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  1. EZM_TriggerGroupScaling = 0; // 1 player = Groupsize, 2 player in trigger = Groupsize + (GroupSize * TriggerGroupScalling * number of player in the trigger) set at 0 to disable scaling This should do the trick right?
  2. Maybe stupid question, but is there a way to stop spawning zombies after group size for a trigger has been reached? For example I only want 5 zombies around a player in a town, is there a way that it stops spawning zombies after it spawned 5 for this specific player in that trigger?
  3. To install TRYK, you need to do the following: Put @TRYK mod folder in server root dir (where arma3server.exe is) Put key file in keys folder which is also in server root dir Add TRYK folder folder mod name to launch parameters Include it in Missions, Loot (not nessecary but well ye..) That's basically how you install the mod
  4. Bump, exact same problem here
  5. Not sure, your issue might be the same as I had a while back: Post your RPT file, that provides much info which could be usefull
  6. My guess is that you rented your server on OVH or SoYouStart. Log in on your online manager
  7. 45 FPS is more then fine, anything above 15 is. How's your bandwidth? And I still would like to see that RPT file
  8. I doubt it's your basic.cfg unless you really messed it up ;P Past your server RPT file in a spoiler or a PasteBin and the community will have a look to identify your problem ^^ Edit: your system specs seem fine btw it should be more then enough to handle 1 arma 3 server
  9. No lol don't do that, not sure what will happen but it doesn't work like that ;P I think you will be fine leaving it default. Or you can try a basic.cfg which @MGTDB posted a while back. But I don't think it's necessary since you only have 30 players max, everything runs smooth then doesn't really matter how much crap you put on your server ^^
  10. You can overwrite it. I don't know the variable names out of my head (RIP English), but if you open up the code located in @ExileServer\code, you will find the file located in there. In that file, there's something like _airportPositions. You can comment that out, and make an array of locations where your Airports should be. So it will look a bit like this: // _airportPosistions = call exilefunction find airport bla bla bla _airportPositions = [[2000,2000,0],[3500,5000,0]] Hope this will help you out a bit.
  11. x64

    Try port 2306, by default I think arma uses port 2303
  12. I think you can overwrite it if you create your own mod, maybe even mission file not 100% sure Or wait for Exile 1.0.4 and make your own suggestions
  13. Niiice! Good work
  14. If you have infiSTAR you can disable PvP damage
  15. Awesome man! I tried creating a terrain for myself once but I gave up... Your terrain looks so sick, I am willing to bet for money that it will be a succes once it's finished!