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  1. Hello, I can't get fog removed from the server. It appears to be coming out of nothing... Here's my class Weather located inside @ExileServerConfig Here's my RPT in case it matters: http://pastebin.com/nr2CjRPV It does say in the RPT "Weather is forced to change"... Not sure if that has anything to do with my issue. Mods/Scripts running: DMS, ZCP, Occupation, infiSTAR, Day/Night Cycle (pretty fast), ExAd, Towing, MarXet, Revive... Thanks for responding GolovaRaoul
  2. Probably no. You can get this error for a ton of reasons appearantly. But try removing those 2 files and see if it works for you
  3. Yes, you are good on track. Here's a mission file which is free to use or use as an example (not made by me) And yes, rename the folder and put it in the root directory of the Exile Server. Take the keys out of the mod folder (just look for a map "Keys" in the mod folder), and place the keys inside there in the "Keys" folder which you can find in root directory of Exile Server And then edit the launch parameters for your Exile server so it loads up the mod Sorry for bad english
  4. Ye, I'm wondering if it would be hard to make ExAd use the Exile Thread System...
  5. Yes. The server needs to know which map you're playing on...
  6. Hello, Do Server Threads reduce server performance? Around peak hours there are around 20 server threads running. I've installed Occupation and saw that ExAd - Deploy Vehicle is running 10 (!) server threads. I'm wondering, if those 10 threads weren't there, would performance increase? Server FPS is around 5-7 Thanks for responding GolovaRaoul
  7. Nope, none of them work. I also tried using my global IP but that won't show up either... I disabled firewall inside xubuntu using terminal
  8. Hello, Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, but my question is... I'm running VMWare Workstation Pro to run Xubuntu Desktop 14.04 Now I have an ArmA dedicated server setup here, but I want to actually hop in-game to verify everything is working correctly... Now the logs say (rpt) that everything should be fine... But how do I connect to the virtual linux machine with a Windows Client? I've included 2 screenshots of VMWare settings which I think need changing... But I'm not sure Thanks for responding GolovaRaoul
  9. With 65 players connected 5-7 server FPS. Around 30 players connected 15 server FPS. Still wondering if it's normal that it drops to 5 when fully loaded. There's no massive lag or something, but Ai defenitely perform bad... Running on Xeon E3 1245 V2
  10. SSD barely makes difference. It's really just for server boots. When the server is fully loaded it has barely disk activity
  11. With 60 players connected I have between 4 - 12 Mbit Upload. But at server restarts there are peaks ofcourse. But speed is not only important. It's also stabilty (ping, package loss, etc...)
  12. If you're connection is not terrible I'd say give it a shot. Upload speed is important
  13. Yes, this was defenitely it. But there might be multipile causes which results into the same problem.
  14. Hello, I'm trying to make new missions for my server, but there's this really annoying thingy... In the Eden Editor, everything looks great. When I click 'Export Objects (Relative)' and place them in DMS and let the mission spawn on the server, some objects seem to rotate or shift positions a bit. Is there anything I can do to fix that? I don't want to go every object to see if it rotated and change it manually... Thanks for responding! GolovaRaoul