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  1. @red_nedGreat to see you still hammering away at these missions and we've used many of your updated versions.... so, thanks for that. You may want to look at how ZCP manages it. In Zupas Capture Point mission system, you can set the completion to parachute the crate in and it lands on the ground just fine. Same for vehicle rewards parachuting in as well. The git link is below: https://github.com/DevZupa/ZCP-A3-Exile Hope this helps
  2. "ExileMoney"
  3. apart from what I posted earlier, the other two blocks for: class CfgExileArsenal and class CfgTraderCategories you should just have this as well: class CfgTraders { #include "TRADERS\CfgTraders.hpp" }; Head back to easy trader instructions and read again. You should see what it means...
  4. delete this: }; }; on line 1606 You still need to delete all the stuff in: class CfgTraders as it's handled in the new includes and files in the traders folder You also still need to delete all the stuff that starts here: { class Community { same thing...handled in the traders folder To be honest, you may want to read through easy trader set up again and start over. It tells you to delete all this stuff. You're just deleting the titles of each block and not the actual stuff inside each block
  5. your lists are obviously longer but, should follow the same format. You shouldn't have any price rows left in the main config.cpp as they are handled in the TRADERS folders
  6. so, here's an example from my files: class CfgExileArsenal { #include "TRADERS\CUPV\ItemListCUPV.hpp" #include "TRADERS\CUSTOM\ItemListCUSTOM.hpp" #include "TRADERS\Exile\ItemListExile.hpp" #include "TRADERS\NIA\ItemListNIA.hpp" #include "TRADERS\TRYK\ItemListTRYK.hpp" }; and: class CfgTraderCategories { #include "TRADERS\CUPV\TraderCategoriesCUPV.hpp" #include "TRADERS\CUSTOM\TraderCategoriesCUSTOM.hpp" #include "TRADERS\Exile\TraderCategoriesExile.hpp" #include "TRADERS\NIA\TraderCategoriesNIA.hpp" #include "TRADERS\TRYK\TraderCategoriesTRYK.hpp" };
  7. ok, i see what you've done there now. You're using easy trader... When you include the arsenal in the other lists to your traders folder in the mission folder, you need to delete the old default arsenal. So, delete everything from: { class Exile_Uniform_BambiOverall ...... to ..... class Exile_Item_FlagStolen10 { quality = 1; price = 50000; sellPrice = 50000; }; }; So your new class CfgExileArsenal should look like it is in your post above but without all the class name and prices under it
  8. It's not though. It's missing the start which says something like cfg_trader_arsenal or some stuff. And is probably that part that's causing probs. I'm on phone now so will take a look later when back at my pc. Can you paste the whole config.cpp in pastebin in the meantime.
  9. For your traders, to check for errors would need to see the whole code block
  10. Ignore it
  11. Fix the error first and see if that helps 18:20:37 Error Missing [ 18:20:37 File x\addons\DMS\missions\bandit\paul_shootingRange.sqf, line 54
  12. Search for the error where the item Exile_Uniform_BambiOverall is.
  13. The error is legit and we are aware of it. It's on the OP and will be fixed in the next version 1.0.4. The problem you're specifically having was my workaround suggestion with alt+tab. My guess is that something else is kicking you which is unrelated to this issue. Maybe hop on the exile Discord with your server.rpt and we can work it out from there...
  14. Try alt+tab to your desktop and back to the game when this happens. See if it clicks away then
  15. @Sna[KE] If you're still having problems, can you paste your allowedIDD's in a code block here so, we can check it