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  1. That error your getting means you try to set a price twice. In the screenshot you provided, it says that the 30Rnd bla bla bla allready has a price set basically. You can't tell the engine that the ammo costs 20 poptabs and later on you tell it again the same ammo costs also 20 poptabs. While a human would understand this, the engine doesn't. So basically you need to remove double lines, otherwise it won't work.
  2. I think it might be your main server. You did not include any details of your "main" server, but it could be that your MySQL server and the ArmA server are not on the same machine, which could cause huge load times. Where are you hosting your ArmA server? Also, HDD can cause also long boot times if you compare it to a SSD
  3. Hello, Since a while the CodeLock diaglog (the one which lets you enter a code to acces your safe/door etc) opens up with non-codelock objects. For example, if you want to withdraw money from the locker and press "Inventory", the codelock diaglog will open. I'm using Extended Base Mod and CBA. Here's a paste of my *.RPT (to big for PasteBin, doesn't include virus i promise ): http://www.filedropper.com/arma3server2017-05-2816-00-35 I'm not sure where to start debugging. Thanks for responding! GolovaRaoul
  4. Since shortly I have a problem. I have a dome spawned with Ai inside, but the dome cannot be opened anymore. It gives the option 'Open door', but it doesn't do anything. It looks like simulation is disabled on mission objects... Is there a way to enable it again?
  5. Post your complete RPT file, the clue might be somewhere else in the *.RPT file
  6. Since the last update some arma 3 buildings open up a codelock when you scroll on them to open a door. Can this be fixed?
  7. Hello, I've rent a new server and opened the correct ports (2302-2305) so players can join the server. Everyone can connect just fine with the direct in-game server browser, but with A3Launcher they're stuck on connecting. Any idea what this might be? Thanks for responding
  8. Is there a possibility to make it work for Base Spawn to?
  9. Looks really good sir!
  10. Hello, Exile introduced in 1.0.3 the KSVK. It can take down complete buildings with not much effort. Thanks for responding GolovaRaoul EDIT: Only apsd rounds
  11. Hello, Since Exile update 1.0.3 I'm getting this in my RPT: <infiSTAR.de> 0 - infiSTAR_AdminMenu.hpp is not in your MPMission or you forgot to #include it within your description.ext I tripplechecked it's included in description.ext (it did not change since 1.0.2) and I also tripplechecked it if it's in MPMissions. I tried both the non-pbo and pbo mission file variant. Thanks for responding GolovaRaoul
  12. What you mean by updated database? Added a extra columm with 'basepainting'? Yes. Included the Query in Exile.ini located in extDB\sql_custom_v2? Yes I did. I triedremoving the "Number of inputs" in the query, same result
  13. I thought you can just see this in the main menu of ArmA? Completely right down corner. Current build is 141112 So in your config.cfg you will need to set requiredBuild = 141112; // 1.68 hotfix
  14. Holy shit sir that looks awesome! Looks a bit like Taviana