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  1. If they can't see the link or its "Expired" it means they were banned.
  2. Exad has this option as I am not sure if default exile does
  3. Hmm I had this issue in the past. It resolved itself after a few days. Might be an issue on GT's side
  4. This forum is dedicated to providing bug reports to the devs about Exile Escape. Bugs for Exile Mod are to be posted in their appropriate areas on the forum. NO EXCEPTIONS
  5. Maybe if you opened your eyes and read the giant red text at the top of this forum you'll find your information Locked.
  6. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  7. Okay i'll word it a bit easier. They have no intentions of modding a game again. They are burnt out and with certain people of the community that treat them like shit. The newer devs i still don't think they will touch Pubg's modding. At least not as a team that is.
  8. Probably not. Arma 3 is still a priority rather then learning an entire new engine.
  10. Be nicer next time too
  11. He may have not stated it but why would he ask how to combine it? So it sits on his machine and does nothing?
  12. We're not chasing dayz in any capacity and exile was made to be played on any map and unless the top servers showcase a map no one wants to play anything else but those cookie cutter ones that you mentioned.
  13. DS/Rav if you're reading this then GFY We all laugh at your horrible childish outbursts on discord. Take the tin foil hat off buddy and enjoy life.
  14. My comment was silly because you're insinuating that the devs have such a huge oversight on their mod when infact its your fault for causing the issue at hand. I literally just followed a guide to setup a server and it worked flawlessly.
  15. So wait how do 1100 other servers don't have the same issue you're facing? I wouldn't say the devs have a huge oversight when its most likely your fault.