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  1. Hey guys.. When clicking build bike or quad.. the guy goes thru the animation.. but the bike or quad doesnt spawn.. please help :-(
  2. Need help please. cannot place Land_Pier_small_f_Kit I can place all other EBM items.. everything else works fine!! Anyone got any ideas..?
  3. Hey guys.. I got everything working great. then something happened and all my images in the traders are gone. Anyone have an idea why? SOLVED, I didnt have the mod loaded. BUT that brings up a new issue.. how do I REQUIRE people to have mods loaded to join?
  4. Need help guys.. Got everything installed.. Statusbar works, Journal works and garage shows up on XM8.. but when I hit store.. nothing happens.. the xm8 dissapears.. but the car is still there. I ran the database commands.. changed all the lines in exile.ini and etc ewtc etc.. I cant find the rror.. please help
  5. Waiting on a reply or a fix for this as well.. thanks
  6. Very true KillingRe ... However I think every game groups or clans will have the advantage.. but I feel physical poptabs, "base raiding made easy" and now cement mixers... these changes are way more favored to the groups/clans then solo players. Im not sure how this can be balanced to where both solo and groups have equal advantages and disadvantages.. but if admins and coders dont come up with a solution.. this pretty much is goodbye to all solo players... One thing that makes me sick to my stomach is hearing these people cry "I wanna be able rekt a base!!!" or "I should be rewarded" "Bases are too hard to raid" "Make the game mean something again" "If you lose it all, well start over" "Why cant you do the same.. " "Grow a set" "Go play PVE with your pink panties" etc etc etc.. What these people fail to realize... once we all leave to go play PVE or another game all together.. they will be alone on a server with AI missions only! Pretty sad actually that Exile is going in this direction.. You know what.. given the fact that we are supposed to be hardened criminals.. Wouldn't ya think.. we would know how to build a "STRONGER" base??? Instead.. we are making them weaker so the little kiddies and trolls can steal our stuff with no effort at all.. LOL I can see it now... Find two cars..sell them and buy ONE satchel.. find a base and destroy 5 wooden walls with one explosion.. Vehicles gone.. safes cracked and flag taken all at the cost of one satchel because the walls are made of paper. Thats not fun and people will leave the game. Im sorry.. but bases in my opinion should be made HARDER to get into!! I mean who builds a home weak? Who builds a base with stupid defenses? Who builds a base.. IF ITS POINTLESS.. which is exactly whats happening. Nobody will bother building bases anymore.. they will jump on the game and play less.. they will loot up once.. find some pvp, die and then go play something else.. I promise. Bases are there for us to take our war trophies home! He who dies with the most toys wins!!! I didnt say they should be 100% impossible to get into.. but come on. satches are cheap!! Large clans and groups of players can easily buy 20-30 between them and get into any base they want.. right now! Why make it easier?? Stupid if you ask me.. Well.. to early to tell.. gonna let the update roll out and give it a go... if its trash, and.. I cant find a server thats reverted back or made serious changes, I'll be moving on. Lets hope for the best.. hope its balanced for solo players.. since most solo players are adults and actually paid for the game and will probably have the most longevity.. rather than the clan of 12 yr old squeekers. GG
  7. OK.. Explain to me how completely unbalanced this is for the solo player? Either attacking the group currently making walls.. or even defending, while trying to make walls??? The solution.. is... admins will have these available in their +build items.. I.E. Gates, water cooolers, gas pumps.. etc. Other than that.. this is completely unbalanced.. #Exciting <---For who? #OMG-UNBALANCED
  8. Vish, Sorry for the caps. Name calling..? Not so sorry for that.. that is just how I feel and its also a pure fact. We all know these kids, we've all seen them and had to deal with them. I have zero tolerance for them. They as well post here with there higher than mighty attitude.. thinking they are the best whatever players in the world.. and that the only problem in the game.. is other players who dont play the way they do. Im sorry if I dont sit idly by and take it.. I dont want to see the game go down the drain. If im yelling and screaming.. im sorry.. its not directed at you guys but more towards them and their wishes... as we all know.. their way is the ONLY way the game should be played. LOL again, I am sorry devs.. but just food for thought before you go to far in one direction or waste too much time coding a bad idea. If I may suggest one thing.. if you havent already thought of this or are currently in the process.. but simple make two versions of the game.. normal mode and hardcore mode... simple as that.. let the community decide which type to play.. and in the middle of all that.. the server admins and mods can make further adjustments per game type. Love ya guys!!! You to Vish :-)
