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  1. Wasn't this fixed in the 1.0.3 update anyway?
  2. Yes, the community modded those things in because Arma 3 is a very general platform, as I said above.
  3. The thinking "mod Exile into Game X because Game X is really popular right now" isn't really viable. PUBG is a round-based last man standing arena shooter, not a survival game. A survival game involves scavenging basic supplies (food, water, etc.) that you need in order to survive. The environment itself (and not only other players) poses a threat to the player. A survival game usually is slower-paced than most FPS games. They can involve long stretches of scavenging for supplies when not a lot of exciting action happens. PVP may not even be necessary in a survival game. Last man standing arena shooters have become popular recently because they distill many survival game elements into a streamlined package. Yes, you loot for weapons and gear. Yes, you encounter other players and attempt to kill each other. But those elements are focused on in a different way than in survival games. The environment itself isn't really a danger to the player (to the extent it is a danger, it's only a means to the end of forcing players together to drive the PVP action). The goal is to kill other players, not overcome the adversity of the environment. Their round-based nature ensures that looted gear is temporary, and both victories and losses are fleeting. Because everything is reset after the end of the current round, there are no long-term goals. There is only the current match. The essence of last man standing arena shooters is the narrowing down of players until only the victor remains, and then everything is reset. That type of game is fundamentally incompatible with the base building and permanence required for Exile. As such, PUBG is not a suitable platform for an Exile-style mod. Expect PUBG mods to focus on tweaking and refining the round-based nature of that game as that's its core competency. The fact that PUBG is popular doesn't make any difference. Overwatch is popular and developing an Exile mod for Overwatch (once modding support is added) would be absurd. If you're going to mod a vehicle into a race car, you wouldn't choose to start with a lawn mower. You start with an already fast car (or at least a normal car) and make it faster. Some games are a more general platform than others. Arma is a very general platform, like a mainstream car. You can mod it in lots of ways that can make it perform many different roles. PUBG is a more specialized game, like a lawnmower. Sure, will likely be able to mod it in many different ways, but the platform is inherently more limited than if you were modding a car. Of course, someone could spend tons of time modding it so that it's not even recognizable as a lawn mower; but why would anyone spend the time doing that when they could expend less effort by starting with a more suitable platform at the beginning?
  4. I've noticed this since the concrete window shutters came out as well. There's definitely still something "there" even when the window is open. If you try to place a 3d marker through an open concrete window shutter, it gets placed where the shutter would be if it were closed. You also can't vault through an open-shutter concrete window. And it may just be something with my graphics settings, but the focal point seems off when I'm looking through an open concrete window. Far away items look a little out of focus. It's a similar effect to if you're prone and grass is popping up nearby messing with your view, so far away stuff goes out of focus. Because of all these issues, I just use regular concrete windows without the metal shutter.
  5. PUBG might seem more buggy and would run less smoothly if servers were meant to be up for hours at a time and people built large, persistent bases all around the map. Consider for a moment that the things you love about Exile would cause a strain on almost any game engine.
  6. The Epoch mod has a somewhat modified stamina system, so it's possible. I don't care for that system, though.
  7. No worries! I didn't think we actually had a disagreement and just wanted to be sure.
  8. Please read the full first paragraph of my post.
  9. Isn't that what I said?
  10. So... a couple things. Player Unknown's Battlegrounds was not inspired by King of the Hill. It was "inspired" by a little Arma 3 mod called Battle Royale. You know what players did in that mod? They spawned in, waited for the round to start, parachuted from a plane, collected loot, and tried to kill each other. All while trying to stay within a restricting play zone and hoping to the be last person left alive. You're probably thinking that sounds a lot like Battlegrounds, huh? The guy who made that Arma 3 mod must be pissed somebody copied his whole concept almost completely for a standalone game, huh? Well, the creator of that mod was Player Unknown. He turned the mod into a standalone game (after doing some consulting work for H1Z1 KotK). Now, rewind time a bit. Assume the Battle Royale mod was still relatively new to Arma 3. And imagine someone came to the Battle Royale forums and said "I want to make a standalone game that will be like Battle Royale only better." Do you think that person would get a warm reception? What if that person made the post after the creator of Battle Royale had already made it clear he was working on his own standalone title? Wouldn't that seem in sort of poor taste? Well, one of the principal developers of Exile has been pretty open about developing a standalone game using UE4. This simply isn't the forum for someone to come in and announce their intention to lift Exile's intellectual property to create a new game. Also, what role have you had in which indie titles?
  11. I saw similar things happen with the trees prior to 1.68. It would mostly occur if I was facing one direction and then looked off to the side; the trees in that direction would sort of load in a glitchy fashion. But it wouldn't keep happening as I was looking that direction.
  12. I wasn't aware that UAVs or static MGs are easily duped. Even so, getting back to the original point of the post, something should be done to make UAVs less easy to steal. Making UAV terminals more expensive wouldn't really solve the issue. People would just keep one in their base and take it out of a safe to scan for UAVs. Zero risk to losing the UAV terminal.
  13. Agreed. There's got to be a way to restrict UAV's either to one's party or just to the operator.
  14. I know with the latest Arma update, shipping containers are no longer destructable. However, harvesting them with a sledgehammer technically still works. When you hit them enough times, the junk metal still spawns underneath the container. Sometimes you can still reach it if the container is on uneven ground. Why not just make the metal spawn at the player's feet rather than under the container? Would be consistent with how chopping wood works.
  15. We had a fully upgraded concrete floor port in our base with lockable door on it. When we decided to do some base reconfiguration, we had to remove that floor port. However, the only item that appeared on the floor when removed was the code lock. Should have been a concrete floor port, a fortification upgrade, and a code lock. Is this intentional behavior? It seems upgraded concrete windows behave the same way.