not bits and pieces
  11. well your mission.sqm isnt complete can you upload you exile.altis to a uploader like dropbox or fileuploader
  12. is this your complete mission.sqm
  13. now send your mission.sqm
  14. well i need the server rpt
  15. we cant help you, untill you help us with all the info thats needed and if you dont know where things are, you will be waiting for some time