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  1. Hi @Sir_Joker, On these images, we can recognize Tanoa but the addon speaks of itself on Taunus. Maybe @[RG] Salutesh will be able to give us the instructions of installation of the icons and others on Tanoa. P.S. : Sorry for my English, it's my friend GOOGLE who translated for me
  2. @gfourth Sometimes, do it by your self, it's better ! You will be sure not to be disappointed ;-)
  3. @Mezo You're absolutely right ... There are times when I prefer to simplify my life, that's why there are forums, there's no crime in this (I hope)! Thank you very much and sorry for that
  4. @Mezo, You're a very funny guy, believe me! It may be that if I ask for this, it is probably because I may have tried and I have not found a solution. Your know-how could have helped me ... I was wrong in classing you too quickly among the great! thanks anyway
  5. @Vandest [EN] Have you thought about reviewing your script, improving it? [FR] As tu pensé à revoir ton script, à l'améliorer ?
  6. Hi @Michael Cullen, How can I use this line in the statusbar? Do you have an example?
  7. You can do that through windows task scheduler @Mezo How ?
  8. @Chainsaw Squirrel ... And ?
  9. @letsallrepent it's the same for me but in addition I get the following errors : 3:45:24 Error in expression <scription = _this select 0;waitUntil {!ExileBaguetteIsVisible};ExileBaguetteIs> 3:45:24 Error position: <ExileBaguetteIsVisible};ExileBaguetteIs> 3:45:24 Error Undefined variable in expression: exilebaguetteisvisible 3:45:24 File exile_client\code\ExileClient_gui_baguette_show.sqf, line 16 3:45:24 Error in expression <tAreaSize"];disableSerialization;if !(ExileClientBaguetteAreaVisible) exitWith> 3:45:24 Error position: <ExileClientBaguetteAreaVisible) exitWith> 3:45:24 Error Undefined variable in expression: exileclientbaguetteareavisible 3:45:24 File exile_client\code\ExileClient_gui_baguette_show.sqf, line 14 3:45:24 Error in expression <scription = _this select 0;waitUntil {!ExileBaguetteIsVisible};ExileBaguetteIs>
  10. @HellBz... I guess you did not understand my question! I am not asking what operating system is used but rather what is the mode. The screenshot reveals that of wasteland ... is not it?
  11. Did you try this script on an Exile server?
  12. EXILE can not and must not die ! EXILE 4 EVER
  13. W E L C O M E B A C K ... That's good news ... I'm so glad I even want to cry !
  14. Sorry @Eichi... I thought you knew.
  15. This new mode, you release it before the end of this year? Preferably for Christmas? @Eichi Are there other fraction as BLUEFOR, Opfor? There will you pick things like Legal or forbidden things? These are all questions I ask myself. I'm looking forward to playing it...