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  1. Sound cracking is not a de sync issue as far as I know. Warping is/riding through buildings. Maybe your running low on RAM/VRAM?
  2. What type of car? Hatchback sport?
  3. kick

    Probably wrong mods
  4. Love you!!
  5. Think they should remove (Working!) from the title
  6. You want to use something like this... https://github.com/rcantec/Dedicated-Exile-Server-Setup-Simplified/blob/master/Server Auto Start.bat Simple bat file, works everytime! Also disable windows error reporing which can prevent the server from restarting.
  7. http://bfy.tw/HS8e
  8. Those 3 files that I provided should work fine in 1.0.4
  9. Thanks, that was exactly what I wanted to hear
  10. Is this mod performance friendly? I often see 'zombie' exile servers but litterly almost no zombies...
  11. Shouldn't be causing any issues. And basically it means there are a different amount of player slots in your description.ext then mission.sqm. Just try to double check again.
  12. No
  13. Oh that toast message is included in the mission.sqm which is provided in the OP. However, you need to create a file in this dir: Custom\BridgeWarning.sqf (or you change the path) In that file, this needs to be added to it: Hope this will help someone out!
  14. Worked almost perfectly. However, the north east bridge can cause your vehicle to explode if you enter/leave it to fast. I gave players a toast message when they came near the bridge, saying that this bridge is known to be glitchy and should be accessed at a low speed. You can do this in your mission.sqm, giving the toast message.