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  1. Lol no. Only when ai were spawned in an object I had that issue, but not just random... in the air
  2. So basically if anyone is having issues with doors not opening, it's because simulation might be disabled. I don't know exactly how to fix that tbh But if you want to fix that, you can download my scripts folder from DMS and completely overwrite your script folder with mine. It's in DMS PBO. https://files.fm/u/efx6yvg3 . I did no adjustments to them except to fix that simulation is enabled for all spawned objects. I don't know where I found that fix on these forums, if someone has that fix please comment below Anyway hope this helps someone
  3. Updated OP
  4. Yeah I forgot to mention that the misison Bambi Slide uses a class I defined in config.sqf which gives all spawned Ai bambi clothing and shit guns ;P
  5. Origins Mod is making a standalone game with Taviana as map. Probably another reason why they don't want Taviana on ArmA 3. Btw, @Killjoy, How's the map going?
  6. Stuff like this should be default in 1.0.4 I think
  7. Ok, I think everyone should chill the f*ck out. Do you have a life? Yes. So do the developers. Stop pushing them constantly. They also have better things to do then develop a mod for a game which can break your mod with every update. Be happy that it still gets developed and is not dead. I was actually really surprised when I suddenly saw 1.0.4 Preview Changelog pop up. Imo maybe they shouldn't even preview that since players will instantly start asking when is the release date. And this can be quite frustrating for a developer I think. So please... Give the poor lads some time.
  8. Give the poor lads some time the files just went online ;P
  9. Just ignore misplaced posts and "i need a developer for money" posts. Those will keep coming, you can frustrate yourself about them or just simply ignore them.
  10. Can't remember which one it was, but the one that broke Linux dedicated servers... I don't think they even tested that update on Linux at all...
  11. I would always recommend setting a ping limit. Even if it's something stupid like 1000. One player with an internet connection like a complete snail will completly destroy your server by letting most players getting huge desync and timing out.
  12. As far as I know you can't
  13. Or disable damage at all so you don't need that instadoc
  14. You can modify a war "simulator" to a open world zombie apocalypse survival game. Or a ...train simulator... I think that's pretty cool Anyway just wanted to say that i read the changelog for 1.0.4. Nice work guys!