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  1. theres 2 things that could have gone wrong... either the lock setting (vanilla arma locking) is incorrectly being set to unlocked, or the _objectsetVariable ["ExileIsLocked",-1,true]; has been INCORRECTLY set onto the vehicle. //when a vehicle is UNLOCKED you should have these return true ((locked _vehicle) isEqualTo 0) ----- should return true AND ((locked _vehicle) != 1) you can manually set these by for example running the code: _vehicle lock 0; thats just a little nudge in the right direction. Look in the file ExileClient_object_player_event_onInventoryOpened if either othem popped true on a vehicle the inventory would not open.
  2. Merry Christmas Everyone! Stay safe and enjoy this special time with loved ones! Happydayz and the ExileLife Team
  3. pushed to main branch thanks @MGTDB
  4. hello HappyDayz

    i have a Problem about your revive script then i click peform CPR nothing happends i set alle wath do you say in


    In DMS config.sqf ensure that the following is set:

    DMS_ai_offload_Only_DMS_AI = true; The AI that was being spawned are being taken over by DMS and this will NOT WORK IF YOU HAVE IT SET TO FALSE!!!!! (which it is by default!)

  5. easy to do if you know what your doing. i dont have time or plans to add it in however.
  6. arma has made a big boo boo with this update breaking core features of their game. they will have to fix them as multiple mods have been broken because of it. if you wait until they update again im pretty sure this will work again.
  7. Not sure on a release date atm. we really want to have a fully playable fleshed out game before we release. you will know when we are going live tho!
  8. Your creating the item on server yeah? If so then the variable needs another true to be global for all clients as by default it's just local to the creator. _object setVariable ["ExileTPPoint", true,true];
  9. The item you want to teleport from just make a variable when u create it so for example _object setVariable ["ExileTPPoint", true]; Then your condition check to see if your looking at that specific object would be (Exileclientinteractionobject getVariable ["ExileTTPoint", false]) If your looking at the right one it will then show the Addaction. just beware infi may not like this as it has anti to built in.
  10. you dont want to do it this way! Exile has a nice little addaction system that does it all for you! (that is unless you want to ONLY add this addaction to only ONE of a type of item and not to all of them ( in which case still use the method i describe but add a condition checking for a variable that you set on the item you created)) put this code into your CfgInteractionMenus inside the mission file class WaterCooler { targetType = INTERACTION_TYPE_VEHICLE; target = "Land_WaterCooler_01_new_F"; class Actions { class myScript: ExileAbstractAction { title = "this is my action name"; condition = "true"; action = "[] execVM 'path/to/your/script.sqf'"; }; }; };
  11. Your not calling a file or anything. Just pointing at it???? action = "Custom\weed.sqf"; thats Ur problem
  12. We can do an exilelife one wolf and see us all dance
  13. If you know what your doing re coding etc you can always contact eichi about making an official exile wasteland Style mod
  14. Depends what your trying to do... You could in theory load exile and epoch together and overwrite through another mod all of the epoch code.... But it would be a mess and you would be crazy to do it. They are not designed to work together at all. If you want to just use their assets. The answer is a big No.
  15. Nice to hear you say this because we agree! Our traders do have taxes placed upon them by their overlords -- guard boss and gang bosses. If u have a nice boss he will charge less tax, have a money hungry boss and it may be pricey!