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  1. Hello there! Since PNG is shutting down, I decided to upload some custom stuff we used online! I hope other server admins will use these aswell so not all my custom work is getting thrown in the trash bin I will try to write the installation instructions as clear as possible Download the DMS missions here! Let's install this shiiiit! You will need DMS (obviously) to run these missions. I've just written all steps, and it may look like it's a lot of work but it's actually quickly done, it's pretty detailed, maybe a bit to much details Download the PBO file Unpack the PBO file In the downloaded PBO file, you will see missions\bandit and inside that folder there will be 29 *.SQF files. Copy these over to your current DMS setup. You will need to paste these files in **YOUR ARMA 3 SERVER ROOT**\@ExileServer\addons\a3_dms\missions\bandit In the downloaded PBO file, you will also find the folder "objects". There will also be 29 *.SQF files in there.Copy these files over to **YOUR ARMA 3 SERVER ROOT**\@ExileServer\addons\a3_dms\objects So now you installed the missions themselves and the objects which are getting spawned by the missions. All you need to do now is activate those missions. Go to your config.sqf in your DMS folder ( **YOUR ARMA 3 SERVER ROOT**\@ExileServer\addons\a3_dms\config.sqf) Search for DMS_BanditMissionTypes (Ctrl + F) You will see a list of your current missions that are running. Now you have 2 options: you can either run my missions only or append them. If you wish to run my missions only, you can completely overwrite DMS_BanditMissionTypes with the following code: If you wish to append my missions, you will need to add them to your current list. You can use the code above and paste them below your current dynamic mission list. Make sure that every line has a comma on the end of the line, except the last line. Repack your folder into a PBO file, and "Klaar is Kees" (ur ready) That's it! You now succesfully installed 29 new dynamic missions! If anyone has any problems installing these missions, post a comment and I'll try to help you out the best I can! If anyone has any recommendations for better install instructions or maybe an updated version of one of my missions, also post a comment and I'll update the original post! Hope you guys have fun with these missions! GolovaRaoul
  2. Hello there! I ran a popular game server for a very long time (PNG), and I just want to say this. On our game server, we activated BattlEye, but we had almost 0 filters. Meaning that BattlEye was enabled, but it wasn't doing anything! We enabled BattlEye to "bluff", it was utterly useless the way we set it up. Still, our server did not experience more hackers than regular servers I think. It was not like our server got hacked every week or something, just very occasionally, and I think every ArmA servers gets hacked every now and then. What I want to say? Just buy infiSTAR already. infiSTAR was the only AntiHack that was protecting our server. He definitely deserves the money you need to pay for it. When I ran an ArmA 2 Overpoch server I would go to google and search "download infistar arma 2 antihack free", but you will just get an outdated version which is not good. Your server will be protected if you just buy infiSTAR and make sure it's up to date. I did not want to say this until our server gets shut down, so here you go. BattlEye is useless, buy infiSTAR. Hope I can help anyone out with this information GolovaRaoul
  3. Hello there! Maybe not all of you guys know me. While I never stated on this forums that I was the developer of PixelNationGaming (PNG), I was. Must be pretty obvious since everytime I posted a RPT file, it clearly said "PNG" and "PixelNationGaming" in the file somewhere. I just want to say thank you to everyone. When I started developing the server about a year ago, I had really no idea it would become this popular. PNG was originally meant to be a bit more PVE server. I made this server for myself tbh, I wanted to create my own missions and see them in a live server and become better at ArmA. At the really beginning of PNG, I had not much a clue what I was doing. I made an ArmA 2 Overpoch server before which ran on a friends laptop. Man, setting up an overpoch server was such a pain in the ass honestly ;P . I never thought our server would get this popular, there was a time I'd come home at 3PM from college and it was crammed full, 70 players. It kept amazing me how well our server was doing, and again I never expected that. I would of been happy when there were 20 people online in the evening ;P We experienced a lot during this year. And I personally leared a lot about how to run a server. We experienced a lot. We had amazing admin events, lots of cool players to hang around with and lots of fun! Also not so nice stuff, like performance issues (I think we were the only server having 2 hour restarts out there...), hackers, kids stealing their fathers creditcard to DDOS our server, lots of "ArmA moments"... And when I say