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  1. This is something I've been arguing about for a long time. And yes, it's something that has to be addressed by BI. It's absolutely ridiculous that you should have to walk that slowly in this game. IMO if you're walking that slow you're already dead, so what's the point? Like the OP said, it would make a ton more sense to simply slow down the player. When I heard about the new limping animation I got excited because I thought they were finally going to alter the system, but nope, just an animation... It even makes more sense to do what Exile did and blur your screen etc once you get low enough health. BI doesn't even give you a health bar or the option to turn one on/off server side, so the community has to mod one. If you're taking fire and are wounded so much that you're moving 5 paces per minute you might as well lay down and die... it's just dumb. My only current issue is how badly you take damage while driving. Especially on Tanoa where you're just constantly smacking things. Run a bush over going 5kmph and it takes 5% health from you... wtf. I can understand if you like rolled on an ATV... but yeah this is a different issue.
  2. All done, gone fishing. =P Funny, seems like the same exact thing the Epoch devs were going through when they were being criticized. People need to realize that modding for Arma in any facet is NOT an easy feat. It's very time consuming, frustrating, and can be very, very unrewarding when you get a myriad of people who just bitch about things that probably aren't even controllable by the modder. Modding is all done at the leisure of just a few people and its a miracle for anyone to stay dedicated to a project like this for an extended amount of time. Rep to the modders and to those who try to help with the community WITHOUT stirring up drama.
  3. Sooo, anyone know why you can't use the weapon filter at the trader with CUP weapons? You know what I mean, the icons on the top right that let you filter everything that's compatible with your weapon? This worked with @MAS like a charm, not working with @CUP though. Is this something that the Exile devs would have to support or is there something I can edit somewhere?
  4. I stream fairly regularly. I've been playing Exile and King of the Hill mostly. I've been working on a terrain since earlier this year called Navis, so I might stream my work from time to time. My buddy and I are also working on getting a Exile Taviana server up for the US. http://www.twitch.tv/cring0
  5. Ah, I see where all the self-entitlement crowd from Epoch shifted to lol. They just want to be an admin, man. Can't you just give them that one thing?
  6. I'm just wondering why it says in LootTable.h that "values from 0..100 are allowed" but there are a bunch of things that are over 100? Also, "the higher the chance, the more often it will spawn" I'm guessing is supposed to read "the higher the number, the more often it will spawn". Eh? Just making sure I'm understanding what's going on here..