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  1. Guess I was told something completely different. Next time don't continue telling me to go kill myself for 6+ months via steam chat and maybe you wouldn't be banned for being a toxic asshole.
  2. Just so you're aware you aren't allowed to dismantle Infistar like that. @infiSTAR
  3. I never told you anything to not warn people about Mezo. I just told you that I think mezo is a piece of SHIT. But you did advertise a server. Read our rules you can't drop server names in any posts and you also can't name and shame. Mezo isn't on our moderator team and hasn't been on it for a few months now. He was removed.
  4. Come on guys you know the rules. English only outside of the German Forum
  5. First of all. Mezo is a piece of shit i'll say that gladly. But we have 2 rules on this forum and 1 is no name and shame and i'm sure the other one should be obvious server advertisement. I'll remove those 2 pieces from your post.
  6. Read the rules. No server advertisements outside of exilemod.com/servers !
  7. Just ask around. Use our discord and the proper subforums
  8. So uh what do you propose is done differently ?
  9. Not to sound like a dick but you're better off learning instead of someone doing it for you. There is over 900 Exile servers and you have to do something pretty unique to build your community. Also if you're looking for support you are posting in the wrong section.
  10. DayZ standalone is considered a failure among many. Epoch wasn't always APL-SA that was only quite recently when they decided to move out of their beta/alpha. In the beginning Epoch could only be hosted by trusted members of the community and it had 0 modification properties thus why Exile was born. Exile isn't on steam workshop due to once you upload it to workshop you lose all rights to your mod and thats not something the team wishes to do. But you're right Exile wasn't designed to be a DayZ replacement at all nor was a "cash in on the DayZ craze" just people automatically see base building and compare it to Epoch and then compare both to being DayZ due to some Frankie video they saw on youtube depicting zombies on a highly modified server. However there is a few servers on exile mod that depict dayz's hardcore philosophy however most do not play on there because they want starting poptabs and military vehicles.
  11. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  12. Arma 2 and 3 are not a plugin for DayZ lol. Its the other way around... DayZ modified Arma 2's engine and is a mod. There is Exile servers like DayZ where there is zombies and base building as that's apart of the default Exile Mod.
  13. LEARN TO BE POLITE YOU JUST ADDED 3 MORE WEEKS TILL IT GETS RELEASED WE'RE NOW AT 8 MONTHS DUE TO EVERYONE ASKING just so everyone is aware the above is sarcasm and to not be taken seriously
  14. So you posted in the one area that isn't allowed for support. There is no such thing as "dayz exile" Just Exile servers with zombie mods