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  1. is this on the same server? If yes, just find another server that works...
  2. Happening to everyone. Just use the vanilla arma 3 launcher while it gets fixed
  3. Have a look in this log like it tells you here and pastebin that - Please have a look at @ExileServer/extDB/logs/ to find out what went wrong."
  4. There are no legit copies of exile mod on the steam Workshop. Only a3launcher.com or exilemod.com/downloads
  5. You either use AVS on it's own or this script with Bones's rearm script. This script allows ammo saving to the database for other vehicle rearm scripts. But, AVS already includes ammo saving to the database. So, you shouldn't use this script with AVS.
  6. this isn't AVS... AVS is a different addon for rearming and saving ammo to the database... ?
  7. strange as I just tested without the fix and the fortification kit was removed just fine after upgrading....just saying..
  8. @Bones51 this works perfectly now since your last updates on your git. We run it live on 3 servers with no issues reported. I have closed my issues on the git. Thanks again for a superb script!
  9. As has been said before, for people using extDB3 just remove these lines below from the 2 new blocks that will merge into the exile.ini Number Of Inputs = so, it looks like this: [getVehicleAmmo] SQL1_1 = SELECT ammo FROM vehicle WHERE id = ? SQL1_INPUTS = 1 OUTPUT = 1 [setVehicleAmmo] SQL1_1= UPDATE vehicle SET ammo = ? WHERE id = ? SQL1_INPUTS = 1,2
  10. @kuplion Do you think this thread should be closed and a note added to steer everyone to your updated version?
  11. @Tradewell20 & @Bob_the_K Thanks to both of you for sharing that. I'll make sure to do the same in future..
  12. Eh? That doesn't make sense... So how did you 'tell it' what mods you added......? When you add new mods to your server, it can take a little while and a restart of a3launcher before a3launcher reflects the correct mods. But, that is done automatically by a3launcher.
  13. @Bones51 I've updated your git with one new issue and closed my previous issues. I am only getting one of the rpt errors posted above by @dima054 and I'm also running extDB3. I'm not convinced this final error is extDB3 related as it's telling us it's just an undefined variable. 8:00:48 Error in expression <ject setVehicleAmmoDef 0; if (typeName _savedMagazines isEqualTo "ARRAY") then > 8:00:48 Error position: <_savedMagazines isEqualTo "ARRAY") then > 8:00:48 Error Undefined variable in expression: _savedmagazines 8:00:48 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_object_vehicle_database_load.sqf, line 112 However, the good news is that apart from this final rpt error above and with the proposed change to the init call (the other open issue on the git) this seems to be working as expected. Thanks
  14. Sorry, me again. Just opened up another issue about an undefined variable in server object vehicle db load. EDIT: Found a few more errors. Have added them as comments to the new issue on your git.