  9. Eichi.. I am not against you and your wishes in any way.. I know that admins and server owners can change just about anything within the code.. and I am sure there are servers out there that will offer any numerous ways to play. I just dont want this to turn into what I have mentioned.. and im my eyes it seems the changes being made are strongly in favor of just that. ITS EARLY.. I keep telling myself that too.. maybe I'm making such a fuss or uproar about it because it seems as equal uproar on the otherside of my ideas.. and they seem to think their opinion is MORE valid or MORE right.. and to me thats my downfall.. I stand up and voice my thoughts when I fell I have been done wrong or disrespected. Soo in turn.. sorry if at all you think I am crying in a post.. I am not.. just stating some facts about the changes.. and the consequences that follows. Now I can assume you are a driver personality and say, "as you know" "and your right", but in the case that you're not.. I thought I would bring the issues of that a solo player has with these changes. ALL BE IT.. you might not care or your vision of the game has nothing to do with me or the solo players, in which is just tough shieet for us.. Still I thought I'd voice my opinion. Like I said.. I love ya guys and Vish.. amazing job!! I hope the final game turns out amazing AND BALANCED. I have 2900 hours in Exile alone and currently the only game I play. I passed on the Division and other triple A titles for this... lets keep that in mind for the current community.. amongst them.. ALOT of solo players. P.S. Eichi.. I am always available for TS conversations.. I may not be the most intelligent person when it comes to coding.. but I have spent most my life playing PVP games and I've seen changes that have ruined games... Sure the 12 yr old kiddie trolls matter, they bring valid points.. but 9 out of 10 times.. it only benefits them. Same goes for the solo player wanting stronger walls, etc.. however..making your base stronger is not a game breaker!
  10. I agree... I mean.. you got the big house, gold rings, nice cars, pool, hot wife with fake tits.. etc.. now what? You enjoy life!! I get it.. So you buy a flag... build a nice base.. easy to defend.. put your cars inside.. safes with guns and poptabs.. so what do you do.. You can do whatever you want.. YOU MADE IT!! YOU'RE THERE.. RICH AND FAMOUS!! So lets say you attack someones base, "RAID IT".. maybe steal a car.. find a wooden crate with a few things in it.. maybe the guy left a safe unlocked.. WHOOT !! Thats fun!! Thats PVP!! Thats what we want!!!! BUT HERE IS THE ISSUE WITH THESE CHANGES!! The devs are making it clear.. that you can "NOW LOSE EVERYTHING!" (not gonna lie.. after saying that in my head in a manly deep voice with echos.. I let the cursor just sit there and flash for awhile.. was epic!) Anyway, this is where the SOLO players are completely screwed in these changes! AND THAT IS NOT BALANCED AT ALL! And NO, I dont want to go play on a PVE server! NOBODY PLAYS PVE! and the RP servers are just for retards! Concrete mixers?? So now.. not only is my base made out of paper mache.. now you want me as a solo player to go get raped while trying to build a concrete wall? OH WAIT!!! I forgot... you are making those walls weaker too.. JUST SO THE LITTLE TROLLS AND GET TO YOUR FLAG.. WHERE NOW THE CAN STEAL IT! MAKES NO DAMN SENSE! Why?? Because that SOLO player is going to LEAVE EXILE FOR ANOTHER GAME... if he cannot find a server that has removed ALL THIS GARBAGE!@!!!!! Right now.. bases are fairly easy to get into(and that is not including glitches)!! If you time your raid or attack right.. you can catch a clan or player with their pants down and get some good gear!! THATS YOUR DAMN REWARD!! Taking their flag and ALL they own.. is the most stupid decision I have ever heard!! THAT PLAYER WILL LEAVE THE SERVER at the least!!! MARK MY WORDS!!! In short.. if you want a hardcore server that offers this nonsense... THEN GO FIND ONE.. and you and you 5 friends can play patty cake... because thats all that will be on that server! WAR CRIES.. "WE REKT HIM!!!" you say that with your keyboard eballs and your group of 12 yr olds behind you.. You say you're "Gud"? Then lets see you play as a solo player for at least 1000 hours before YOU CAN OPEN YOUR MOUTH on this topic! Because I guarantee when this happens to your precious little heart and all your stuff has been stolen.. not only will you cry to mommy.. but you will leave the game! Now Im talking in general. .not to anyone specific. Let hope.. the devs balance this out.. I know its early and changes are coming and admins can change things... but as it stands now... these ideas are almost as bad as Brian Hicks ideas from DAYZSA . GG
