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  1. RUN and play smarter! ~use a suppressor. Some servers have starter gear that's respect based and other will accept donations. You just need to search for them.
  2. nice idea and it shouldn't be that hard to create with the stamina that arma uses you only need to adjust the weight of the toon when it has nothing as gear on, like a bambi that has the smaallest stamina bar possible it would be like having a Navid on you and a Titan launcher ( not much stanima on the bar left) and the more respect/ runnibng 1 does the lower your weight will become ( more stanima ). concerning the speed of running it would also be the same a bambi will run full like a fully geared soldier and a more experienced player would run like a naked toon would run. To bad im not good @ scripting otherwise i would've written it by now
  3. Looks like you have the same problem with this as you have with your Helicopter script http://www.exilemod.com/topic/23643-problems-adding-a-new-script/#comment-170246 I don't know how you initialize VCOM but it should be run from server side.
  4. i never had problems with killing ghillies so let them keep it
  5. y as all mods are installed A note to OP do NOT forget to turn Adrenaline to false its in AIsettingsV2.hpp should be line 42 in Notepad++ VCOM_Adrenaline = false; otherwise you have a sort of bullet time and that sucks bigtime
  6. it should work @ least it did on 1.6? arma version when i was running a server, besides its mostly build for Multiplayer but try it out and let the rest know. Do mind some players might get pissed of cuz of the realistic actions of AI and or just cuz they are into buildings
  7. you tried buying them directly into vehicles?
  8. go into editor and find flat ground than insert the coordinates from that into the mission? or try and put the height ( elevation ) of the hill as minimum in the coordinates of where the mission is spawning .
  9. or try one of the main exile servers like MGT or EXO ( not making server commercial here, these are the only 1s i know now for now ) and ask their Admins/Dev's
  10. To find the .RTP log use: %Appdata% in windows search it should be under Local/arma 3
  11. Make sure that players have the "STREAM FRIENDLY UI" on disabled, it's under options/game.
  12. I would just blow up their vehicles as player it's more their loss than my gain, also as an former server admin i would just let the car disappear or also blow it up and blame a nameless player. IMO the players that play like this and ask admin help for the vehicle should just play something else than arma. Besides i doubt that you can get your gear back when a vehicle is blown up in RL and arma is a sim
  13. the 1 on water Don't do it cuz after a restart most is screwed. Gl with rest but do remind the more objects the Bigger FPS drops server side are.
  14. did you use the combat walk? cuz i can hear those but when using combat walk than Walk ( w+s under standard control config ) they hardly hear you, unless they have a good 7.1 headset
  15. Thanx for the HD Version i'll try and upload a new gameplay video with your logo as soon as i have 1, and i'll even upload it here