lots, I really mean LOTS, LOTS AND LOTS of "ArmA moments"... I want to shoutout to the developers of ExileMod. You really did a great job. People who are complaing this mod is shit have absolutely no idea how to read, honestly. It's by far the best mod I've seen on ArmA, it's highly customizable and still reliable. You can build with this mod a wasteland server or a complete DayZ server, it's up to the server owner. I personally learned a lot running this server, and I want to thank everyone who gave me the opportunity or helped me do this! From all my questions on ExileMod.com (I really asked a lot) to players helping me out with the server. If you ever want to run an own server, keep in mind that if you have a popular server, it will eat your free time. There's lots of times where I was hanging out with my friends when I noticed that the server crashed (mostly in the beginning) and I had to rush to a computer to get it up again. I also spend a lot of time in debugging stuff, and figuring out why ArmA hated me. Honestly I think ArmA hates everyone ;P On the one side, I'm sad that the server is closing down. I will miss running a popular game server, and I doubt I will ever get this chance again. On the other side, it's time to do something else then ArmA. It can be really frustrating at times, and I can easily imagine what the ExileMod team is going through at some points ;P Anyway, again thank you everyone for helping me out and giving me this opportunity! I loved doing it, but I think i've seen most now. It's time to move on. There are pleantly of (probably better then PNG) good servers out there! I will upload all missions and customizations online on this forum in the next upcoming days, for other server admins to use. Except stuff like Vector Building and Painting, you'll need to figure out that one for yourself Or you can PM me and I'll tell you where you can get it. Or if you want to know, you can PM me and ask where I rented our server. More then happy to help you guys out! Again, thank you and good luck with your lives! GolovaRaoul
  4. I still don't understand that you didn't rip your hair off after that much arma
  5. Hmmmm... You should try opening your XM8 and checking your View Distance. If your on a parachute, that counts as a vehicle. Make sure view distance on foot is not set to 0
  6. Anyway, really nice map! I liked the reworked Elektro and the new islands that have been added! Also I don't know if it's just me, but my FPS seems higher then on Chernarus_Isles (which is weird cause more objects on South Zagoria...) Anyway really good job, looking forward to future patches! I uploaded a nice pic of Elektro on GameTracker as a sort of thank you
  7. I wasn't crying, I asked you why your doors included by your mod wouldn't open because I thought at that point that it was only your mod. I was wrong, turns out I'm a human to. No need to be rude.
  8. The moment I remove @infiSTAR antihack everything is working fine. I did not apply the fix you mentioned about Extended Base Mod. I tried updating infiSTAR to latest version (v84) and disabled the check_doors_and_gates option (I think this is only for Exile Buildables but anyway..). The only way to fix this for now is completely removing infiSTAR from my test server. I hope Chris can shine a light here Edit: also tried rolling back to v82 but the issue is also in this version.
  9. EBM is active yes, but the fix you provided only works for Extended Base Mod buildables? This is custom placed map content through the Editor and is not build by a player?
  10. Hello, I noticed since today that doors on my test server are not opening. It seems to be only certain custom-placed buildings using the Editor and then placing them on the map with the 3DEN Plugin. The door "wobbels" a bit, but doesn't actually open. This is not only CUP buildings, also ArmA 3 ones. Loot also doesn't spawn in these buildings, so not sure if simulation is somehow disabled? Not sure, it is enabled in Editor. I noticed that there's a new option "Doors States"? Could that have anything to do with that? Here's a PasteBin of the server RPT: https://pastebin.com/9Gy2CuQj Thanks for responding, any help is appreciated! GolovaRaoul
  11. Got killed 1 time to many?
  12. And when there's a new value in the config? Will it automatically adapt?
  13. The basic is allready ready for a namalsk server. Look at this guide, and simply replace Exile.Altis with Exile.Namalsk For zombies you probably want to use this, works good and easy config and install
  14. xDD I don't think you want to hear how grass spawns in ArmA. My guess is you can't spawn and you don't see your character. Post your server RPT file and maybe also your extDB log files and we can help you further
  15. Hello, I filled in the configuration profile for infiSTAR. Does that mean that from now on I can basically just download the newest version from infiSTAR.de and drag and drop the server files, without having to adjust the AHAH_Config.SQF (or whatever it's called exactly...)? Thanks for responding GolovaRaoul