  11. Sorry devs.. but this and weaker wood walls and the "Base Raiding Mad Easy" mentality is the end of Exile. These changes alienate a HUGE if not most of the community. For the life of me I cannot understand how you do not see the consequences of these changes. The SOLO LONEWOLF style of play is completely FK'd!!! COMPLETELY!! The two friends who play only a few nights a week.. FK'D! COMPLETELY! Yea yea yea... I know its customization by the server owner.. I just dont understand why the change has to be made to the entire game instead of the few crying for change cant just go to one of the "So called already changed and favorite and popular servers" that offer this already????? Devs, listen to me please.. I love PVP dont get me wrong.. but this is exactly what will happen to your game. A player will grind to build a base.. only to have everything he has done.. taken, stolen or destroyed by large groups of server trolls!!! That play will not return to that server and most likely the game!! This will happen over and over and over and the Fun, Fast and easy Exile we know will slowly die off like all the other "Hardcore Survival Games" have!!!!! People play Exile now because it is Fun Fast and Easy, if you take that away.. THE GAME IS DONE!! Trust me when I tell you this.. these kiddies crying for the "Base Raiding Made Easy" are a bunch of Ritalin taking 12 yr olds who add absolutly NOTHING to the community and most likely will be back on COD Black Ops 3 in a matter of minutes! NOW I know there are older guys as myself who love the Idea of a hardcore survival game, but lets be honest with eachother, old guy to old guy.. these ideas are great and fun thinking only(only playable when the internet is out) but not for the community. NOBODY WANTS TO PLAY A "HARD GAME"!!!! AGAIN, I know the servers owners/admins can changes this back, which I have seen and heard of plenty that will immediately once the update hits. However, the damage could already have been done. Like I said Devs, these changes are detrimental to the Solo/Lonewolf style of play and for you to openly admit these changes are awesome and good without considering this HUGE section of the community, in my eyes is not good PR! Weaker walls, physical poptabs and locations that will be camped to death.. all that right there completely fks the solo/lone wolf/small group of players!! Server trolls and huge clans win here!!! My suggestion, leave as is and let the server owners/admins make these changes for the very few who are crying for "Base Raiding Made Easy" "We Should be rewarded for running players off the server" "We should get something for stealing everything" "Whaha ahaha ahaha cry cry cyy" "The game has gotten boring" "I have $3.8 billion poptabs now what" "I wanna rekt someones base and make them rage quit" You know who I am talking about.. the sidechat keyboard big eballs warriors! The worthless nobodies to the community! YET YOU HAVE POINTED EXILE in a direction that does nothing BUT FAVOR THEIR LITTLE ATTENTION SPAN NEEDS! This for me and alot of others may be the end of Exile! Oh and before you flame about how I am a weak PVE player and need to go play barbies.. The server I play on, the admins are active and actually have asked the entire community if they should do a hardcore server and what map it should be on... and the overwhelming response is YES YES YES!! Suggestions and ideas have been amazing..but with one regard.. that the current servers remain the same!! So this will be a separate server for those and ONLY those who want hardcore!! Seeeeeeeeeeee what happened there.. thats called public relations.. they asked! Now I know your vision of the game is yours and what you want is up to you.. I am just trying to shed some light on you direction and the consequences it brings.. bottom line.. THESE CHANGES WILL RUN OFF MOST IF NOT ALL SOLO PLAYERS! Now I prepare for the barrage of flaming comments from the FEW who cry "Please reward us for running players off servers" "Ohh please please please make it easier for me to raid a base" "I rekt that noob so hard he left the server" Like I said, you are few and add nothing to this game or community! In-fact you are the cancer that will ruin the game! Enjoy!
