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  1. I moved that help with advanced building. I was probably either really drunk or super tired and saw something about advanced building and moved it into the 3rd party forums. My bad We have rules set in place so stuff doesn't get out of control. Could we maybe improve the user experience on the forums? Sure we could but with such a small team its quite difficult and it makes it easier for us to take time out of our busy days to do it the way we do it. I might start including where a thread was moved to that way people don't get lost when they suddenly see their thread moved. But they could always go to their profile and see their recent posts to see where it went. I did however hide your post earlier today because its basically inviting others to break the rules of server advertising and you mentioned a few servers in there that was basically and advertisement.
  2. Make your own stuff then watch the likes of gr8/metalman rip it out from under your nose and use it to profit on their servers named as something different that made it look like he "made it"
  3. The picture represents not enough players to fill the servers. Arma 3 isn't exactly big in any means either. Our mod + Life is split pretty well. By all means make a server that is the same scripted mess as the others and enjoy having 0 players or join one thats already popular.
  4. Pm me your account name that you tried registering and I'll see if I can find a fix for you
  5. Lots of whiskey to forget about what I see on a daily basis.
  6. Exile life developers are approved and are now the main developers for exile. We never gave Dirtysanchez permission to reupload our work or use our work his addons. He asked and we told him no and he went ahead and did it anyways. Until people realize that DS has napoleon syndrome then they just get brainwashed by what he says.
  7. He's breaking our license by reuploading the code. Sorry but that isn't allowed and we have DMCA'd everyone else. Until he removes it then someone can link his github here with the release of this script. Other than that its not happening. Also he took our scripts and put it in his shitty expoch addon. =RaV=Mustang aka DonkeyPunch aka Dirtysanchez can blow me
  8. He posted our exile mod server/client files up on his github. It breaks our license and we copyright our work. We have told him plenty of times to take it down but he doesn't listen. So we'll just DMCA it in the future when we have time. Also if you notice on toadies most recent status. His Expoch up on steamworkshop is using reuploaded content from Toadie2k as well
  9. Host the download elsewhere. We don't support people who steal our work and rehost it. Removed the download link sorry for the inconvenience.
  10. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  11. Pastebin doesn't have a limit of how much can go into the actual text from what i can see but you can try this site https://ghostbin.com/
  12. Thanks for not reading the rules.
  13. My PM's are disabled due to the massive amount of messages I get per day. I used to move threads all the time but when its just me and maybe 1-2 others doing the work for a forum of this size and people who can't obviously read the rules/big red text at the top of the forum than locking seems to be the way to go for me. Sorry that you don't like the way we do things around here but you have to understand our frustration when you can't seem to follow the rules...
  14. Locked. Read the rules.