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  1. Hi @Eichi, is it possible to create a new version of exile including the tricks of the new DLC "Laws of Art" ?
  2. Thank you very much @gfourth ... it is exactly that !
  3. Hello @IT07, Do you think you should upgrade a3_vemf_reloaded soon ?
  4. Thank you very much @SavageMcTavish but that's what I have. Until now I have not seen any boats.
  5. @disto1978, I support what you say ... all the more, I take the opportunity to say that I have not yet seen the part with the boats do not operate despite configuration.
  6. @Aristo Maybe you did not follow the tutorial properly. You'll have to reinstall it. The script has been running for a very long time on my servers. Can we see your file 'description.ext?
  7. With all the respect I owe you, it's not that you're stupid but only that you're blind ... sorry to tell you!
  8. @BetterDeadThanZed, did you find what you were looking for? Because I still have the ZIP file
  9. ok, thanks a lot Sir !
  10. @110, can you make sure that at the end of the salvage you get some money like on wasteland ?
  11. @SeniorFight, You have a status bar with icons that were not created by you. Where is the originality of your script?
  12. Hi @BeastT, Very good question ... Wait a little longer to get an answer, I think @[RG] Salutesh (As he himself says) has some private reallife stuff to deal with and have no time at the moment. Try to find for yourself !
  13. Nice @Sgt. ScrapMetal but ... do we have the right to do it?
  14. Hi @Sir_Joker, On these images, we can recognize Tanoa but the addon speaks of itself on Taunus. Maybe @[RG] Salutesh will be able to give us the instructions of installation of the icons and others on Tanoa. P.S. : Sorry for my English, it's my friend GOOGLE who translated for me