  12. Ask myself what? I am simply stating the facts.. the average gamer who plays Exile DOES NOT HAVE THE TIME TO WASTE.. only to have it all taken.. that player will leave Exile if he does not find an adequate server. WHAT DONT YOU UNDERSTAND??????????? Sure the EXO server may be popular.. but whats the turnover on players? And personally who cares.. if thats what you want.. go play on that server... why must everyone play the way YOU want? I dont think you understand what I am saying.. I will make it very easy for you. THESE Proposed changes WILL RUN OFF PLAYERS.. simple as that! The game will become to hardcore of a game.. and the average gamer will find something else!! WHAT DONT YOU UNDERSTAND!!!!! AT the cost of you being happy! Instead of you finding a server that fits your needs!!! Trust me when I say.. you and the "hardcore" player are the minority here! Anyway.. Im done arguing with people about this.. let it play out... and when the numbers drop or the server revert back.. I will say I told you so! Good day mate!
  13. Why must these people conform to the way you want to play? Why dont you find a server that fits you?? Why change the entire base foundation of a game for only a few greedy trolls and server nuisances? Now I dont mind getting shot at or killed.. I dont mind a good base raid... BUT what I dont want to see happen.. WHICH MARK MY WORDS will... Large groups or players or clans will take over a server.. and that server will die! HANDS DOWN the solo/lonewolf player will be slowly eradicated out of the game or forced to join a group or party. SIMPLE AT THAT. Now.. with not know exactly how this new "Possibility to steal a flag plot/pole/base" is going to work.. we can only speculate. But you mentioned this Safes hacked and contents stolen.. this is exactly what Im talking about.. this will be done by large groups/clans over and over.. let me tell you.. once this happens enough or even once.. these players WILL NOT RETURN 1.to that server or 2.they will leave exile all together! I SIMPLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND.. why you dont get it!!!!! You cry we want "hardcore" then go to a $^#& hardcore server then!!! The game style "YOU" want is not what most people want! So why should they suffer at your expense? The people who play Exile play because Dayz SA sucks and COD is too fast.. Exile is in the middle of easy and adventure and freedom. If you make it too hard to play/survive THEY WILL NOT PLAY! And Im betting on that being a good 65% of the community! You cry.."its become to easy" "I want a reward for raiding a base(stealing and trolling other players until they leave the server)" OK..sure I agree to some extent... I have 400K poptabs easy a huge and well built base.. I dont need to loot for anything.. so What do I do.. I CAN NOW CONCENTRATE ON PVP if I choose.. I can sit back and watch my floods lights in the rain and look out my window and the lovely Balota Airfield.. and if that doesnt do it, I CAN GO TO ANOTHER SERVER THAT OFFERS WHAT I WANT! Rather than come here and cry about it! I think changes are good.. and I know the game can be costumed to the admins desire.. and I am sure there will be a prethala of server choices. I am sorry if I offended anyone here.. but I am honestly tired of hearing a "few" cry about what "they" want and how "they" think its right or the only way to play, etc... However, you do have that right and I respect that.. but just remember something in your war cries.. YOUR WAY.. may not be the right way or good direction for Exile. Think of the consequences once someones base has been destroyed and 100% of their stuff stolen.. what will that player do....??? THAT PLAYER WILL LEAVE EXILE for DayzSA .60 or The Division or COD and any game.. THAT IS BALANCED! I implore the devs to listen to me.. just this one thing.. What happens to all the solo players of exile once you make this change(s)? Once all his poptabs are gone, his vehicles stolen and his base destroyed or flag stolen.. what will happen to that solo player..? Will he leave the server in search of a server that doesnt allow this change? Will