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  1. its here clic on new & make ur restart config
  2. a few players on my server kicked from publicvariable 17.04.2017 18:01:48: Player (109..............:2304) 5a2876eab86c4e6d61c2a2e............ - #0 "AH_KICK_OFF_76561...................." = "BYE" and in the same time i have this in infistar _SURVEILLANCELOG.log Player(76561198209720001) | MAIN LOOP STOPPED! Last iteration took 0.30899s this one took 60.309s and is not done yet.. anti anti hack? | 2h 10min 26s [07-Apr-2017 05-44-26 - v0076a] any idea plz ? Thx
  3. yea remove cba_xeh from ur mission.sqm
  4. post ur full log file
  5. im with gtx gaming & when i need to copy my infistar dll file to my server i send them my files and they do it without problem u have a the right to insist to copy those dll to ur server
  6. non le fix d'ebm & exile ca marche mais parfois non il faut démonté la porte ou l'item & la remettre il faut attendre la prochaine maj d'exile
  7. same problem
  8. even with laptop u can't open it u need to remove & buit it again
  9. Hi, any one have this problem after arma 3 update we can't move anymore the security camera when u access to the cctv remote ?
  10. im using v73 because the last one have a problem with repair vehicle
  11. test les 2 alors tu aura une idée comme ca
  12. EXILEZ 2 c'est un script qui besoin du mod Ryan pour marcher sm_zombz est mod avec un script qui a besoin du mod Ryan pour marcher donc au lieu d'utiliser 2 mods et un script pour avoir les zombies tu peux juste utilisé EXILEZ 2 et Ryan apres c'est toi qui décide
  13. OMG Best Script Ever Thank You Very Much @Woeful_Wolf for this awesome script and @BetterDeadThanZed for this post Goodbye for all the hours I spend in the mods to have all the classnames /BOW
  14. this my config & its working
  15. ExileZ 2 l'ancienne version de SM_zombz était intéressante il avait arma2 skin & animation mais maintenant il utilise ryan zombies animation donc je vois pas l'intérêt d'ajouter 2 modes a son serveur juste pour quelques skins