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  1. $1 kappa
  2. Guys it isn't that difficult to look at the OP and follow the format. Discussions aren't allowed here. This thread is for you to follow the format so the devs can look at it and try to perform a fix or tell you that it has nothing to do with exile mod. If you want a discussion post it in the proper subforum. Thank you
  4. Use pastebin or spoilers. Also wrong place to post this. Read the big red text at the top of this forum.
  5. Thread has been cleaned up. Please follow the format included in the OP or else i'll be deleting posts/giving out infractions.
  6. Read the big red text at the top of the forum. Also English only in all parts of the forum besides the language subforums
  7. Use www.exilemod.com/servers or a3launcher to find servers. Locking this thread as advertisements aren't allowed.
  8. I have HVP sitting on my hard drive still.
  9. holy crap you're alive
  10. We don't understand you unfortunately. But if you can understand us then you need to read our rules about posting on the forums. Locked.
  11. You probably won't find many chinese speaking individuals on here but maybe someone with better knowledge of where some scripts are located may be able to help you out.
  12. No one. Your ban is permanent
  13. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.