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  1. My comment was silly because you're insinuating that the devs have such a huge oversight on their mod when infact its your fault for causing the issue at hand. I literally just followed a guide to setup a server and it worked flawlessly.
  2. So wait how do 1100 other servers don't have the same issue you're facing? I wouldn't say the devs have a huge oversight when its most likely your fault.
  3. They just better be careful because we do have stuff copyrighted
  4. UE4 has its own slew of problems though. But i'm pretty sure it was already said that there isn't going to be a port or setup to be modded from another game. We're stuck on arma 3
  5. Yeah but i don't understand why anyone would want to change the concept of the circles and what not. Exile mod wouldn't work that way. It would just be like us making a UE4 port essentially.
  6. How? The whole concept is to loot and die. Its not made to build bases around the map
  7. http://www.exilemod.com/servers/
  8. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  9. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  10. Everyone stop reporting the server for admin abuse. It's not our job to police that type of stuff and if you think there is some sort of abuse then find a different server to play on. There is over 1300 servers to choose from
  11. read the rules
  12. The first thing you could do is read the rules on the forums. Locked.
  13. Stickying this. Thanks for the guide
  14. Its under the "server" folder
  15. Read the big red text at the top of the forum.