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  1. please delete my post
  2. @Ghost [TPR] + @DerFlesicher86 please check your complete installation and your startparameter...
  3. Quote

    Hallo, habe mal eine Frage. Wenn ich das CDAH Mod Pack installiere ist das normale Crafting nicht möglich. Habe mich schon durch den Thread dazu gekämpft aber entweder bin ich blind und finde die Lösung nicht oder mein Englisch ist zu schlecht. Habe jedenfalls die #include(s) alle an der richtigen Position. Hätte diese Mod gerne auf meinem Server. :( Wäre cool wenn du mir weiterhelfen könntest. Gruß Ghost


  4. Hey guys, we experienced an old problem on Taunus: the Z are sometimes (!) not walking. Especially in rain. They get the player as target, turn around but don't walk. Someone has a hint for me? cheers and thx
  5. nice and sorry again for the mix up!
  6. Lol sorry.. I copy paste mixed up the container and construction file again. I was in a hurry... it has to be _constructionObject of course...
  7. look in the end...
  8. hmmm yeah we got the same problem. i cannot say if its related to our mod, we did the following: in the file: ExileServer_object_construction_database_load put the following code: _ constructionObject allowdamage false; at the end of file and before: _ constructionObject But this is only working after the next restart when an object was placed... hope i could help cheers!
  9. thx, torndeco! i will try that...
  10. yeah... your right! sad, bad true...
  11. hey folks! our players are reporting, that the bases are not despawning when the forgot to pay the protection money. someone can confirm this problem? and it seems, that exile is not sending messages to the mobilephone app with 64bit. or? thx and cheers! yes
  12. thx, man!! well done!
  13. can you point me in a direction? i have no idea right now
  14. push?
  15. hmnmnn its working on taunus and altis