he leave Exile altogether? The changes you are proposing is highly unbalanced to any solo/lonewolf player or even a small group of 2 or 3 friends. Yes I know the game is early in development and you guys work for free.. and there will be many many many changes.. you are doing an amazing job... just keep in mind what Exile has become and why people play it over other games. Changes are good.. as long as they are balanced and are not influenced by a few bad apples. The guy I quoted mentioned "the same people who are against physical poptabs are against blah blah blah" he obviously does not see the consequences once he and his buddies raid a base and steal everything from that player.. that the odds are he wont come back to the server or game at all. Now.. in his defense if it is another base of equal players 5v5 9v9 etc.. then it adds some nice PVP action.. but wait.. DONT WE ALREADY HAVE PVP? So this flag stealing thing is what? A trophy? "WHOhoohoo we did it, we rekt that kid" and then "Stevekiller has disconnected" "Johnnyking has disconnected" and server population is now 2 less.. how many times until all the servers are back to what most of the community wants? Like I said, I know changes are coming and who knows.. these might be good changes, as long as its balanced for all. I kow the admins can set up their servers anyway they want so there will be plenty of choices for all. I do not condemn the hardcore players for I am one of them..I love the sweaty palms DayzSA gave you when your character was in a gun fight for his life. I love the adventure.. I also love Call of Duty which I am an absolute beast at.. but that game has gone to trash as of late.. then I found Exile.. nice mix of PVP and DayzSA.. easy to fight, build and make money... and ALOT of people think the same! Devs... I just dont want to see that ruined. I love ya guys and Vish :-) and I cannot wait to see what and how these changes work.. I could end up eating my words..which I will do with a little salt.. I just wanted to give you a little perspective on the solo player and how it will not be fair if not done right. And yes,, I have been drinking.. headed to play some golf!! Hahaha Love ya guys and lets hope for the best!!!
  14. You make some valid points... and Im not a douche-bag... I can just see where this will go if not done correctly. As far as "losing all your money".. What I am referring to is the "future wishes" of people wanting bases made "easier" to get into... with that comes, taking the flag, vehicles and a mention of safe-cracking.. NOW... with that said and your opinion or option of bases being "godmode" if user is not online.. that may not be tooo much of an issue.. that being if any of this "easy base" shit is pushed forward... As I said... its MOSTLY 12 yr old brat trolls... not that you are one..nor am I.. I also love a good base raid.. I call it more of an attack.. kick their ass and then buy em a beer after... not steal everything they have and run them off the server.. there is a difference.... and that is what the devs need to be careful of... If they push in favor of the "easier base raid" crap... the lonewolf/solo player is at a HUGE disadvantage.. So in final thought.. physical money will not be an issue to me, IF there is some sort of banking system AND safes are guaranteed "SAFE". Lets keep the bases the way they are.. maybe even a few upgrades.. but allow as you said "options or rewards"... however these options and rewards have to be balanced with the SOLO player in mind. Im mean you cannot have a huge reward in the favor of a 5-10 man group attacking a base of a solo player.. JUST NOT FAIR.. How would he be able to defend it... let alone.. get back and to even have the chance of regaining control.. just not fair.. as is life you say. So my whole point is.. you cannot listen to these wishes of these kids who are FEW and will be onto the next game in a matter of weeks.. and if the devs do.. they need to be well aware of a very important aspect.. "The Solo Player". SoSad, I just hope it all turns out good/even/fair for everyone.. no matter what your play style.