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  1. tool

    Hello there I am looking for a bec replacement and ran across this. I notice it was an old post. I see some of you guys were having trouble with this. I see there was not much info on github. Are there many of you guys still running MBCon? What else is out there that is current aND a good substitute for BEC?
  2. Is there anyone running this after the tanoa update lanch? Also what is the eta on the fix with the ExAd?
  3. Has anyone resolve your issues
  4. Dirty,

    I have a question about setting cgf difficulty i cant get this running in my test server, i have followed all your steps in your

    1.58 Bug Fixes/Discussion

    but still having trouble

  5. Having this issues too since 9.41, Which version are u running?
  6. is CBA and JSRS working with the newest exile 9.41 anyone?
  7. Need to get the cords were u what it to spawn from the cherno map, servral way of doing this u can load the aia terrain go to 3d editor in a3 launcher and it will show u the cords. Copy them down and input them in, x,y,z cords and change the config for dms to cherno map, I do believe there are some pre config maps to select from with the lastest update make sure u have the latest..
  8. I would like to remove the static .50 cal and replace with a static aa launcher to the salt flat mission. I have armed helios i would like to prevent the mission being done with them. I have made my edit in the config.sqf. Canceled out the //"o_static_hmg_high", and input the "o_static_aa_launcher" (these class names are not auctal just came to mind. I did input correct class names) and none dms mission spawned.. Is there another sqf file I need to change? How would I make this change? I look in the saltflats.sqf and didnt see the static weapon call.
  9. Does anyone have a 100% complete rhs class names for 3.9.1 for all vehicles including tanks, attack choppers, AA, humvee with camos etc. I have all the weapons and uniforms as well vest done. I have a broken up vechile list. Check the rhs website and the class are in one solid line, will take so much time to sort. Anyone like to share.
  10. you can common out the spawns from acd as i did, and used my mission spawn as i have already done the work to config them. There are scripts on the forms you can add to unlock vehicles in safe zones. yes you can set the traders to false if you have them already placed.
  11. Did you get Zeus working and item not saving?
  12. i just have it up on test server right now and with all my old markers, sensor, default traders. I was going to use this only for my black market traders and config this to my likes. But since vehicles are an issues i do like this for a black traders editable. Thanks for the quick respones time.
  13. Is anyone having issues with purchasing vehicles?
  14. Which versions of rhs and mas were u running DOBROWNEY?
  15. Is it kicking u when u shot missiles, if so its a battleye restriction, ie create vechiles something to that nature, review all your battleye log to check, should see somthing like "shot".