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  1. thx, torndeco! i will try that...
  2. yeah... your right! sad, bad true...
  3. hey folks! our players are reporting, that the bases are not despawning when the forgot to pay the protection money. someone can confirm this problem? and it seems, that exile is not sending messages to the mobilephone app with 64bit. or? thx and cheers! yes
  4. thx, man!! well done!
  5. can you point me in a direction? i have no idea right now
  6. hmnmnn its working on taunus and altis
  7. in ExileServer_object_vehicle_database_load after (around line 20): _lock = (_data select 4); _unlockInSafeZonesAfterRestart = (getNumber (configFile >> "CfgSettings" >> "VehicleSpawn" >> "unlockInSafeZonesAfterRestart")) isEqualTo 1; _isLocked = (_lock isEqualTo -1); ---- HERE --- put this: //LOCK ALL VEHICLES in territory after restart if (_position call ExileClient_util_world_isInTerritory) then { _isLocked = true; }; do you mean that?
  8. Haha Nice! Can't wait...
  9. oh boy... please use a spoiler!
  10. so, i switched back the following files to exile simulation monitor: ExileServer_object_vehicle_database_load ExileServer_object_vehicle_createNonPersistentVehicle ExileServer_object_vehicle_createPersistentVehicle the vehicle freezes are gone... thx, arma, for trying..
  11. sorry, man. i dont know... better wait for the exile solution. the tempfix is working for us, as it is:
  12. hey guys, a lot of our players get kicked with the following log message: Not Local PlayerObject (S): Exile_Unit_Player with netId 2:34272 @[5152.07,1619.88,0.00143433] i cannot narrow it down. seems to happen while standing around doing nothing. but after they planted a charge. dont know if this is connected... someone has an idea? thx and cheers!
  13. i just got noticed, that we dont have these freezes on our taunus server. interesting... but on altis and there we have a lot of custom buildings via a3_custom (i only use the dynamic for parts with animation or light, the rest is simulationglobal false)... i will try to narrow it down the next days... but carefully, our players dont like freezes...
  14. we are running our two live server on 64bit since some days. imo i had never such a smooth play feeling in arma EVER... as i said, imo... BUT it was a hard ride, to get it all working. and we have been in this thing 3 weeks with RC on the live server before the final release of 1.68. at this point, again to @Cloud22, @Torndeco, @infiSTAR, @maca134 and everyone i dont know about: thank you guys so much for your work u put in this!! BUT we have lower server fps and some final minor problems the last two days, we are dealing with (e.g. short freezes when flying choppers. i think the dynamicSimulation is not as good as the exile monitor right nowm, but we will see). i guess, we will get ahead of it and i will post an update here. i dont want ever switch back to 32bit... its nice to see the server using 7 GB memory and more...