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  1. looks like you've joined the server without that mod running locally on your client? ...maybe..?
  2. Take them out until arma get their sh*t together... Only solution I've found as I believe this can only fixed by arma in the core engine.
  3. Both me and @kuplionhave left it in. No problems.
  4. sorry for late reply. no my question was back in your config.cpp.... make sure you have a case for the map you are using and that you have class Radiation { // 1 = enabled, 0 = disabled enable = 1; set like that for the map you are using. For instance, here's mine for Malden: class Malden: Altis { class FireFlies: FireFlies { enable = 1; }; class Anomalies: Anomalies { enable = 0; }; class Breathing: Breathing { enable = 0; }; class Snow: Snow { enable = 0; }; class Radiation: Radiation { enable = 1; }; class Temperature: Temperature { daytimeTemperature[] = {15.93,16.89,18.42,20.40,22.68,25.10,27.48,29.63,31.40,32.66,33.32,33.80,33.80,33.32,32.66,31.40,29.63,27.48,25.10,22.68,20.40,18.42,16.89,15.93,15.93}; }; };
  5. those should work. make sure to keep tabs of the total number of items at the top and increase/decrease the number as necessary and taking into account that the first item is Item0. Also is that class Radiation the correct one for whichever map you're using. The next time up from the code block you posted should tell you the case.
  6. Use the enable switch in that file as you have already done but, the coords and size of the zone moved to mission.sqm a few versions back. Look in your mission.sqm and use the existing, working zone as a template to add another zone.
  7. depends on the server settings. Is it your server? for instance on my servers, I have the function turned off in exad view distance app and force the terrain settings using initplayerlocal
  8. It's not in the 103, 103b or, 103f server files. Just appears in the NoDynamicSimEdits version of that file..... The extDB3 folder with simulation edits has this in it's place: _constructionObject enableDynamicSimulation true;
  9. Also, should this line be added to the file 'ExileServer_object_construction_database_insert.sqf' in the NoDynamicSimEdits version? _constructionObject call ExileServer_system_simulationMonitor_addVehicle;
  10. Cheers @kuplion Thought so bud. Took it out anyway. To be honest, if you do a merge, only about half the files need to be there from what I can see. Still in test atm though so, will wait and see if any explosions
  11. Should this block still be in the NoDynamicSimEdits version of ExileServer_object_player_database_load? if((canTriggerDynamicSimulation _player) isEqualTo false) then { _player triggerDynamicSimulation true; };
  12. +1 Works fine for me as well since the change
  13. And read the xxxxxxx wiki for games you play before blasting away... Lol
  14. Did you pay your protection fee?
  15. Don't worry, this is just where the server admin has messed up that particular script. The error is server side and you can't do anything to fix it other than find a new server. They have to fix it. Sounds like they more errors to fix as well if you are having to click off some other error alerts. There are plenty of exile servers out there which won't have any errors on login.