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  1. same problem
  2. even with laptop u can't open it u need to remove & buit it again
  3. Hi, any one have this problem after arma 3 update we can't move anymore the security camera when u access to the cctv remote ?
  4. im using v73 because the last one have a problem with repair vehicle
  5. test les 2 alors tu aura une idée comme ca
  6. EXILEZ 2 c'est un script qui besoin du mod Ryan pour marcher sm_zombz est mod avec un script qui a besoin du mod Ryan pour marcher donc au lieu d'utiliser 2 mods et un script pour avoir les zombies tu peux juste utilisé EXILEZ 2 et Ryan apres c'est toi qui décide
  7. OMG Best Script Ever Thank You Very Much @Woeful_Wolf for this awesome script and @BetterDeadThanZed for this post Goodbye for all the hours I spend in the mods to have all the classnames /BOW
  8. this my config & its working
  9. ExileZ 2 l'ancienne version de SM_zombz était intéressante il avait arma2 skin & animation mais maintenant il utilise ryan zombies animation donc je vois pas l'intérêt d'ajouter 2 modes a son serveur juste pour quelques skins
  10. i try all of them service point repair and John repair script and exile repair causing that
  11. its happen to normal player too
  12. I'm waiting for the answer of @infiSTAR
  13. oh yea alot of overrride for my server im going to stay with my 32 bits version atm till arma3 fix update soon and the next exile update HOPE soon too but its ur decision
  14. u mean v0073 ? this is the last version 21-March-2017 v0074 update ur version
  15. just a note I don't know if it will help or not u don't have problem here ? 16:13:48 modsReadOnly = false 16:13:48 safeModsActivated = false 16:13:48 customMods = false need to be like that: modsReadOnly = true safeModsActivated = false customMods = true