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  1. Locked.
  2. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  3. Wrong forum. Please read the rules. Locked.
  4. Go into account settings and you will see ignored users. Click that and then add the name of your choice
  5. Always have been free to play on. They follow Bohemia's rules. If you have an issue with that then Tweet Bohemia
  6. Do people not realize that Battle royale is the same thing ?
  7. Most servers ban people for logging off inside someones base and I think they should be banned for that imo
  8. I like your logo and site design thats the first big step I think to building a community is ease of access to your community. Good luck sir
  9. What if they added a capture the flag mini game into the base raiding. Steal it 3 times and the base is yours
  10. @MGTDB can explain it better then I can
  11. No point.
  12. I don't get why people still make the joke about "donations" on CCG. They haven't been that way for a very long time and follow the rules now. Its just annoying.
  13. The mountains are too steep imo. A lot of the vehicles that people use will get frustrated when people camp at the top as people rain down shots at the slow vehicles traveling up.
  14. Soon™
  15. @Eichi fixed