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  1. If you have ready, just give them a look You mean the script? Or textures for this script?
  2. I not ask this for free, I pay money, I not have time for making that yourself, If u not have any suggestions, please, dont write posts here, ok?
  3. Yeah, I see that mission, but I need more missions
  4. I need a few static mission of DMS for a Cherna and texture for base constructions
  5. am, exile....)) I'm writing here) not on another forum)
  6. There is a small script that forbids changing the nickname to the player, but I do not understand where to connect it so it works! Any ideas? if(profileName != (_this select 1) && (_this select 1) != "") exitWith { [format [ "You change nickname! That not allowed on our server!<br/><br/>Your old nick<t color='#b20303'>%1</t><br/><br/>If you have problems, contact to admin", _this select 1], "Change nickname!", "Okay" ] call BIS_fnc_guiMessage; };
  7. I have IMS, i need full new private missions. I need textures, script I have
  8. I need new missions. @ADK Texture Pack I do not like, need others
  9. Hello community! I need static DMS missions for Cherna map, as well as HQ textures for basepainting, with suggestions, contact personal messages or email a3atlaslife@gmail.com
  10. Exile 749 Takistan