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  1. На этом форуме не пишут подобные темы, идите на s-platoon.ru и там развивайте эту тему. Moderators, delete this topic or move it to another section
  2. Can I get a script? Perhaps we will finalize them with the team and publish, with your permission?
  3. Well, do you plan to return to the development? I'm very interested in this project!
  4. Does this script work at all? I have not tried to enter any objects whatsoever, nothing works!
  5. Hi! What about a translate all exile mod on others language via stringhtable? I can make a translation into Russian, someone in German, etc., finding the right person is not a problem, you just need the desire and how the developers look at it
  6. Hello! Does anyone know how to make EBM constructions destructible?
  7. when? when? when?
  8. Faced the problem that players are building bases and just camping missions, asked the idea to solve this problem. I have an idea, what if I want the bots to ignore the players' constructions? Is this possible? Or, if the player is on the territory of the base the bots will shoot as strong as possible on the player! If someone has a solution to this problem, I can even pay for it!
  9. No, RPT clean. I can make video, But I do not think that I will show there something different from what I wrote above
  10. Does it seem to me or the function ExileClient_util_gear_repackMagazines failed? By the example of a thermal scanner, before it was charged, now there is no, now this device is infinite!
  11. If you have ready, just give them a look You mean the script? Or textures for this script?
  12. I not ask this for free, I pay money, I not have time for making that yourself, If u not have any suggestions, please, dont write posts here, ok?