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  1. Sounds very interesting And thanks for your clear explanation!
  2. But back on topic, is there a way to let ArmA server utilize the CPU more? Before 1.68 patch we had a CPU use of around 80-90% It now has dropped to around 50%...
  3. Hello, Since 1.68 the simulation in Exile was broken. Thanks to @Eichi for releasing a hotfix so we can open our garage door at our base again. But servers are now performing not so well, to put it like that. So my question is, can we expect a Exile update which fixes the simulation issues? Thanks for responding
  4. hopefully i will have 200 fps now after hotfix
  5. Around 50 server FPS. Highest an arma server can go
  6. I know server performance dropped, but there's something really wrong if you don't have ~50 server FPS with only 2 players...
  7. Did you edit exile.ini?
  8. // 2017-03-16 + TEMPORARY WORKAROUND UNTIL EXILE UPDATE This was in the hotfix for doors. Can we expect performance increase with the next Exile update then...?
  9. Having exact same problem. (between 10-70 players) It's because the hotfix that Eichi provided. It bypasses the simulation manager, otherwise you can't open doors... My CPU is also about 50-60% now, and FPS has dropped a lot... Now I'm wondering, is there something we can do about this? Wait for Exile patch?
  10. What do you mean exactly with splitting?
  11. Mine has between 10-20. But most of them are DeployVehicle from ExAd... Average player count according to gametracker: 45
  12. I would't recommend TADST... I use BEC to launch a bat file after x hours which shuts down the server. I have a servermonitor running which checks if the server is down. If it is, it automatically restarts it
  13. Problem solved. It was the "Special" Game Anti DDOS interfering.
  14. If you want to view active SERVER threads, use this: It contains a "proces reporter", which exactly shows you server FPS, active threads and what those threads are exactly. Very usefull